Monday, October 6, 2014

31 Days to Write True: A Crisp Sunny Sunday with my Sweethearts

I'm a little late on Write True: Day 5, but better late than never. 

Yesterday was full, but relaxed. Busy, but slow. Tiring, but life giving.

We walked about six miles total. We spent most of the mid day in the park and had a little picnic near a beautiful waterfall right in the middle of Brooklyn. It felt ironic and special and a little bit like a treasure we had discovered. 

Annie finally wore her leggings with a dress, somethings she's refused thus for this season. Because I finally thought of a princess who could possibly wear leggings (not tights) with a dress. Pocahontas. I totally played on her absolute love for the Native American culture and dress that she's become obsessed with since becoming a member of the Museum of Natural History and she wore her "Native American Braids". I was glad to have been able to find a creative way to resolve it without tears and discipline.  

We came home and ate a quick snack and headed to church at Calvary-Saint George's. We heard a fabulous sermon, visited and ate cookies after the service, and got to hug a few of our favorite New Yorkers goodbye for the next almost month. 

We came home for supper and showers for the kids and daunting piles of dishes and laundry. Peyton tackled the dishes and I somehow managed to get the laundry done before they locked the wash room. It felt good to check one more thing off the list before heading home. 

We watched a few silly shows and snuggled close. 

On our walks, Peyton and I talked a lot about what was going on with both of us. We always seem to have great conversations when we're walking. I think we're both in a weird place. We're making a lot of decisions for the future and, I plan to write more about this but, I think a lot of what I loved so much here for the first six months was that we were able to just press pause on life and enjoy the current season without stressing about the next one, something I'm so prone to do. 

The talking and processing was good for me and the sunshine and crisp Fall air with my three sweathearts was the best antidote to sadness below the surface that's been pretty unrelinquishing as of late. 

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Annie said...

I'm glad you and Peyton had a good talk! And glad you got all the laundry done before the room was locked. (Oh, laundry.) I hope everything is coming together smoothly for your trip back to MS!

Jennifer said...

Y'all are the cutest!!!I just love reading about your adventures!!!