Friday, October 24, 2014

31 Days to Write True: How Convicting the Priorities of a Child

A couple of days ago I sent Peyton this text:

Back when we were discussing the idea of doing this thing (budget slashing/early retirement and whatever else that ends up becoming) one particularly eye opening moment came in discussing it with Annie. 

So background: she LOVES eating out. It's a big thing to her right now. Just recently, it's become one of her favorite things. Which is fun because it's one of my favorites. I'm not big on going to the movies or much else, but I love going out for a meal at a restaurant

Anyway, we asked her if she would wound rather not eat out much and have more time with her papa or go to restaurants a good bit but not have any more time with him. She didn't even blink- she chose more time with Peyton.

And it was convicting. Real convicting.

Because I wasn't ready to say the same thing, as awful as that it. 

It was actually probably one of the things that really changed my perspective the most. 

I love how children's minds work. Sometimes I think they value the things we SHOULD value more. I love that sometimes they have a better grasp on reality than we do. I love how they teach me things and how they expose my flaws (well, I don't love that while it's happening, but you know, after the fact).

One thing we're trying to do more of lately is involve the children in these big conversations. Obviously, we're going to make the final decisions on big things, but it's great to see their perspectives and hear about their feelings on topics that will affect them. 

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