Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Weekly Happenings Post #286 (September 15-21)-- Under the Weather, Because Fall

It never fails. Every year around this time (and again in the Spring) we all get bad colds. I have one and the kids were pitiful last week. There's a really bad respiratory virus that has made its way to the Northeast in the last couple of weeks and so I was on the look out for that. We laid low a bit, but I didn't want to let runny noses slow us down too much!

Graves got up around eight thirty on Monday morning. We snuggled a bit and then Annie got up and they had breakfast and watched their show. I got on the computer, straightened a bit in the den, folded up the couch, scooped liter, planned school, and got my bath. I played with the kids some and then we did their devotion and catechism and read some. I started them cleaning up and made lunch and Annie and I butted heads some. Cleaning up ended up taking way longer than it should have. The kids ate lunch and I started cooking some chicken and made Kool Aid and did dishes. I put Graves down and got on the computer for a bit.
One of my favorite virtual pieces of #anniesart!

Annie and I did school and then Graves woke up. We finished up English and did some tracing with him and then we did his critical thinking and read our Five in a Row book. We played a couple of Logic of Enlgish games and I got their supper ready and they ate and then they took a shower. I cleaned up the dishes and read to them and got them to bed. I got on the computer for a bit and then Peyton got home.
Finally got it posted to the blog!

We ate supper (BBQ chicken that I fixed) and watched a movie. We fell asleep on the couch. I woke up at around four and got Peyton up and unfolded the couch and made it up.

We had an early morning going to the Bronx on Tuesday. We all got up later than we should have and were running a little behind. We got ready and headed to the train.
Grown guy holding the pole like a pro. While his papa reads a periodical nonchalantly. (This girl is still putting him in a carrier for her own peace of mine when uses transit while solo parenting.) 

It was a great first day! I got to snuggle a four week old most of the time (and change his diaper, ha!). We headed back to Brooklyn and had lunch at a little deli. We came home and the kids played a bit and then Peyton and Graves left for his dance class. I uploaded some pictures, called my mom, and sent a couple of Facebook messages. I wrote some post cards for some kids studying New York and got a check ready to mail. Peyton and Graves got home and the kids played and I started cleaning up a bit. I got the "table" in the kitchen cleared and put up some other stuff and then straightened in the guest room. I started laundry and the kids watched a show and ate supper. Peyton got them to bed early and I worked on my laundry. I finished a post and put pictures on Facebook and went to bed.

Graves got up early on Wednesday. It worked out well, though. He snuggled and played for a bit and then had breakfast and Annie got up and ate and then we watched their shows. I played with them a bit in the den and then got them settled and got to work because the apartment was still a mess. I put up rain jackets and umbrellas and other random stuff that was strewn all over, consolidated all the dishes to the sink, straightened our side counter in the kitchen and then folded up the bed and scooped liter. I also swept in the den, halls, guest room, and kitchen. I scrubbed some stubborn areas on the floor and dusted a few places that REALLY needed it. I got on the computer for a bit and ate my breakfast and took my shower. I played with the kids some and we read and did their devotion and catechism. At one point I left the room and came back and Graves had fallen asleep on the floor. I rubbed his back a little and he woke right up. We picked up toys and then I fixed them lunch. I did dishes while they ate. I put Graves down and he fell asleep really fast, despite his catnap.

 I got on the computer and ate lunch, took a little nap myself, and did school with Annie (math, English, and a little read aloud time in a chapter book). We had to wake Graves up. It was around six, but we headed to the park for half an hour until the sun started to go down. When we got home and did our Five in a Row book, traced, and did Graves's critical thinking. The kids ate supper and I gave them a shower and read to them again and put them to bed. Peyton was walking home, so I had a couple of hours even though they went to bed at nine. I started our supper and sent a couple of emails and wrote a blog post and read a few blogs and then watched a little of The West Wing and he got home. He had forgotten milk, so he ran back to Mr. Coco's. We ate and fell asleep on the couch almost immediately. I woke up around two when Graves started crying. I went and helped him (he was scared) and then folded out the couch and put up some of dinner that had been left out. Graves woke up a few more times during the night. At that point, I knew he was sick.

He also woke up pretty early on Thursday morning. I got the kids breakfast and let them watch an extra show because Graves wasn't feeling very good. His nose was runny and I knew he was tired from waking up so much. After their shows, I hurried and did my morning chores- folding up the couch and scooping liter and tidying. I ate breakfast, got on the computer, planned school, and had my bath. I had planned to rush through the morning stuff and clean up really fast so we could have lunch early and I could put Graves down early because Annie had ballet. Well, as I was getting in the shower she told me that her nose and the back of her mouth (throat) hurt. I called Peyton and I ended up asking her if she thought she should go to ballet. She said "Well, I don't feel THAT bad, but I'd hate to get any of the other little girls sick...and I don't want my snot dripping in ballet". Well then. We played some and did their devotion and catechism and then I fixed lunch and made a couple of phone calls (RSVPing to a shower and checking in with my mom). They ate and I swept their room and left a message for my sister in law. I got Graves down and did dishes and ate lunch and my sister in law called back. We talked on the phone a bit and then I got on the computer. I took a little nap and got up and did school with Annie. Graves got up and we did Annie's math and then played a few school games and did Grave's critical thinking and tracing.

I let them help me cook supper and then they took their toys to their room. While they ate, I did dishes and put up school stuff. I got them ready for bed and read to them and got them settled. I got on the computer and wrote a post and read blogs. Peyton got home and we watched the news and ate supper and then talked some. I sent an email and went to bed.

Peyton and I woke up Friday morning and chatted and then I went back to sleep. The kids got up and we got started with our day. We had breakfast and I took my shower and then we just hung around home doing various things. We fixed the kids lunch and after that we went to a playground.

We ended up at the playground during the public school recess. (Lots of playgrounds here are for school use during the day and then become regular city playgrounds when school is out. At this one, apparently the public is allowed to use it all day but the school near it has access.) Anyway, this little girl who was in Kindergarten told us she was a big kid. Annie said "yeah, we're little kids". Humorous since they were the same age. Then she asked Graves "Do you know what big kids do?" He shook his head. "Of course you don't" she said and then "Big kids beat up little kids".  Also we saw this huge group of teenagers getting slightly loud and slightly aggressive. Clearly there was about to be a fight. When we came out of the store they were all gone and about twenty five police officers had replaced them (along with four NYPD School Safety vans). Interesting day in Clinton Hill. Someone on FB commented that we probably wouldn't be going back to that playground again, but it was good in a way. I know it might not make sense to most people, but it was really cool to me to be able to have that moment. I don't want to homeschool to shield them entirely from the world, but my heart would be sick if she was dealing with that kind of thing ever day for hours without me (I KNOW that's not every public school, by the way). Like I said, though, I don't wan to shield them entirely and I know they'll experience it one day regardless of it I did try to prevent it. It was neat, I think, for them to have that interaction, but for us to be there to guide them through it and help them process it. 

Also, it wasn't ALL bad. She was sitting by the slide, letting everyone go past her and waiting for a break in the line. There was a MUCH bigger boy who helped her to her feet and patted her head and I think he sort of helped her gain the confidence to be a little more assertive. Again, it was cool to see her in that situation!

Brooklyn tough! 

Spotted an urban monkey! 

Love how their little steps are right in line with one another. Neither could ask for a better best friend. 

goofy girl on the baby swing! 

 We stopped at Mr. Coco's, the bank, and the hardware store to have another set of keys made. We also popped in another little local store just to browse. We came home and relaxed a bit and the kids played in their room and then we headed to the library. We thought we'd return and check out, but it closes early on Friday so we just returned. We got home and I started laundry and started cooking supper for me and Peyton. The kids ate a bunch of fruit and veggies we had bought at Mr. Coco's. We got them to bed and I changed over laundry and worked on supper some more and did dishes. I scooped liter and folded up the stroler. I got the laundry and Peyton ran to Walgreens. He watched a movie and I cleaned up the kitchen and got on the computer.

We had a super chill day on Saturday. We got up and Peyton and the kids baked muffins. We all (even the kids) got showers and then they cleaned up their room by themselves (which is how Peyton does it) and I worked on laundry for like two hours. It was all done, but in baskets and on the chair. I folded and folded and folded and put up. I cleaned up the kitchen and did a few other things after we had lunch and then we all got ready to met our friends from Long Island who were coming into town. We stopped at a playground for a bit and then met them. We had planned to go to Madiba a South African place we like, but it was packed so we headed to a Mediterranean place we had been wanting to try. Peyton realized it was cash only and ran home to get his bank card for the ATM. It was really good and after that we came back to the apartment to visit a little. They left around nine and we got the kids to bed. They fell asleep really fast and I got on the computer for a bit and went to bed pretty early.

Graves's nose was still really runny on Sunday morning and he said he didn't feel good again so Peyton and Annie headed to church. He had gotten up early and I had let him watch a couple of shows in bed with me before he even had breakfast. I went ahead and folded up the couch and got my bath right after Peyton and AP left. Then I decided to start working on the kids' closet change-over. I planned to work until lunch and find a stopping point. Well, Graves and I finished pretty much the whole thing with a few small exceptions. I was so pleased. I fixed him lunch and Peyton and Annie got home right after I put him down for his nap.
He told me at lunch "I'm ready for my nap now". He also found these (I thought too small) footies when I was changing over their closet and he loves the trucks more than he did at 2.5. Sweetest guy.

I burned some popcorn and stunk up the whole apartment and Peyton helped me with clear out the smoke. He left for a climate change march and I took a nap and then decorated some pictures on my phone with Annie. I got ready for church and Graves woke up. Peyton got home and we got the kids ready for evening church. We were supposed to usher that night and we were trying to get out the door. Annie's lip started bleeding. Graves and Peyton went ahead and we caught up with them at the train.
Sometimes you miss church number one because you wake up and say "I don't feel bery good" and you look (and sound) pretty pitiful. But then you get some one on one time with your momma and you take a three hour nap per your own request and you power up and rally for church number two. Also church one involves childcare, church two involves having his germs supervised by me and Peyton and his militant sister who insists on scrubbing with soap after every cough. So it's a different dynamic. #dipdontsipthebloodofchrist

Annie wearing legit vintage tonight. Any guesses who this chambray cow dress belonged to? Bitty SD! Super special because Minnie did the smocking and her momma (who was not just my grandmother but one of my best friends while she was alive) put it together. Annie was SO proud to wear it.

Church was really nice and we walked back to the train station and took the Q home.
He kept giving us imaginary food tonight and saying "Take this bread. It tells you that Jesus loves you very much". This is because every single time he's been to church at @calstgnyc Jacob, the priest, has looked right into his little eyes and told him just that as he took the Body of Christ. It means everything to me to be in a place that not only welcomes them, but finds three year olds valuable enough for a concise explanation every week at the table. 

 Annie and Graves had supper and we put them to bed late. Peyton and I watched a movie and went to bed super late.

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