Friday, October 10, 2014

31 Days to Write True: Relationships with History

I mentioned recently on Facebook that we are so fortunate to have found such dear friends in the city. We've found a group of people, or more accurately a couple of groups of people, who love us well. That's been one of the most powerful things about our move. We've really been surrounded by community and love and friendship. It was something I had hoped for, but not something that I expected. 

That said, we have close friends in the city and there is not one doubt in my mind that if we were staying for the long haul, these friendships could be nurtured into something that would feel a lot like family. But....

We've lived there for eight months. 

There's just no way to compare that to some of the relationships we have here. Many of which span decades. Many of which have existed since before Peyton and I were "Peyton and Sarah Denley". Many of which have existed through really dark moments and hard things and powerful experiences. 

Friends from way back. 

Relationships with history. 

There's the friend I called when Peyton and I were really struggling. She came over to my house and we talked about a healthy married sexuality and what that meant. My children were tiny and they played along side us while we talked and when they needed something, we just paused and dealt with it. 

There are a few couple friends who have walked this journey with us as we've gone from boyfriend and girlfriend, to engaged folks, to young marrieds, to (in our case very rapidly) young parents. These friends have related to us in so many life stages and I don't take for granted that I've had people that have walked those steps with me. With one of these couples, we used to take trips to New Orleans when were dating our future spouses, and then we took trips there when we got married, and then we took a couple of trips with small babies in tow. The dynamic of the trips changed a bit and it was okay before we were experiencing new joys together. 

There's the friend that has witnessed nearly every dark moment and every beautiful joy since I was thirteen. We've celebrated weddings and graduate degrees and published writing and writing that maybe no one cares about and the beauty of daily life. We've grieved dead friends and broken dreams and bruised spirits. 

And there's the girl we're mostly here for. My beautiful, sweet sister. I couldn't have asked for a better play mate and confidante and best friend from my very first memories. But, I'm sure there'll be more on her here this month. 

And of course my wonderful parents and my dear in laws. There will be more on them, too, I feel confidant. 

It is good to be back. 

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