Sunday, October 26, 2014

31 Days to Write True: Classmates and Community

 I have loved homeschooling this year. LOVED it. It's been one of the coolest experiences of my life. But, while we've been home one of the things on our to do list was to talk to an administrator (who also happens to be a friend) at a two day a week school we are considering. When I asked her what she thought the benefits of it over homeschooling were, the first she listed had to do with community. 

This seems obvious. But I had been thinking of it from a perspective of wanting my kids to be in a big group of peers on the regular so they could actually learn to function socially. 

She was talking about something that is a whole lot more than that. And I knew it that morning. 

But I know it much more deeply tonight. I wrapped my arms around people and enjoyed long embraces that had to make up for ten years of not seeing each other, I listened intently to other people's stories, I laughed until I nearly cried quite a few times. 

I want Annie and Graves to know the intimate love of our little family, but I want them to know love in the big broad sense of having classmates that are invested in them and whom they care a great deal about.

 Happy reunion, class of 2004 Prep family!

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