Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Weekly Happenings #290 (October 13-19)-- Week One of Mississippi Fun

Clearly, I am WAY behind. Also, the family pic was taken a day late. We're headed back to BK tomorrow and I'll be glad to get there, but sad to leave here. I think there will always be that.

Monday was great, but exhausting. We got up and got ready and met a friend at Chick Fil A at nine thirty for breakfast. It was great- the kids got to play and we enjoyed talking to Owen, our associate pastor at BFUMC. Around noon, we left and stopped for groceries for the kids' lunch (we weren't hungry) and went to Darlene's house to visit. We stayed a long while and walked around in her yard and just visited while the kids played. We came back to Peyton's parents and got ready so we could meet Patrick and Haley for dinner. Hank's been sick so they had to leave him with grandparents, so we left ours.

We had a great dinner at Julep and then dropped by my parents' for a bit. We got back to the Herringtons' around elven and I blogged some.
a love so deep...

On Tuesday, we got up, got ready, and headed to Granny's. I took a nap on the way. We had a blast and stayed from a little before noon until about five. We had lunch, watched the kids play, and visited. Peyton's two brothers- one who lives near Granny and one who works off shore and was on his way home- stopped by. I also got to see my sister in law. We left and headed to Hattiesburg to eat with Ellis and Minda. Dinner was great and we got on the road. We got home around nine and put the kids to bed. I spent a little while folding laundry and organizing stuff. Then I got on the computer for a bit and did a little blogging.
I had no idea Timehop went back EIGHT years! So very thankful for sixteen beautiful years of friendship. 

Wednesday was busy! We slept a little late and then got ready and had breakfast. I talked to Ellis on the phone and then we had check ups for the kids at the pediatrician's office. We had a little picnic in our backyard (Michel's living there now, so we couldn't stay at our old house).

Discovering city parks and playgrounds had been so much fun, but there's nothing like having your very own green patch. And it was the perfect day to enjoy it! 

The kids had so much fun playing. After that, we headed to the dentist. Sadly, it was not the best visit.
 Despite extremely compulsive brushing and flossing and not a ton of sweet treats, Annie had another cavity. Dr. Toler flossed a filling out of my mouth (SO thankful it didn't come out in BK). And Graves has perfect teeth, but some "orthodontic issues" (the kind that cone from 3.5 years of paci usage, most likely). Peyton was great. Also from the well child check ups that were also that day: Graves is in the FORTIETH percentile for height and Annie's around the twentieth. They're well within the range of normal for weight, too. 

We dropped off my car at the repair place (it needed a new battery) and came back to Peyton's parents' house and had supper with them. Peyton went for a walk with Michel and I bathed the kids and got them ready for bed after playing a new board game his mom had bought. After they went to bed, I talked to Peyton and then tried to blog. I couldn't upload pictures on my phone and I got sort of frustrated and went to bed.

We had another really busy day on Thursday. We got up and got ready early and left the kids with Peyton's parents.
It ain't Brooklyn!

We headed to a school interview first and then met with our financial adviser. I got my cavity re-filled and then we dropped off Annie's x-rays with the pediatric dentist and scheduled her an appointment. We dropped off my glasses and ate at Newks and then picked up my car. We ran by my in laws, grabbed the kids, and headed over to Peyton's sister's house. We had the best time talking and Annie and Graves were delighted to see their cousins. We got to see their new chicks and tour their new house as well.
Being back with the cousins was magical!

The kids fell asleep really quickly and I actually did, too.

We got up early again on Friday and met one of Peyton's friends, Erika at Primos for breakfast. We had a good visit, but Graves was super cranky. We had planned all go over to some friends' house who had an appointment that day and help out by keeping their kids, but Graves seemed a little sick. Annie and I went ahead and headed over there and we had just a wonderful time playing. We went through the car wash on the way home then went on to Mickey and Minnie's. We visited and Peyton came over for a bit (Graves was asleep at his parents') and then left. Annie and I stuck around until late and she fell asleep while I got caught up on blogging. I loaded us up (she was asleep) and drove over the Herrington's. I couldn't get Peyton on the phone and I literally banged on the window of the room he's been sleeping in. No luck. Ugh. So AP and I headed home...bad attitude in tow.
Wearing a Jerry Garcia shirt of Cookie's and I mentioned to Minnie I was going to get a glass of milk and she came back with it in my favorite cup and some oatmeal cookies with peanut butter on them. At one in the morning. I'm the most babied gal to ever move twelve hundred miles from her momma. 

Saturday was nice. Peyton brought Graves over and helped me get into my car (I had locked it without a key that would work) and then hung out a bit before his dad took him to catch his flight. My parents watched Graves and Annie and I slept late. Then I headed over to Peyton's parents to pack up while Mick watched the kids.
 I thought it would take about twenty minutes, as I had it somewhat organized. It took the better part of an hour and to be honest, I'm a little overwhelmed. Alternately titled: Sweetie's Secret Plan to Make Me a Minimalist

We had a very low key day. We had lunch and played with tons of toys and watched football. Minnie had to work, but she got home at four. Around five, I got the kids to clean up and then fed them dinner and bathed them. I got them to bed and sent an email and ate my dinner and blogged.

Annie loves to turn over a storage cube and set up a "nightstand" so she was thrilled to have a real table here. She said the cow kitchen timer is her "alarm clock". A little aside: we've been talking about the possibility of a two day school when we move back. We discussed with Annie and she was adamant she wanted to do her naptime "activities" like coloring before school. Peyton said he'd wake her up early but not like fight her to get up. I think it's so funny because I know what will happen. Peyton will gently wake her up. She'll run to get her coloring done and probably fix her breakfast and then Bud and I will get up. Peyton said he as going to get her a little alarm clock, so I know that's where she got the idea! 

We got up and got ready for church on Sunday. That included a LOT of tears from Annie about not being able to wear her beloved bird pajamas. What??
This is super casual for me for (Mississippi) church. And honestly pretty hard. Ironic because Annie wailed for half an hour because she wanted to wear those bird pajamas. We are a people for whom balance is a struggle. 

Anyway, we made it and it was a great service. We had a nice time visiting with some old friends, too.
Why (among many reasons) I could never drive in Brooklyn. I had like two car lengths on either end and I was still three feet from the curb. I used to do OKAY parallel parking on the loop at MC, but that was six years ago. 

We came home and played a bit and changed clothes and had lunch. I started some laundry and we headed to the park to meet a friend and her little boy. We hung out awhile and then came home.
PSA: there is no park that I've found in Brooklyn or Manhattan where it is as difficult to supervise small people as Winners Circle Park, even the one Peyton and I find particularly challenging. But the suburbs in the Sip ain't all bad. Because even if you live well below your means, in mostly modest housing and relatively close-ish quarters, it's extremely probable you'll HAVE YOUR OWN BACKYARD. So, really a densely packed, low visibility playground that looks like an anthill on the most perfectly beautiful Sunday afternoon doesn't concern me in the slightest. 

I left the kids with my parents and went to the Herringtons to return a key and get my driver's license (Peyton ALMOST got on the plane with it). When I got home, my dad had picked up Newks. We played a bit more and ate. And then Cookie and Con stopped by for a bit on their way back to Nashville.
Cookie and Con brought the kids some shells from their honeymoon. Graves said the one on the bottom looked like "bery long shredded wheat".

We hugged them and teared up a little and Bud took a leak in the middle of the dinning room. Haha. They left and the kids played in the bathtub a bit and then I got them to bed. I blogged and got on Facebook.
Graves was scared of the half naked Jim Morrison poster in Cookie's room. Annie said "Bud it's just art. He can't talk or anything. Just try not to look at him anymore".

Whew. This week has been great as well. I'm so worn out from it all, but in the best way! 

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