Tuesday, October 28, 2014

31 Days to Write True: Missing Folks (Already!)

We're flying back to NYC tomorrow morning and I'm pretty ready. I really am sad about it. But I also just need my space, my routine, and my husband. 

Annie and Graves are having a hard time. Graves just had one particular sad little moment. The other day he LOST it in the car, full on scream sobs. I truly thought he was hurt. I quickly got off the phone with Peyton and asked him what was wrong. "I don't want to live at our home in New York. I want to be with Mickey. You know the house with stairs? I just stay in his Mickey house." Wow. It just hurt so much to hear him so sad. 

Annie's had an even harder go of it. On several occasions she's teared up about leaving. She says she wants to go back to New York, but she wants a few more days here or she wants to take her "Jackson friends" with her. Her reaction to getting to see, and having to leave, her best friend was "I don't want it to be the time we come home for a visit, I want it to be the time we move home to stay." While also bawling her eyes out. 

It's so hard, but it blesses me to see them value these relationships so much. 

Also, I have super emotional kids. Wonder where they get it?

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