Thursday, October 2, 2014

October Happenings

Not one of my all time favorites (the header or the background), but that's mostly that I don't love Fall colors as much as Spring ones. I do adore the quote and the pictures, though.

So, October basically consists of MISSISSIPPI.

- We're leaving and we have one day in MS before the wedding so I'm getting my dress altered and hair colored.


- Then church and lunch with friends.

- Then a free dinner and dinner with friends.

- Then a trip to Granny's and to see El and Minda.

- Then doctor/dentist appointments and dinner with Peyton's sister and her family.

- Then two meetings.

- Then dinner with my parents

- Then Peyton flies back

- The kids and I are just going to have fun seeing more friends and hanging out with family and then my ten year reunion is the next weekend and then we'll fly back on Tuesday.


Here were my September goals:

1. Spend time together with Peyton in prayer/reading the Bible/discussing our Bible studies. We did a little better with this this month, actually! It's still something I want to improve, though.

2. Finish the book I'm reading and start a new one. I finished the Henri Nouwen book I was reading and started Speak.

3. Plan for trip to Mississippi. I'v mostly done this, as can be seen above. I need to pack now!

4. Start Annie's math curriculum. We started it and so far I'm LOVING it. I plan to do a post on the homeschool blog about it because I think it's really fabulous and perfect for us right now.

5. (Mostly) change over the kids' closet. I knocked this totally out. Too bad I'm going to have to go dig out some stuff to take to MS because it's going to be in the NINETIES. Hahaha.

6. Find and purchase the kids' Fall wardrobe, as much as possible fair trade. I put the final touches on their wardrobe and I'm really excited about it. I need to do a post on that, too, at some point.

7.  Every time I pass a black man on the street I'm going to look him in the eye and say "hello". I made this goal in light of Ferguson and my deep feelings on it. I wanted to be intentional in my interactions even when they were awkward and do my best to say "I'm not afraid of you" when I come upon people I formerly would have found intimidating because of their dress and speech and, let's be honest, color.

8. Attend a write-in with Gotham Writers at least once. It wasn't easy, but I did it. And it was so great!

October goals:

1. Take part in the 31 Days Challenge

2. Pack and get ready for trip to MS (preferably not the night before). 

3. Come up with a toast for the rehearsal dinner. 

4. Be reasonable in my expectations for myself in Mississippi. Get enough sleep. Eat well. Give myself space to process emotions in the time not filled with other people.

So, super light on the goals, but understandable I think because it's going to be a crazy month.

Here's to October, a month that will usher in the cold and also usher in the establishing of a new family. May it be a month where family and friends, faith and community, love and relationships; are in even sharper focus and we privilege those things above the chaos and the to-dos and the ache of not being enough for anyone, let alone everyone. 

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