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Weekly Happenings Post #287 (September 22-28)-- Nature Playground, Alphabet Day, and Other Fun

We had a great week last week. Peyton was off the first part of it and we did some fun stuff!

We had a fun day all together on Monday. Peyton had switched with someone so he was working Thursday and had Monday off. We got up and the kids had sort of an off morning. I folded up the couch and did dishes and straightened some and then they played while I took a bath and Peyton tried to run an errand. He ended up having to come right back and we all had lunch and got ready and then headed to Prospect Park for a homeschool meet up.
The playground was really neat and different. It's all natural stuff- no metal structures. Just wood pieces from the park made into spaces to climb and crawl and jump and play. I knew Annie would love this because she loves the nature areas in Central Park. Sure enough, she was leading us around wanting to explore different paths and trails.

We met some new friends and afterward went to the library and got some books.
You know you want some bug shoes!

We stopped at Target and then came home.

I cooked chili and did laundry and Peyton got the kids to bed. We ate and watched an SVU and I got the laundry and got on the computer briefly.

Tuesday was Peyton's last day off for a bit. It's our House on Beekman day and the kids were doing better but were still a little sniffly and since since there are TINY babies there we decided to play it safe and stay home. Graves woke up pretty early but then fell back asleep in bed with us. I snuggled with him and slept late. Annie got up and we watched their shows and then Graves cooked breakfast with Peyton while Annie finished her show. I took a bath and we got ready. Peyton ran and got some fresh limes and he and the kids made limeade. I worked in their room and changed over their pjs and put up boxes of too small clothes. The kids ate lunch and Peyton and I talked and then we tried to put Graves down. He didn't take a nap, but he played in his room for awhile.

I uploaded pictures from my phone and Peyton and I did Annie's math together because I wanted to show him what it was like. He and Graves got ready and left for dance and Annie and I hung out at home. She had another snack and I worked on a blog post and read and then took a short nap. The guys got home and I took the kids' monthly pictures and then they ate supper. I did some dishes and straightened up and Peyton gave them showers. We talked a long time after they went to bed and I uploaded pictures from the big camera and finished my post. We watched the news and ate supper and I fell asleep.
Interesting Timehop. Though Peyton and I haven't changed the way we talk about it, Graves's perception has come earlier and is much stronger. I think it's partly a very different cultural environment and partly just that he has a very different personality and notices physical attributes a lot more than Annie does even now. Annie also still says "dark" or "light" skin. Graves says things like (as he looks out the window) "I see a black man coming in the building"..."that probably not Papa". Probably not, Dude. So neat to see their different perceptions and how they articulate them.

I woke up around two thirty and changed into pjs, folded out the couch, and typed up the day's happenings.

After having a big stretch off, Peyton finally had to go back to work on Wednesday :( The kids got up around eight and had breakfast and then we watched their shows. They played in their room while I got on the computer, planned school, folded up the couch, scooped liter, ate breakfast, and took my bath. I played with them some and then we did their devotion and catechism and cleaned up their room. They ate lunch and I did a few things and then put Graves down. I got on the computer for a bit and ate my lunch and did school with Annie. Graves never did fall asleep.

I let him get up and we traced, read our Five in a Row book, and did his critical thinking. I fixed them supper and they ate while I did dishes and then I read to them a good bit and got them ready for bed. I got them settled and got on the computer. Peyton got home pretty early and we talked and then I managed to break our Ikea bookshelf. Ugh. I organized some and figured out how to store the books, cleaned up some cat throw up, and finished up a post. I went to bed earlier than usual.
Grrr. The Ikea bookcase got broken while searching for a sex book I bought awhile back for Annie (for those that don't follow on FB/Twitter, she asked specifically how mommas and papas who love each other make babies ). Luckily, we have a ton of extra kitchen storage I didn't know we'd have when packing so I brought the bare minimum. So our books didn't have to go to the storage unit. But they live in the kitchen. And in case you thought I was really smart, these are mainly Peyton's. Mine are on the remaining functional shelves in the bookcase

Graves got up early on Thursday right after Peyton left, but went back to sleep in my arms =) When Annie got up, they ate breakfast and we watched their shows. I hustled and did my morning chores, ate breakfast, and got a shower. We cleaned up their room and did their devotion and catechism and had lunch.
Annie told me to come see her pattern. It's based on colors as well as capital/lower case letters. And the green block at the top is a "place holder". She was saying "what color is behind the green block, Bud?". (In her books they'll be a little picture covering part of a pattern and she has to say what's "behind" it. 

I got Graves down for his nap and ate my lunch and got on the computer. Annie and I did school (just math since we had mostly finished up her first Logic of English book) and then we all got ready for her ballet lesson. We headed out and made it just in time. Graves actually did great the whole time, which was something I had been nervous about.
The dino library book got us about  half way through Annie's dance class in the decidedly not toddler friendly waiting area. 

I mean this thing is captivating.

He told me this play dough snake I made him was "an incredible mother". Too much Wild Kratts!

After her class we came home and I let them play with kinetic sand while I fixed supper. They ate and I read to them and then got them ready for bed.
Peyton's mom sent him these pjs awhile back and I was so excited when I unpacked his Fall stuff and found them. He's OBSESSED with "Crocodila" from the Wild Kratts. They each get to pick a show in the morning and I finally had to say we're only watching the "Mom of a Croc" episode every other day. Oh, and he likes to go in the closet to "lay eggs". Not having any talks with him anytime soon! 

Look how tall he is! 

And Annie girl found these. And then quickly ran to get a "baby" that matched.

 I got them settled and got on the computer for a bit and finished a post. Peyton got home and we talked and ate supper and watched TV some.
The caption said that she told me she was going to miss her "little school" when we moved to New York. I was very much aware she was going to miss her best friend. I'm SO glad we get to see so many dear friends in just less than a week. This makes me miss home so bad.

Friday was such a fun day.
It was such an incredibly great, but exhausting, day. Annie finished Level A in Logic of English and we wanted to celebrate her. So we had a giant "alphabet day". I hope she has a sense of how proud we are of her. She can read basically any CVC (consonant-vowel-consonant) word she sees and is making steady progress with blends. As much as I detest phonics, I'd not trade teaching her to read for anything in the world. Can't wait for what's next. 

Oh and while I'm on the subject, phonics is hard when you and you momma speak Southern. (I mean, I'm assuming that's why I don't pronounce things phonetically). For example, I say "sink" and "pink" with a long e. I say "pEn" exactly as I say "pin" (short i) and I pronounce "on" the same as "own". 

We got up and got ready and after breakfast headed to the Children's Museum.
When you wear a dress to ride in the Phil & Teds, you cross your legs the entire two mile walk. 

We spent a couple of hours there and had some snacks at the park and then headed back home. We stopped at Habbana Outpost for some more snacking and came home. We worked on the rest of our list- crafting, pretending, dancing, and eating. The kids finally had showers and we got them to bed and I did some laundry. I got on the computer for a bit and went to bed.

We had a low key morning on Saturday. Peyton and I chatted and then he left for work and I went back to sleep. The kids got up around eight and we actually watched their shows first and then they had breakfast. I got up and cleaned a good bit- I swept and scrubbed, scooped liter, folded up the couch, and straightened. I got on the computer and ate breakfast and hopped in the shower. I played with the kids a little and then we straightened their room and read a couple of Bible stories. They ate lunch and I put Graves down. He took a good nap and I ate lunch, got on the computer, and took a nap myself.
Some days are perfect for a tea party. I just love sitting here listening to her visit with her stuffed animals. This tea set Peyton's grandmother gave Annie is one of my favorite presents she's ever gotten. I think it's so beautiful and it's so her. It's exactly what I would have picked myself.

 He got up and we played Chutes and Ladders and I organized the homeschool cabinet. We Facetimed my parents and then they ate and I did dishes. I got them to bed and got on the computer. Peyton got home and we ate and talked a good bit and then I worked on a post. I stayed up way too late doing nothing on the computer.

There was a special "all parish" Sunday for all the Trinity Grace Church parishes in the city. I hadn't registered for childcare and so I decided not to go, especially since I knew we'd be at Calvary-Saint George's that night. We had a laid back morning. The kids ate and watched their shows and then I got my bath, did a few things on the computer, and straightened a bit. I folded up the couch and had breakfast and then played with the kids. We read a couple of books and then cleaned up their room really quickly and then it was time for an early lunch so I could get Graves down for his nap.

I put him down, but he never fell asleep. Just had two potty accidents. I took a (very interrupted) nap after I ate lunch. Even though I had to get up several times, I felt better after the nap. I had just felt so "down" all day- not even super tired, but sort of sad. I think I was really tired, because I felt so much better after the nap. I worked on a post a little and then let Graves get up. I got ready for church and got the kids ready. We left early because we were ready early and I knew if I tried to start anything, we'd be late. It was good we left early because the G train had a service change. We ended up leaving twenty minutes early and got there ten minutes late. It was a beautiful service and the kids both did fantastic.

Peyton met us after church and we all visited some and then we ran to Trader Joe's in the city. We took the Q home and walked the stretch to our apartment. We took our family picture and the kids ate a little more supper (they had eaten some snacks I packed on the way home).
I may just let him wear his Chucks to church all Fall. I think they're so darn cute. Although, I should probably wash them. Also? He's the best little boy in all the world. 

 Peyton got them t bed while I started laundry. I got on the computer and sent some texts to friends in Mississippi to plan things and then changed over my laundry. I visited with some people in the courtyard and came back up and talked to Peyton and did a few things. I got my clean laundry and put the fresh sheets on the kids bed. I sent a friend an email and separated it all out- napkins and dish towels, "whites", and t-shirts and regular clothes. I was going to start folding, but I just couldn't. I ate supper and went to bed.

This week has been great. I have a good bit to do before our trip home, but I'm counting down the days!

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