Friday, September 26, 2014

Letter to (Three Year and Five Month Old) Graves

Dear Graves,

You've had a great month. I think your favorite thing this Summer was Coney Island (we'd get home so late and you'd always fall asleep on the train before we even got to the first stop on the way back). You also really love any and all playgrounds. Minnie came to visit and that was really special. When she left, you had a bit of a hard time at first. I know you didn't want to see her go. The good news is that we'll get to see her (and a lot of people we love) soon at Cookie's wedding. You LOVE talking about being the ring bearer and while Minnie was here you asked about where the rings came from. She said "You have to buy them". You said "All by myself?" Hahaha, you are such a delightful, funny little boy.

One of your favorite small things in life is cooking. You love to cook with me or Papa (mostly Papa, let's be honest). Almost every morning he's off, you guys (and usually Annie) get up and cook pancakes or muffins or something delicious. Papa loves to try out new recipes.

Annie is doing ballet and we found you your own little dance class, too! You (and Papa) are doing African and Diaspora dance. Another cool opportunity in Brooklyn. The parents are slowly stepping back and you seemed to do fine with that! 

We've been working on some Slow and Steady activities. A few weeks ago it was taping tiny household objects to a piece of paper and discussing them. That helps to develop freedom of choice, creativity, awareness of texture, eye-hand coordination, and language skills among other things. Another week, I traced some different things and you put them in the spot where they each went. It was to develop eye-hand coordination, matching skills, problem solving, and confidence. It's fun doing those things with you; you really enjoy them. 

You are the funniest guy (I know I say that all the time). One morning awhile back you called me....DenDogg. I got this adorable (ahem) nickname from a group of JNCO wearing, heavy metal listening, foul talking misfit boys who I loved more than life itself during most of junior high and high school. As one of these people continued on in my life in the years following, Papa picked it up and very occasionally uses it to be funny. Hilarious that you found it fitting.

You LOVE to dress up. The other day I went in your room and you said "I be Annie and she be Baby Graves." She was wearing a the black tutu you wear pretty frequently when you pretend to be "Wicked Witch". And you were wearing a ruffly pair of her shorts. The best dress up outfit lately though was when I caught you fast asleep, passed out, in children's cheerleader uniform Annie has. It was actually mine when I was little. 

You've been ready for Fall. You love Winter jammies. You love all kinds of soft, snuggly things and I love that about you. You're such a soft cuddly boy and you make my heart softer, too. I say this all the time, but you are one of the sweetest people I know. It's not just regular kindness and it's not just being affectionate, either. It's very hard to describe it. I just feel like I can feel you love so strongly and so often. And I think others can, too. That's a very special gift, darling boy, and I wonder and smile envisioning how you will use it to encourage and help people who need love so desperately

In one of her most generous moments to date, Annie let you sit and watch her beloved jewelry box ballerina spin. I usually discourage it myself, but she's been saying you can if she's "watching you"". I heard her say "We are NOT going to put on this jewelry. It's very special jewelry and I don't want us losing or breaking it". I'll never get tired of watching you guys interact.

Your conversations are quite comical. AP: (noticing trash) "We should just go all around the city, telling people not to litter". Little environmental activist already wanting to go preaching in the streets. Then you: "Those people were PROBABLY rude". AP: "We should PROBABLY tell the police this."

Here's another example of how sweet you are. I told you that a song you made up was beautiful. You said "My song just awesome. ANNIE beautiful". What an amazing brother you are. 

And what an amazing boy you are. You make me smile and laugh and though you exhaust me, so often you are the one who shows me the reasons to carry on. 

Momma (and Papa)

P.S. Your t-shirt is a 3T. Your jeans are a 2T. 

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Jennifer said...

Cutest thing!!!! Henry is soft and cuddly too. I love having a little boy that is so gentle and cuddly at times yet so much of a boy too! I think little brothers with big sisters are the best!