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Weekly Happenings Post #284 (September 1-7)-- Labor Day and Summer's End

Well, Labor Day has come and gone and Summer is officially over. I was a little sad about it, but it felt wonderful today and I know Fall holds a lot for us, too!

Whew, Monday was rough. It started off normal. The kids got up earlier than they have been and had breakfast and we watched their shows. Everything was fine. I put them in their room and ate my breakfast, got on the computer, did some morning chores, and took my bath. They usually play really well while I do that stuff in the morning, but they kept having squabbles. I went in their room to do their devotion and catechism and we did that and then started to clean up. AP got mad because she wanted to leave all her stuff set up like it was. I told her we could leave a small amount and she got SO upset. She kept fussing and being really rude. We finally got it worked out, but it took forever. The kids had lunch and I did dishes and then put Graves down. Annie sat in time out for twenty minutes during naptime for her behavior earlier. I got on the computer and made some egg salad and kool aid and then Annie and I did school.

Graves woke up and Peyton got home early because it was Labor Day. We got ready and headed to the library to return some books. Our route intersected with the West Indian Day Parade and some cop asked us if we lived in the neighborhood and told us to get on home. It REALLY rubbed me the wrong way. We came home and got the kids ready for bed (they had eaten a snack supper on the way). We put them to bed and Peyton left to met his friend who was in town again to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge. I did stuff on the computer, cleaned up, texted with my mom, took a shower and had supper. Peyton got home late and we chatted and went to bed.
This literally makes me laugh out loud. I mean, I hate that her head was hurting. But it makes me think about when I was a senior in COLLEGE and we were planning a family (plus Peyton) trip to New York and Mickey told me "And nobody better be laying in the hotel with rags on their head ordering grilled cheeses from room service". [I did that at least once every vacation.]

Tuesday was a nice relaxing day. We took our time getting up and we couldn't really decide what to do because it was SO hot. We ended up staying home and doing different crafts and stuff. I talked to my friend Mallory and the kids practiced cutting and made some collages.

Peyton took Graves to take something to the storage unit and they walked around a bit while I did school with Annie. I started going through some of their clothes for Fall and then Peyton and the kids went to the park. I put up a bunch of book in their room and met them there. Some friends from home were in the city and texted me about seeing us. They ended up dropping by. We hustled to make the apartment as presentable as possible. When our friends got here, we visited for awhile and then I walked them to the train station. I walked home and talked to Peyton and got on the computer.

Peyton worked on Wednesday and Graves slept super late. Annie got up and got in bed with me and then played a little, but I slept really late. When Graves got up, I got them breakfast and started my day. I planned school, scooped liter and got on the computer. I ate breakfast and then took my shower after they watched their shows. We cleaned up their room and they got dressed. We did their devotion and catechism and I packed them a lunch. We headed to the post office to pick up a package and then to the park. They had lunch and played in the sprinkler. We came home and Graves rested. I ate my lunch and got on the computer and then did school with Annie. 

Graves got up and he did some tracing. We did his critical thinking and read a new Five In a Row book. I cooked them supper. They ate and Annie had a huge melt down because I wouldn't let her have Kool Aid. Ugh. I finally got that diffused and I read to them and got them to bed. I got on the computer until Peyton got home. 

We we on our own again on Thursday. The kids got up a little late (a little before nine) and I got them cereal and we watched their shows. I put them in their room to play and checked email, folded up the couch, scooped liter, had breakfast and took my bath. I played with them some and read, did their devotional, and worked on the catechism. We picked up their room and they had lunch and then Graves took his nap. He took a good one and I ate lunch, got on the computer, took a short nap, and did school with Annie. When he got up we headed to the park even though it was late. The kids had fun and then we came home and did tracing and critical thinking with Graves and read our Five in a Row book. They colored and I fixed supper and then they ate and I got them ready for bed. I read to them and they went to bed pretty quickly. I got on the computur until Peyton got home and we ate supper and talked.

Peyton was off on Friday and we had a good day. We got a lazy start, but since we weren't doing anything until that afternoon we decided to do some things around the apartment that morning. Peyton took the kids to Walgreens to return cans and get money for them and I started laundry. We worked on cutting and tracing with Graves and Annie practiced her letters and then played a little reading game.
The day before, after a tense moment between myself and Ann Peyton, she told me "I miss Papa". I asked her if it was because I had hurt her feelings. She said "Oh Momma, I miss him EVERY day he works". On the particular day we had a nice day at home (so hot and NYC pools are closed!). He taught her tally marks that  morning and worked on various crafts with the kids. She also made a card for Graves this Sunday at church (he was sick) that said "I miss you, Graves". Makes me appreciate even more all the time the four of us get together and the choices I'm thankful we've been given- homeschooling, staying home, being a staff pharmacist. So good to have these people in my life.

Graves's Slow and Steady activity this week- finding where each object goes. Helps to develop eye-hand coordination, matching skills, problem solving, and confidence. 

 I kept working on laundry and then that afternoon we headed out to a clown parade. It was fun for a bit and then the kids wanted to head to the playground.

We played for awhile and got Smash Burger on the way home. Peyton gave the kids showers and got them to bed and I finished laundry. We watched a movie while I folded everything. I got on the computer briefly and went to bed pretty late.

We woke up on Saturday and Annie joined us in bed. Graves was already in our bed from late the night before. Anyway, we had a lazy, snuggly morning. I got up scooped liter and folded up the couch. I had breakfast and got my bath after the kids watched their shows. They had breakfast  and Peyton got his shower and I cleaned up the kitchen- did dishes and swept the floor and tidied a bit. We got ready and headed out. We went by the farmer's market in Fort Greene Park and then headed to a new park we haven't visited in Park Slope. It had an AMAZING playground. We stayed awhile and then got ice cream and came home.
Annie picked her own outfit. It's a 2T and now the dress is a top, the leggings are shorts, and she's still tiny enough to wear things meant for kids three years younger than she is.

Caught her in mid air- no idea how this actually came out. But it makes me think about the time Mickey convinced me he could levitate.

We stopped at Target and again at the farmer's market and then came home. The kids took a shower and then ate supper and Peyton put them to bed. I was so tired and emotional, I ended up falling asleep at eight. I woke up around ten thirty and ate something and talked to Peyton. I called my mom and sent an email and did a few things on the computer. I did my Bible study and read and went to sleep.
It was a wild night party, okay?

We had a fun, full day on Sunday. We woke up later than we meant to and hustled to get ready for church. We packed a lunch to eat afterwards because we were going to a birthday party in Crown Heights a few hours later and didn't want to come all the way home. Church was really great and I enjoyed the sermon a lot. After church, we ate lunch at the park nearby and watched some guys playing soccer. We headed to the playground and killed some time until the party started at the same park. It was a lot of fun and the kids had a blast. And I enjoyed visiting with some friends.

Matt the magician (and also the daddy of the little girl's whose birthday it was- so cute!)

I did have a bad headache, though. We got home and I started laundry and did a few things while Peyton helped the kids shower and fixed them supper. I got them to bed and we talked some. Peyton fixed me eggs and grits and we watched a movie. I uploaded pictures on the computer and cleaned up the whole kitchen and scooped liter and unpacked the stroller.
Um, whose dad just built these fabulous Adirondack chairs this weekend? Mick is such a talented handy man!

Aw, man.....Liv Tyler wrapping her leg around Ben Affleck in that passionate hug, singing alone in bedroom about how I could "stay awake just to hear you breathing", and trying to figure out how exactly I could get my best friend to fall in love with me. Gosh, being thirteen was hard.

It was pretty late when I went to bed.

This week we're starting up a few Fall activities and I'm looking forward to that! 

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