Friday, October 24, 2014

31 Days to Write True: Home

It's been really neat spending a week and a half in the home I spent my high school days in. With my two little kids! 

It's also been a bit stressful. Because two little kids. 

But I've loved being here. I've been getting in lots of quality time with Momma and Daddy. I've been watching the kids love every single second with their grandparents. I've been listening to Minnie share strong opinions on my life and future (it's actually something I love about her- that she is so honest with me). I've been enjoying my dad's quirks that seem to be intensified with age- how he tell me that shelties, schnauzers, and malti-poos are far and away the most intelligent breads of dogs (the man is nothing if not his bias) and how he'd practicing kaizen, which is the Japenese word for continual betterment, in chili making (and it involves adding beer to the recipe). I've been relishing in all of that. 

And I've also been enjoying significantly less important things. I've been drinking out of my favorite cup that was in my beloved grandmother, Bump's, house. I've been making much of their ice maker. I've been stretching out on a couch that I've stretched out on for almost thirty years. In fact, it's a couch I slept on for months when my junior high boyfriend broke up with me, a couch Peyton and I spent endless hours snuggled up on, and a couch I cuddled and nursed both babies on. I've been loving those small things as well. 

It's good to be home, and in one sense this will always be home. 

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