Wednesday, October 1, 2014

31 Days to Write True: Introduction

I went back and forth for the last few weeks trying to decide if I wanted to do a 31 Days series this month, even though I loved doing the challenge last year. I had a couple of ideas, but they all involved a good bit of prep and the thought was pretty daunting. We're traveling back to Mississippi (we moved to Brooklyn about eight months ago for a big adventure) and the kids and I will be there the bulk of the month. I knew it just wasn't the time to commit to writing posts that would each take forty five minutes to an hour each day. I knew if I did the challenge, I wanted a broad topic where I could make it into what I needed it to be on a given day.

What I also know is that for whatever reason (and my guess is that there are several) September has been a hard month up here. I've had a lot on my mind and I've been struggling. I knew one thing that would help me was to just be able to write each day- to put my thoughts and feelings out here and use this space as a processing place as I've done so many times before.

So, I'm not totally sure what these posts will look like. I don't have 31 Days of ideas in a list to move around and edit like I did last year. That would kind of defeat the point, I think. I'll basically be popping in each day and sharing what's on my heart. Some days it may be what's going on in our lives, some days it may be pictures and words about the kids that been an excuse for a post sitting in edits for weeks, some days it may be a song that's speaking to me. Some days I may even use one of the prompts from here.

Some of them will probably be pretty short. And that's okay. I'm hoping to write well and write consistently. And I'm hoping to write true.

Posts in the series thus far:
Day One: Introduction
Day Two: Transit Woes
Day Three: (g)race Settles
Day Four: Don't Steal It from Yourself
Day Five: A Crisp Sunny Sunday with My Sweethearts
Day Six: Trust
Day Seven: Twelve Hours
Day Eight: First Sad and Then Sick, but Finally So Happy to Be Home 
Day Nine: Relationships with History
Day Ten: To a Sister and an (Almost) Brother
Day Eleven: Cookie Gets Married
Day Twelve: Busy
Day Thirteen: The Best Tired
Day Fourteen: My Tiny, Beautiful Flower Girl 
Day Fifteen: My Charming, Precious Ring Bearer
Day Sixteen: Sleep
Day Seventeen: Flower Child Wedding in the Bayou
Day Eighteen: The Only True Adventure
Day Nineteen: For the Rest of His Life
Day Twenty: Decided
Day Twenty One: Our Next Big Adventure
Day Twenty Two: Something to Do, Something to Hope For, and Somebody to Love
Day Twenty Three: How Convicting the Priorities of a Child
Day Twenty Four: Home
Day Twenty Five: Classmates and Community
Day Twenty Six: On Affirmation and Being a Thoughtful Mother
Day Twenty Seven: Missing Folks (Already!)
Day Twenty Eight: Good to be Back
Day Twenty Nine: Here and There
Day Thirty: In the Garden of a Thousand Sighs
Day Thirty One: In Closing

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