Wednesday, October 8, 2014

31 Days to Write True: First Sad and Then Sick but Finally So Happy to be Home

We bid farewell to the city we love so for a bit. We're all so excited for some time at "home". We miss it deeply every day. 

There was a hint of sadness leaving, though. I think because it was a foreshadowing of a day when we have to leave permanently. Even though, in my heart of hearts, it's what I want and think is absolutely best for our family, I know it will be one of the hardest things I ever do. 

I moved past it quickly and there was a huge sense of happy apprehension about  the things I knew I'd enjoy over the next few weeks. 

Our flight went amazingly well. As much as can be expected with two little kids anyway. But I did realize that every time I fly I think it gets harder for me. I don't mean from an anxiety standpoint, surprisingly. I've never been scared to fly. I think with my driving, I just know that it's exponentially safer statistically. And I love the idea of flying, actually. I really do think it's so much fun to gaze out the window and see the difference when we took off in New York and when we landed in Jackson (hint: more building in NYC, more trees in Jackson). It's even fun comparing the airports, even. When we landed in Jackson, I felt like we were visiting the pediatrician's office. Compared to LGA and the Atlanta airport, it's downright tiny. Of course, the people watching (and conversing) is the best of the best at airports. 

But it's gotten hard from a physical standpoint. I think it has to do with my sinus issues, but I never fly without a headache and I experienced some pretty intense dizziness and that awful nauseous feeling today. 

By the time we left the Jackson airport with Peyton's mom, though, all sad feelings and all the sick feelings were gone and nothing was left but sheer excitement for the weeks ahead. 


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