Tuesday, October 14, 2014

31 Days to Write True: My Tiny, Beautiful Flower Girl

I was so proud of my sweet, tiny girl this past weekend. Watching her grow up is surely one of the great joys of my life and so many experiences on the way are the lovely pebbles along the path that is her growing up journey. Cookie's wedding was a precious pebble for certain. 

There were so many tiny things about the weekend that were deeply meaningful and quite a few involved Ann Peyton. Watching my original best girl pledge her life to another and watching this relatively new-five and a half year into the gig-best girl play a part in the ceremony. Thinking about how much Annie and Graves's relationship mimics mine and Cookie's childhood friendship. Even just having Annie and Cookie together after being seperated by such distance as they really do mean a great deal to each other. 

Annie's dress was so incredibly perfect for the vision Cookie had for her wedding. It was a little bohemian and sort of had a flower child vibe and the  dress Minnie had made turned out perfectly. The most special part is that among other bits of fabric pieced together it included parts from Minnie's wedding dress. Of course that made the dress all the more beautiful to me. 

It was such a great, important day day.

But on the ordinary days both Annie and her namesake mean the world to me. The incredible beauty, both inner and outer, that they both posses sometimes takes my breath away. Thankful for them. 

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