Monday, September 15, 2014

The Beauty of Love As It Was Made to Be: Five Years (and a few months) of Weekly Family Pictures

[If you're reading this in a feed reader, the video may not show up. I accidentally published thinking it was embedded and it wasn't.]

I've done a few compilation posts of our weekly family pictures- here and here. But it's been awhile. When I realized that in June we had been doing them for five years, I knew I had to put something together.

And I've been meaning to do it since then. Itt gave me a heck of a time once I decided to do it. More hours than I'd care to admit.

But it's done and I'm so pleased with it. It's long and I don't expect anyone to watch fully- it's 274 shots and over five years of weekly family photos. It's really special to me, though. I think it's so neat to be able to look back in this way and see how our family grew and changed over the last half decade.

I love the small things (like how dark or light my hair is and how Peyton has his tie draped around his neck in quite a few shots), the big things (like announcing we were expecting a second time at 3:07 VERY shortly after our "first trip sans Annie" at 3:01), the silly things (like Graves in the ski cap at 11:42 and Annie riding Rocky Frog on Peyton's lap at 9:42), the absurd things (like taking some of them well after both kids were fast asleep), the truly difficult things (like having our family separated for a month while Peyton looked for housing at 12:03) and the life altering wonderful things (like Graves's arrival at 4:53 and finally making it to Brooklyn at 12:13).

The cat, as well as countless other props, wound up in several pictures. Peyton looked like he was wearing a costume (fedora, huge sunglasses, ect.) quite often. There are a huge chunk, where, per Peyton's request I didn't wear make-up. Annie's broken arm is documented and my mom makes an appearance as the one and only guest star, thus far. We moved from piano bench to hallway to couch and at some point in the game AP became adamant she wanted to move to Peyton's lap. Graves shakes a pepper canister, holds a baby doll, flies a paper airplane, and is sleeping or sucking a paci in probably a quarter of them. In one, he has soot from the fireplace on his face. Sometimes I look at the shot at 11:49 to remind myself that Annie has that (the ability to be carefree and love life and not be so serious) in her. That I have it in me.

I love this little (now big) collection so much and all the stories it tells about the four of us. It was worth every bit of the annoyance and stress of adding another unnecessary thing to our weeks. I'm deeply grateful for these memories and these people.


Elizabeth said...

i love this!! So fun to see how much your little guys grew in just a few short years. I love your weekly picture tradition

Megan Garrott said...

This really is such a cool thing! I love that your pictures are real snap shots of life... sleeping babies, crying babies, happy babies, church clothes, and pj's. So neat. I know this will be a family treasure.