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Weekly Happenings Post #285 (September 8-14)-- Fall Activities Start Back in the City

We had a fun week last week. We started some of our Fall activities and that was nice. It's good to get back in the swing of things. We're still limiting it a lot, but we've got a few activities going on- A House on Beekman, separate dance classes for both kids, and our evening church service started back up!

The kids got up a little after Peyton left on Monday and I got them breakfast and then we watched their shows. I had breakfast, got my bath, planned school, and got on the computer. I did their devotion and catechism and read to them and we cleaned up their room and they had lunch.
Annie envisioning an app where "one side is Google Maps and one side's a subway map". The things that fill her mind!

 I hung up clothes in their room while they ate. I put Graves down and talked to Carrie on the phone. I ate my lunch, got on the computer, and did school with Annie. We woke Graves up and headed to the playground.
The temp dropped and it feels PERFECT in Brooklyn. Praise The Lord because it's been HOT and our apartment was miserable. Also, he looks so old to me here.

This guy's been ready for Fall. He's been wearing his Out of Control Winter jams all week. I have no idea how. (I really think our apartment was between 85 and 90, because we kept it on eighty at home and it was WAY hotter this week in Clinton Hill.)

When we go home, they ate supper and we read some and I put them to bed. I fixed supper for me and Peyton and when he got home, we ate and talked.
Minnie's corn on the cob hack involves wrapping it with damp paper towels and microwaving. Of course, paper towels equals are frowned upon EnviroSweetie's house. So we used those flushable diaper liners we had left over from when we cloth diapered (which, for anyone who thinks that might defeat the purpose for EnviroSweetie, it was the only way he got me to do it- still so much better than disposables in landfills for decades, haha). 

I worked on a blog post and went to bed.

Tuesday was busy! We got up early (a normal time for most people) and got going so we could get to the train station by eight thirty to go to the South Bronx. Well, we were a little late, but we made it. Turns out, Peyton had the date wrong and the program we help with doesn't start until next week. Okay.

Anyway, we visited a bit with our friends there and even got to pop into the preschool class where a bunch of kids from last year were. We left and headed to Target for a few basics and then came home and had lunch and a little rest time. I took a nap while Peyton and the kids read and played. We got ready and headed to Graves's first little dance class. The children need a parent in the room and Peyton decided to be the parent. They had do much fun!

We found Baby Graves a class of his own! I love that he (and Peyton) are doing African and Diaspora dance. Another cool opportunity in BK! 

Peyton's a gem. Diaspora Dance Dad.

Annie hanging out during Bud's class. Something about this picture makes me grin so big.

A couple of videos of the class

After that, we set out to buy Annie some clothes for her ballet class. We headed to the school where she's taking and they told us to go to a place in Park Slope. It was late and so we walked SUPER fast and made it there (over a mile) in half an hour with both kids and no stroller (Graves rode in the carrier most of the way). Anyway, it turned out they didn't take cards. UGGGGH. We went back to the same park we had gone to the week before and played for a good bit.

I remember seeing this playground back in August a year ago and thinking Graves would LOVE the farm animals. He's a year older, but some things haven't changed a bit! 

 By the time we got home, it was time for a quick supper and bed for the kids.

Annie walked over FOUR miles that day. Seriously, Peyton and I both said our legs were sore. She didn't complain once. And she walked every bit as much as we did today!

I ran to the bank to get cash for the laundry card and started laundry. Peyton and I ordered take out and watched a few shows and I got on the computer a bit. I picked up around the house and did dishes and scooped litter and then went to bed.

Wednesday wasn't the best day. I was just way off schedule and out of sorts. Graves got up when Peyton did and he snuggled in bed with me and had breakfast and watched one show. Annie got up and she had breakfast and Graves did again. They ate pretty quickly and watched their shows and then I played with them some. I planned for school, deleted pictures off my camera, ate breakfast, took a bath, swept in the den and got on the computer. For some reason, all that took longer than usual. I played with the kids some more and then we read and did their catechism and devotion. By the time I had fixed them lunch and they ate it was after three. I organized some of their new clothes I had washed. I put Graves down and he fell right asleep. (I was kind of hoping he'd just play since it was so late). I ate lunch and spent ALL of naptime working on trying to make a slideshow of the family pictures. I was also super grumpy because I had lost a new shirt I had bought Graves.

We finally woke Graves up and it was after six. I told Annie we'd probably skip the park and she said that was fine, but could we please do school. It's hard to say no to that, but I really wanted to. Surprisingly, Graves did great doing it with us. We did math and English and then I fixed them supper and gave them showers. I read to them and put them to bed. Peyton got home and we ate and talked and I worked more on the slideshow and sent an email.
Annie told me the other day that we needed to get her poofy princess dress (not the one pictured) from the storage unit and order Bud a Prince Charming costume off eBay for a ball "Cinderella" invited her to. Then she said "You know I'm just being silly, right? I have NO IDEA where the real Cinderella is." I said "Annie, you know she's not real, right?" And she said "Oh, I know. But you can go places where there are people who look just like her....like Disney World!" I asked her how she knew about Disney World because we've never discussed it (not intentionally or anything) and she doesn't watch TV other than PBS. She told me "Aubrey was telling me about it when we lived in Mississippi." It makes me so happy that conversations with her first best friend still swirl around in her head. I know hardly a day passes that I don't think about Aubrey's momma and on a couple of long days I've cried over missing lunch and life with one of my best friends. I pray, literally, that when we do move back South Annie and Aubrey can pick off right where they left off. I'm just kinda assuming Carrie and I will.

I had gone to bed SO late on Wednesday (like four in the morning) and I had to get up early for a haircut on Thursday. I was a little late, but I rushed and made it to the train pretty quickly. The kids and Peyton were just waking up when I left. I get my hair cut up here by a church friend who is training. It's fun but it does take a little longer because she's trying to learn a lot of skills. Anyway, I got done a little before noon and ran by American Apparel to pick up something for Graves for Fall. I hustled home and Peyton left to go buy Annie's dance clothes. The kids finished lunch and I put Graves down. I cleaned up their table, did dishes, swept in the kitchen, and changed litter. I hadn't planned to, but I ended up cleaning the bathroom and scrubbing the shower curtain which had some mildew on it. I worked on the slideshow a tiny bit and decided yet another program wasn't going to work. Peyton got home and we got ready and headed to Annie's class. We all went for the first time. Peyton and Graves strolled and walked around outside and I stuck around and took a few pictures and read some.

Annie's first real ballet class in NYC was a success! (The class she took this Summer was "creative dance" at another studio and it wasn't near as structured/formal.)

Tiny dancer. Also, this is the waiting area . Peyton is off every other week, praise God. I was telling Minnie how anxious I was about keeping Graves still/quite/entertained for an hour in here and she said "Can you homeschool him then??" Uhhh...but actually that was EXACTLY my plan. We'll see how it goes this week. 

After her class, we came home and the kids ate supper.
USA love in BK! 

I love this place!

I fell asleep on the couch and Peyton fixed me some mashed potatoes. We got the kids to bed and talked some and I spent another ridiculous amount of time working on the slideshow.
So, sometimes, in lieu of a night party, P let's them crash on the couch while listening to Garth Brooks. And yep; pillow on his face, lovey in his dipe; in case you were confused. Also massive thigh bruise because party hard!

I tried it on Peyton's computer and then I decided to give the version that came on my mine a try. It was really may favorite but it said I needed to download a new codec to add music. I did that and finished it SUPER late. Well, after I published it, I realized there was a problem with the music in one place. I went on to bed.

The kids slept late on Friday and I slept even a bit later. We got going mid morning and had breakfast and showers and then headed out to Queens to visit an urban farm on a rooftop because they were having some special programs for "bee week".
It was neat to visit Queens for the first time. So different from Manhattan, Brooklyn, and the Bronx. Except for the trains and buses, it felt like a very typical city in this area. 

The urban farm in Queens- this is on a ROOF! 

Learning about bees! 

So many cool teaching ideas. They were acting out cross-pollination. Annie would grab the "pollen" off Graves's hat and distribute it to another flower. 

They learned a bit about how composting works. 

Annie with a worm from the compost bin. 

And Graves enjoying a carrot (among quite a few other things) covered in dirt but zero pesticide! 

These are called ground cherries. I had never heard of them but they're amazing! 

So much fun!

We ate at a little cafe and then walked around some in Queens. We all rode the train back to Manhattan and Peyton and the kids walked around with me trying to find a postcard to send another homeschool mom for a project. We got it and then they headed to a park and I ate a snack at a White Castle. I visited with some really friendly Italian guys originally from Coney Island and finished a book. Then it was time for my writing class!
Finally made it to a Gotham Writers Workshop. I was way more nervous about it than I thought I would be. There are two fifteen minute sessions with a prompt, an (optional) time to read your work aloud, and an intermission with wine, snacks, and socializing. Those second two parts made me nervous. Everyone was super friendly, though and the rules are encouraging feedback only and you treat the works as fiction (even if they seem memoir-ish). My voice was so shaky,but I made myself read one of my pieces aloud. So cool to have a night for myself and to get to work on a craft I love.

While I was there, the kids and Peyton discovered a new playground:
It looked amazing. There were, according to Peyton, "water flowing towers and climbing holds". I can't wait to go myself!

I got home around nine and got right back to work on the slideshow. Sadly, my computer was going really slow and everything took forever. I finally published it and AGAIN noticed something wrong- the video was five minutes too long with just a bunch of blank space at the end. UGH. So, I started over. I was determined to finish. And I did. Again, super late.

The kids slept way late on Saturday (I was so thankful) and by the time we watched their shows and had breakfast the morning was almost over. I got my bath and folded up the couch and scooped liter. I put up the stroller and did a few other things and ate my breakfast. I played with the kids and we cleaned up their room and then they had lunch. I cleaned up the kitchen- mostly conquering piles and putting up dishes and sorted the kids' new clothes a bit more. I put Graves down and ate my lunch and took a nap. He never fell asleep and when they got up, they played with kinetic sand while I straightened. Then we played a memory game and they had supper. We picked up toys in the den and I got them ready for bed and read to them for awhile. Peyton got home and we talked and watched TV and ate supper. I didn't really do much on the computer that night because I felt like I had sort of neglected Peyton and also I was OVER IT. I did email a friend and read a couple of blogs. I got everything ready for church the next day and went to bed.

Sunday was busy and Peyton was working. We got up and chatted and he helped me get the kids ready and we left at the same time he did. We caught our buses and got to church early to watch kids while people were setting up and praying.
Due to sickness and weather and visitors and one of the devices we go to being on Summer hiatus, it's been awhile since I've done the whole Sunday shebang by myself. It's a huge pain but I LOVE the extra snuggles it forces him (and me!) to slow down for.

Church seemed like it ran a little longer than usual and this was my first time to volunteer not on Family Sunday (on Family Sundays the kids worship with the adults for part of the service and then have free play in the gym). I wasn't teaching, just assisting, though. We had a sweet bunch of kids but it's a pretty rambunctious group and we had a hard time getting much done. After church, we stayed for a meeting for children's ministry volunteers. There were a ton of other children there and the kids did great. We didn't get home until around three and I still had to feed them lunch (they had enjoyed lots of snacks at the meeting). They ate and I put Graves down. He took half an hour and then fell asleep half an hour before we needed to leave for Calvary-Saint George's. Ugh. I didn't really do much. I had done dishes while they ate and then I got on Facebook and Instagram and then started getting Annie and myself ready to go back out. I woke up Graves at the last minute and we hustled to the train.

The service was wonderful and it was so good to be back. Peyton met us afterwards and we took the Q home. The kids ate supper and went to bed late. Peyton and I ate and watched the news and actually went to bed early. I had typed up a post for the slideshow, but that's really all I did besides cooking Annie's macs and cheese. I had a headache and wanted to get to bed early.

This week has been good so far. It's really flying by for some reason.

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