Wednesday, September 3, 2014

September Happenings

This header was super fun to create. I don't love the colors, but the quote really speaks to me. I struggle sometimes with how much I love this place and how hard it will be to leave while at the same time knowing in my heart we are not meant to be here forever. I also thought it was fun to jazz it up a bit. And I do love the pictures a whole lot.

August was great- we had Claire visit, we frequented lots of parks, we had a visit from Minnie, and we just enjoyed Summer!

September looks fun:

- Annie's starting a new ballet class.

- I think we're going to try to find some kind of activity for Graves as well.

- We're getting together with our friends who live in Long Island.

- The church we attend in the evenings in going to be starting back up after (that service) being on hiatus for the month of August.

- I'm going to try to get my hair cut =)

I'm glad it's pretty low key because October is going to be intense with our trip home to Mississippi!

I didn't do great with my goals at all this month. I'm giving myself grace because we had a good bit going on with our two different visitors.  Here were my August goals:

1. Do a Bible study with Peyton (consistently). Well, we did it, but not consistently. To be honest, I didn't do it myself consistently either. Not great. 

2. Start and finish one book. Nope. Still working on that.

3. Clean up (and back up) my blog(s). Cleaned up (new pictures on the sidebar!) but not backed up.

4. Plan Minnie's trip. Did that and we had a blast.

5. Soak up the last month of Summer in the city (maybe forever). I think we did a pretty good job of this!

6. Write with intention and consistency. I didn't really do as well with this as I wanted to, but I did alright.

September goals:
1. Spend time together with Peyton in prayer/reading the Bible/discussing our Bible studies. As I said, I'm leaving it on here until it happens on the regular. It's really embarrassing for me we don't do a better job and it's something I truly want to work on.

2. Finish the book I'm reading and start a new one. I don't think that'll be too bad.

3. Plan for trip to Mississippi. This is actually a pretty big one. I want to go ahead and pencil in the people we're going to try to see on the calendar- I feel like if we don't either we'll get really stressed out and try to do too much or we'll just be sitting on the couch staring at each other because we didn't make plans at all. I also need to make a packing list. I need to make a list of things I want to accomplish while we're there. And I want to make sure to have everything ready for Cookie's wedding!

4. Start Annie's math curriculum. I'm actually planning on doing that this week!

5. (Mostly) change over the kids' closet. I'm going to wait until closer to the end of the month (it's hotter now than it's been all Summer) but I want to have it mostly done when we leave for our trip.

6. Find and purchase the kids' Fall wardrobe, as much as possible fair trade. I actually had put this as a goal I accomplished last month, but I realized I still had a few things I needed to add. This is a whole post to itself, but I thought a fun challenge would be to try my best to buy all the kids' clothes for Fall and Winter fair trade. It wasn't easy and it was pricey, but I really worked hard not to buy in excess and I think I've pretty much got things covered. I'm going to write a big post about it sometime soon!

7. I already started this and it feels funny to call it a goal- but it is in some ways. Anyone who reads this blog and follows me on Facebook knows how passionate I've become over issues of systemic racism. Well, I realized there is one small thing I can do. Every time I pass a black man on the street I'm going to look him in the eye and say "hello". I feel like I'm pretty friendly in general but like anyone here and I can get caught up in the rush. Or I can sometimes let me lack of comfort dictate my actions. Or sometimes it can just feel awkward. Those are crappy excuses and I want to do this small thing as a way of saying "I'm not afraid of you".

8. Attend a write-in with Gotham Writers at least once. It's something I've been wanting to do for a long time, but haven't made it a priority.

Here's to September, a month where we say goodbye to Summer activities and anticipate Fall's arrival. May it be a month of preparation in many ways- preparing our hearts for home, preparing our bodies for cold, preparing our minds for the effort the Winter months entail, and, as always, preparing our souls to seek the Lord. 

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Rebecca said...

My September goals are trying to accomplish the rest of my New Year's resolutions. I hope you have lots of fun in Mississippi! I'm planning a trip back to visit my bestie also in October.