Monday, November 10, 2014

Blogging Forward

I wrote this post a while back and I've been pondering ever since.

Then I realized from writing my 31 Days posts that one thing I really miss is just sharing ordinary events in our life. Which (among a few other things) led to me talking to a couple of friends about blogging. Which led me to spending some time in my own archives. Which led me to realizing a few other things.

I think my blog has become a space where I (in no particular order) :
1) work out and process things
2) enjoy the craft of writing
3) write specific, regularly scheduled, themed posts (goals, what I'm into, my playlists, the kids' letters)

What's missing is that I rarely write whole posts just about an experience or an activity we've enjoyed. I either try to cram it into a Weekly Happenings post or I feel like I need to turn it into something super meaningful and significant (or maybe not turn it into that, but really focus on it). Sometimes, I think it'd be nice just to tap something out on the keyboard the way I'd share it if we were sipping Cokes and sharing a pizza.

While I've gravitated away from a blog that EXCLUSIVELY a scrapbook style, that's always been a part of it and I make no apologies for that.

I think (I hope!) there's space for the three types of posts I listed (because I love all three of those things!) as well as more posts that can be devoted to sharing the ordinary. I find there's a lot of beauty and meaning in the ordinary. But there's also a lot of humor and joy and light-heartedness in it, too.

And I think that's worth the effort to share.

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