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Weekly Happenings #288 (September 29-October 5)-- The Big Apple Gets Crisp

Monday morning was so nice. Both kids crawled in bed with me (Graves during the night, Annie that morning after Peyton left) and they both slept past nine! It was great because Graves had been up a couple of times and I also just didn't sleep great. When they did wake up, I went ahead and started the day. They ate breakfast and I straightened the disaster zone kitchen. I got on the computer for a bit and ate my breakfast and watched their shows with them. I was planning on actually watching instead of dozing, but then Peyton called and a friend texted me about staying with us in November and I got distracted.

I put the kids in their room and took my shower, ate breakfast, planned school, and folded up the couch and scooped liter. I played with them a bit and then we did their devotion and catechism. We picked up toys and they had lunch. It was super late when I got Graves down, but he fell asleep fast. I worked on a post, ate lunch, and did school with Annie. Graves got up as we were starting math. We finished and I started cooking chili. We did his critical thinking and tracing and then they ate supper.
Graves was so frustrated and disappointed with himself (guess that's the theme of three year old "preschool" for my children). I told him that Annie had a hard time tracing at first (her fine motor skills were actually much poorer than his). I heard him say "Annie, this was bery hard for you too when you a baby". I said "Bud, do you *really* think you're a baby? You're a big three year old!" And he said "Yep, three a baby, Momma". I'll take it. 

 I started cleaning up the kitchen and wrote out a new quote for the month. I put them in the shower and cleaned up some more. I read to them and got them to bed and it was nine. I got on the computer and started a new (long) post. Peyton got home and we ate and watched several SVU's and then I stayed up LATE finishing the post.
Because this was the best thing I've eaten in months, we had to go for round two of Mickey's chili this week. Only thing that could make it better is the man himself. Two days now! 

And because it's about to get yanked from Netflix, a little SVU.

My friend Carrie from A House on Beekman had texted me the day before to say that they had a lot of volunteers for Tuesday so did we want to sit out. We ended up having a nice slow morning at home. After my breakfast and shower, I even decided to do school with Annie since I knew we'd be home until mid afternoon. The kids ate lunch and we ran to the storage unit to get luggage for the trips next week. Peyton took Graves to Cumbe and I took Annie to Fort Greene park because we had mentioned it earlier and she was desperate to go. The boys met us there after Grave's class and Peyton and I talked some and then headed home.
Sometimes you have a rare afternoon where you take only one kid to the playground and then you look up and see a baby monkey and his Papa. And yep, Peyton totally let him wear his monkey costume to Cumbe. 

I had planned to go to a writing class that night (it was a free thing) and Peyton was going to take the kids to a meeting/social thing for A House on Beekman. At the last minute, we both decided maybe I should go. It was close to time to leave (for either one) and I got SO stressed about trying to decide, along with the condition of the house and several other things. I ended up bawling. At that point, I knew I couldn't try to tackle the workshop and I wasn't sure about the gathering. I got it together though and we got out the door fast. I was glad I went- we saw so many friendly faces and learned a lot about a ministry we already adore. And the kids were OUT OF THIS WORLD amazing. Like one friend asked if we gave them tranquilizers. They were the only kids there and it was fancier than we had realized (we had been told it was fine to bring them and of course it was). Anyway, they ate and then whispered SO quietly and sweetly to each other. We got home from that late (it was all the way up in Harlem) and got the kids settled. I called my mom and worked on my 31 Days button. I went to sleep late, but not the worst.

The kids slept super late on Wednesday and I was happy. They had breakfast and I did watch their shows with them even though that slowed down our day. It was fun. I got my breakfast and folded up the couch and scooped liter and got on the computer some. I took my shower and planned school and then played with the kids. We did their devotion and catechism and picked up toys and then I fixed them lunch. It was past three. Haha.

They ate and then I put Graves down for rest time. He never fell asleep, which worked out well. I ate my lunch and worked on a post and then did school with Annie for an hour. I let Graves do math with us and then we did his tracing and critical thinking. I fixed them supper and brushed their teeth and we read and I got them ready for bed. I got on the computer and did some things and then Peyton got home. We talked and I also ended up talking on the phone with Elizabeth for awhile. I finished up my new blog design and wrote my October post and went to bed.
Not new news but Annie and Graves are both such weird sleepers (hallway and closet, respectively).

The kids slept until about nine on Thursday, which was perfect. We watched their shows and had breakfast. They played and I scooped liter (the closet was a mess) and folded up the couch and did my devotion. I planned school and ate breakfast and got on the computer. I also straightened a bit. I tried to get things done more quickly since it was a ballet day.

I read them their devotion and we did their catechism and then cleaned up their room really fast. I fixed them lunch and they ate and then I put Graves down. I got on the computer and ate my lunch and then did English with Annie. I got us all ready and we left for ballet. We had a bit of a time getting there (just tripping on the stairs, having to reload my card, and then it not working at first), but Graves was GREAT during the class.
Hope she's not posing like this at the subway stop when she's fifteen.

We got home and did math (I let Graves hang out and do it with us) and then the kids had supper. I read to them and got them in the shower and cleaned up- sweeping and scrubbing floors and everything and then put them to bed.
For the past couple of years Annie had been very insistent that their pjs coordinate in some way each night. It's fun to see how creative she can be when there isn't an obvious way to match. Graves was wearing gray stripes and she said, very matter of fact, "Momma, did you know? I'm a little pigeon and he's a man in the city".

I got on the computer and worked on a post and then Peyton got home. We talked for awhile and then I sent an email and went to bed.

Peyton was off on Friday and we had a nice day. We all got up early and headed to the South Bronx. It was the first day for a new study with parents and they were expecting a couple of babies but not many. It turned out that none of the women with babies could come that week. So, we ended up visiting with our friend Meg for an hour or so while our kids played. We got back on the train and came back to Brooklyn and had lunch at Lulu, a place near our apartment.
The environment was so fun and different and the food was delicious and not entirely unreasonable. And if you want to eat at swanky places in North Brooklyn with your two small kids, it's entirely doable at three pm. 

We stopped at Mr. Coco's and then came home and Annie was still hungry, so Peyton fixed her some soup. She played and Graves had rest time (he never fell asleep). I did take a nice nap, though. Ha! I was glad I did because we had a full night. We all got ready and headed into Manhattan. We dropped the kids off with a baby sitter at Jake and Melina's house and then headed to the Olmstead Salon. It's the "culture and conversation ministry" of Calvary-Saint George's. Will McDavid was there discussing his book, Eden and Afterward: A Mockingbird Guide to Genesis. It was really fascinating. We picked up the kids and headed back to Brooklyn around ten. We HAD to stop at Target for cat food and liter so we did that and then started walking home. Graves fell asleep, but woke up a good bit from the apartment. We were all so tired. Poor Annie- she was a trooper. She started crying at the beginning of the walk and it's a full mile. I got her talking about animal facts she had learned from a book and we somehow made it. She was hungry and Graves was just really tired. We put him to bed and fed her and it was midnight. I wrote two posts and went to bed late.

I was so glad the kids slept really late- for myself, but also for their own attitudes. Annie woke up a little after ten and Graves woke up thirty minutes later- a bit past ten thirty. We watched their shows and had breakfast and it was past eleven. They played and I had breakfast and got my bath and scooped liter and folded up the couch. I got on the computer and then played with the kids and we cleaned up and had lunch. I had gotten really frustrated with the kids during clean up time and Annie and I had big conversation about what we could do to deal with our angry emotions better. I read some and put pictures on the computer and then Graves got up.

We all played and then they had supper and I read to them a bunch and got them to bed. Peyton got home and we talked and watched TV and I wrote a blog post.
I know y'all are tired of seeing my beautiful dreamers, but they get more and more hysterical by the night.

Sunday was such a beautiful, sweet day. We ended up not going to TGC that morning because I had been so stressed the night before. We took it easy and watched cartoons and had breakfast and then headed to the park. We walked a long way, had a picnic and played in a field, and then walked back.

Exploring Prospect Park!

So much nature right here in Brooklyn! 

It's good to have some open space for running. 

This one finds it especially good. 

A crisp day with my favorite people was just what my soul needed.

Bud was feeling so wild and free he shucked himself. We quickly re-panted him, but I had to get a picture first. (And FTR, he's in underwear at home, even at night, but I just haven't gotten brave enough when I know finding a restroom will be difficult and unpredictable). 

We had time for a snack and to get redressed and then we headed to Calvary-Saint George's because we were the greeters/ushers.
terrible lighting, but I love this picture of her
It was a great night.

[Some of the most amazing subway performers I've ever seen!]

We got home and Peyton took care of feeding and bathing the kids. I did a bunch of laundry and straightened and he did dishes. We watched a couple of shows and went to bed.

This week- Mississippi!

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