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Weekly Happenings Post #283 (August 25-31) Saying Goodbye to Minnie and Peyton's Back Injury

So, Minnie left and Peyton hurt his back pretty bad last week. The week was...emotional. To say the least. Peyton's back to normal, though, and I'm dealing with life as usual without my momma. We're fine. We're fine. We're so fine. But last week was HARD. 

Monday was....exhausting. 

Peyton's back had been hurting and he said the night before that he didn't know how he would work on Monday (it was his only day to work while Minnie was here). He got up and went to work, though. The kids got up and ate breakfast and then Minnie played with them for an hour and I went back to sleep. I got up and folded up the couch and talked to Peyton on the phone and just then there was a knock on the door. It was security. Someone in the courtyard had seen the kids jumping on the bed near the window in the spare room (which is a problem why? I guess they could fall into the glass and break it AND the metal child safety bars??). Anyway, I asked the guard if someone said something and he said "yes, please don't be angry with me". I told him of course I wasn't and got dressed and headed down to talk to whomever. The lady that "reported" us was actually really sweet. The guard had already told her that my mom was in the room with them and she said "I just think moms need all the help they can get". I told her how impressed I was with how helpful New Yorkers were and we discussed the kids and her grandkids.

I headed back up and got my shower and picked up a bit around the apartment. Peyton had ended up going to the doctor and coming home around noon. I browned a roast and cut up potatoes and put it in the crock pot.

I had said we'd stick close to home and go to the park near our house and the pizza place we always take people to and maybe walk around the neighborhood a bit. Because, oh wait, the kids had both had diarrhea during the night the night before. Like I got up with Annie several times and finally just took the gate off and Bud was crying because his bottom was raw.

Anyway, it got to be lunch and they hadn't been sick, so we went to get pizza and decided to head to Central Park since my mom wanted to go at some point. I knew it would be sort of a hassle without Peyton and just because Minnie gets stressed pretty easily. We got on the train and she was shocked how long it took. We made it to the park and at first we saw some pretty areas (a bridge I put up a picture of on IG a few weeks ago and a really pretty little path that we'd never found before and Annie loved). She had wanted to see the stream that I had shared a picture of, but I knew it would be hard for me to find. 

[As a sidenote, I've gotten SO much better at the subway and directions on the street, but parks are hard. Because, HELLO, no road signs. And we had done finding things in a park two days in a row at that point. Even still, I'm so much more relaxed when visitors are here when Peyton can guide us around. Peyton had told me that he'd probably be laying low for the rest of Minnie's trip and probably Thursday. Then he had to work Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. I totally teared up just thinking about facing all that. Truly hormonal, y'all.]

Well, we started looking for this place called "Sheep Meadow" that Peyton loves to show everyone. It's basically a big field and you can see the Manhattan skyline all around it. So it's kind of surreal- like you're in this huge grassy area but you have the city all around you still. I think it's neat and most people do. Anyway, we got turned around a couple of times (y'all, I am bad at this!) and finally were headed toward it. Minnie goes "I'm getting really tired. And this isn't even that pretty." And of course, that was it. After that she commented that "New Yorkers must be so desperate for green space". I was like um, it doesn't take everyone this long to get to it, Min. 

She apologized later and told me that she was just so tired and teared up a bit. Second time that's happened. She cried when we had to leave Bud the day before to go to the Cloisters and said "I know it's good for him, but Peyton is so hard on him and he's so sensitive." [Peyton had told him if he ran out the door and followed us, he'd gate him in his room.] Poor Minnie, I know this wasn't easy for her. Her and Mickey are just under a lot of stress with the wedding coming up and Minnie has this thing where she makes herself so exhausted she gets physically ill. I wanted to work HARD to avoid that on the trip.

By the time we used a restroom and left the park it was close to six. We had thought about going to Fort Greene Park or even the little playground right near our place to show her, but she was really tired. I explained to Annie and she got upset but did okay. We got on a pretty crowded train and Annie and Minnie were sitting a little way away from me and Graves. We got close to our stop and I motioned to them that it was coming up. It took me awhile to get their attention and the train was crowded and it stressed me out a little. When Annie realized, she got stressed and started trying to get to me. Minnie followed and the train stopped. Well, the train moved and Minnie tried to grab a rail, but missed and fell flat on her face. OMG, y'all. She was fine, but the kids got toppled over and of course Minnie was mortified. Thankfully, nobody was truly hurt. We made it home and she helped me cook brussel sprouts. We had dinner and the kids took showers. I started doing the dishes and she took over. I got the kids to bed and finished in the kitchen. Peyton did go for a short walk and I got on the computer for a bit. He got home and we talked and then went to bed.

Tuesday was Minnie's last full day here. Of course, we didn't have Peyton again. We got an extremely slow start and I picked up around the apartment and got myself ready and did a few morning chores. We were ready to go around one and Annie got so upset- crying and screaming and fussing- about not wearing the shoes I wanted her to wear. Peyton made a point that it was a silly thing to wage war on, but at that point we were so deep into it, I really had to stick to my guns. [I'm not above telling her I was wrong about something, but I know in this situation, even though it was a trivial thing, I needed to stay firm.] Anyway, it broke my heart because she said "Momma, you are so hard on me" and I know that upset Minnie, too. She really has been SUCH a trooper and has picked up a lot of slack from Peyton not being able to help. That's a lot for a five year old. But still, she her behavior was unacceptable. She was SCREAMING in the courtyard. I took her back upstairs to regroup and I discussed leaving her with Peyton. I knew that would ruin the day for me and Minnie as well, though. Minnie pleaded with her with tears in her eyes and told her "I don't have much time left with you" and I thought my heart was breaking. She finally got herself together and I agreed she could wear the shoes she wanted on the way home (she ended up forgetting about them, but I packed them). I was annoyed with myself for even fussing about it in the first place, and I think I partly did it because my mom had mentioned how Peyton was tougher on them than I was and I heard her tell Cookie that Annie just starts to tune up and she (I thought she said I did) will give her anything she wants. Minnie told me later that she was proud of me for standing my ground and that she couldn't do it when I was Annie's age; that she was scared of me and what I'd do. 

Anyway, we finally got on a bus. We did the whole four bus round trip to Crown Heights thing and Minnie got pretty stressed (it can be stressful, I know!).  After bus #1 she started to tear up and said "You really do this by yourself??". I was proud of myself in that moment but sad because I know she'll worry more know that she knows what it takes. In defense of the transit, I had the umbrella stroller instead of the Tula. Thought it would be easier with an extra set of hands. Nope, still a PITA. I'll wear my 29 pound sack of sugar and sweat bullets next time unless P is there. Also, I explained that when he is there we just walk the four miles and she about died.

We finally made it to the Children's Museum. It was crowded and there were pushy big kids, but we had fun. We stayed a few hours and explored and then did the buses again.
Under the sea at the Brooklyn Children's Museum with Minnie. Notice Graves hanging from the seaweed! 

Would you look at this crew? Minnie was a little concerned she was going to get lice. 

Don't let the tough looking pirate fool you.

Think he'll always love being the butterfly...

Brooklyn Block Lab! She's actually gotten more into it than block-loving Bud.

 I had trouble finding the first bus stop and figuring out where exactly to go and I know that was stressful. We made it home, though, and I fixed tacos really quickly. We all ate and I got the kids ready for bed. Minnie read to them and then she talked with me and Peyton. I got on the computer a bit and went to bed. I was super sad about my mom leaving and it was compounded more because I knew we couldn't get out and do a bunch of fun stuff to take my mind off of it because of Peyton's back. 

Minnie was leaving on Wednesday. I didn't sleep too late that day and we just had a nice morning visiting and eating breakfast. Peyton even felt like making pancakes with the kids! We called a car and Minnie left around noon. There were a few tears, but it wasn't a terrible goodbye. The kids had lunch and I put Graves down for a nap. I ate lunch and did some things on the computer and Graves slept for awhile. 
Annie is obsessed with "decorating" pictures on my phone. It's gotten to be a fun thing we do together sometimes these days! The "pink camera app" is her favorite naptime indulgence. 

I laid down for about ten minutes and when he got up we headed out for a walk to Fort Greene Park since Peyton was feeling up to it.

 We got some Cokes and milk at Walgreens on the way home. Peyton decided to bake with the kids again and they made muffins. They ate supper and had showers and we put them to bed. Peyton and I hung out and I read blogs a bit and worked on my Weekly Happenings post. We chatted and went to bed.

We had another good day on Thursday. I decided to just make it a normal day and do school and stuff even though Peyton was home. So the kids got up and I got them breakfast and we watched their shows. I ended up taking awhile to get my morning chores done- I folded up the couch, swept in the den and hallways, cleaned out the liter box and the whole kitty area in the closet, planned school, ate breakfast, got on the computer, and got my bath. We did their devotion and catechism and then cleaned up their room. They did such a great job cleaning up. They ate lunch and Graves had rest time (he never fell asleep). I got on the computer and both the kids were pretty needy and kept calling me for things. I was kind of frustrated. I ate lunch and did school with Annie and then we got ready and headed to Underwood Park. We stayed for a good while and when we came home, the kids ate dinner and we read to them and got them to bed. I read some blogs and worked on a post and we watched the news and ate supper. I did dishes and went to bed. 
Remember when Annie was five months old and the cat was still bigger than her? Timehop does. Thank goodness because I barely do. Sweet little Annie Baby.

Peyton was MUCH better on Friday, but still didn't go into work. I did let him sleep pretty late even though I had a bad headache. Graves got up earlier than usual and had breakfast and then I let him watch a show. He had a second breakfast and watched another show with Annie.
Superman in his slipper sneaks. This guys a trip!

 I decided to skip school stuff and just act like it was a regular day off that day. We got ready and did a few things around the house and then headed out to do some errands. We went by the park and then picked up some specialty mayo for a present to mail and then headed to Target to buy some plastic cups. We stopped on the way home at a new restaurant and got a snack and then picked up some new medicine for Peyton and stopped by Fort Green Park. 
afternoon alfresco dining in BK...yes, please! 

sprinkler rainbow! 

We got home and let the kids watch Beauty and the Beast (Peyton had rented it off Netflix for them). They ate supper and we got them to bed. I spent a LOOOONG time working on my What I'm Into post. It always takes forever and usually I start working on it during naptime or sometimes even a day or two early. Anyway, I worked on that and then ate some supper and went to bed. 

We had a fun day Saturday. We had another relaxing morning and then headed to Central Park. We spent the whole afternoon there, playing in our favorite little stream and laying around in Sheep Meadow. 

We came home and fed and showered the kids and straightened a bit. I read to Annie and Graves and put them to bed and then Peyton and I got take out and watched a movie. I helped my friend Mallory with some blog stuff and then worked on a post and sent an email. 

Sunday started out a little crazy. Graves had an upset stomach again and I had planned to do childcare since Peyton's back was hurting. We were all planning to go, though, until Graves got sick again. Well, I didn't get up early enough (Peyton didn't tell me that I needed to get there early, but he always does so I should have known). Anyway, I hustled to get ready and get Annie ready and we took a different bus that usual. It dropped us off in an unfamiliar area that was sort of desolate and we had to wait about ten minutes for the next bus. We finally got on and made it to church. I had a really fun time doing the kids' ministry. I went outside with a little group and they were so cute. There was a brother and sister that were a little older than Annie and she played with them a bunch. We all helped clean up once church was over and then we headed home. Our bus was really late and it took awhile to get home. 

I helped Peyton with a few things and got Graves down for his nap and Peyton left to meet some friends who are in the city. I got a good bit done during naptime- I had my lunch, read some, uploaded pictures, called my mom, and had a snack. Graves and I woke up right before Peyton got home. We talked and put up groceries and played a bit and then we fed the kids supper. I sent an email and we finished up the movie from the night before (we had to rent it off iTunes and you only have twenty four hours) and then he got the kids to bed. I got on the computer for a bit and picked up around the house and then we ate supper and watched the news. 

Having Minnie here was so much fun and I miss her terribly, but like I said, we're getting back into the normal swing of things. And before I know it, it'll be October and time for our trip home! 

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