Friday, October 17, 2014

31 Days to Write True: My Charming, Precious Ring Bearer

I wrote about my sweet flower girl a few days ago, so now it's this guy's turn. He was such a charmer (per usual) at the wedding. I think we all could have just eaten him up in his cute little "suit', but it's his personality that does it. 

He was slightly more reserved on the dancefloor than his sister, slightly less when it came to the cake. He smiled and laughed and played and was just an absolute joy the whole (long) night. Even when he got super tired, he really stayed in good spirits. One of Graves's biggest strengths is how good-natured he is. He just goes with the flow so well. 

One of the most fun aspects of the night was how enamored with the bride he was. He adores his aunt, but this was something altogether different. He could not take his eyes off of her. I thought it was the sweetest, more precious thing. Cookie told me several times "He just keeps staring at me" and all I could say was "Do you blame him?"

I hope the next woman he finds this beautiful has as sweet of heart and kind of a spirit as his beautiful aunt. 

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