Friday, October 17, 2014

31 Days to Write True: Flower Child Wedding in the Bayou

This is going to be, for a good part, a picture post. And so thoughts and feelings as well, of course. Anyway, the wedding: 

I really want to write a whole post based on this picture, and I think I probably will at some point. Hopefully this month. I think they fell right behind Cookie and Con in the running for cutest pair of the night. 

I mentioned it before but her dress is made partly from my momma's wedding dress and that was incredibly special to me. 

I can't tell you how happy I was to stand by her and hold her flowers and straighten her dress and sign official things and do all the tiny things that are especially significant when you're the matron of honor. 

Something about this baby being out in nature and looking almost a part of nature herself. Everything really did. It all seemed so perfect and natural and organic and beautiful. 

Don't these two look excited and adorable?

such a beautiful, magical night!

I loved watched her little nieces and nephew surround her and the space for them she made in her day

As I said earlier, this guy was SMITTEN. I told Conrad that some guy kept staring at his wife and it was kind of creepy. Honestly, the older guys have just learned not to bed so obvious. I've never seen her more beautiful or more happy.

 He is such a little spit fire, but also the sweetest boy alive, I'm totally convinced 

Graves loved the wedding cake. 

A few days after getting back in town, the bride had to text me and Minnie and remind us it was Mick's birthday. From her honeymoon! Eeek. He knows he's loved :)

You know it's a good party when the band takes a break and puts on a rap cd and the ringbearer takes to someone's shoulders and starts raising the roof! 

Goodnight, sweethearts! 

Married folks drinking in their bathrobes. Happiness, yo. 


Courtney said...

What a beautiful wedding. Your sister looks stunning in her dress and the ids look adorable.

Mary Louis Quinn said...

Everything about the wedding looked gorgeous! PS I saw my aunt and uncle in the background of AP walking down the aisle. So funny! :)