Wednesday, November 5, 2014

November Happenings

Feels like Fall! Actually, it's been in the forties a good bit, so it feels like Winter in the city. I want it to feel like Fall on the blog, though! The header isn't anything special, but I love it!

On the agenda for November:

- We have some friends coming towards the end of the month. So fun!

- We're also really excited about the Macy's Parade. Peyton is working Thanksgiving day, but we're going to go see the balloons being blown up the night before. Apparently, that's the local way of doing it anyway!

- We've still got each child doing a dance class and our two church services on Sunday, plus once a week we're volunteering in the South Bronx. It's a very manageable level of activity!

I think that's it!

Here were my goals for October:
(Y'all, I hit all my goals. I think that's a first. It was an extremely easy and manageable list, but still. Proud.)
1. Take part in the 31 Days Challenge. I did it. I wrote 31 posts! A few were late, but I got them all out and it was such a great exercise for me. I loved writing them because it just felt natural to talk about what I experiencing, thinking, feeling, learning.

2. Pack and get ready for trip to MS (preferably not the night before). Did it! It was mostly the night before. But still. Got it done and we weren't up until really crazy hours, surprisingly.

3. Come up with a toast for the rehearsal dinner. Wrote it. And blogged it. These folks are super special. I did not do them justice with my words. But I tried very hard to convey all that they mean to me. Impossible of course, but I think it was a valiant effort.

4. Be reasonable in my expectations for myself in Mississippi. (Get enough sleep. Eat well. Give myself space to process emotions in the time not filled with other people.) I did these things surprisingly well. Apparently, when I'm in situations where I really NEED to take care of myself, I can do it.

Bonus Goal: Plan, order, and orchestrate Halloween costumes! Did it. We went as Wizard of Oz people/things- Peyton was the Wicked Witch, I was Dorothy's red slipper (Graves makes sure to clarify I wasn't just Dorothy), Annie was Glinda, and Graves was one of Peyton's evil monkeys!

Here are November's goals:
1. Record my thankfuls each day. I do this every year in November and it always, always blesses me. Last year, I made it a priority to talk to the kids about what they were thankful for and I'm going to try to do that again this year.

2. Start Winter Soup Challenge. I want to cook at least one, but hopefully two soups each week.

3. Start waking up at a more reasonable time when Peyton's off. On days that he works, the kids get up and watch a show in bed with me and eat breakfast. I usually doze during this time (which is a good bit of time). On Peyton's days off, if we don't have anything like church or volunteering, I'm bad about sleeping late and then just shuffling around the apartment for an hour and then it's practically lunch. I'm pretty okay with the routine on the days he works :) But I think we need to make better use of our time on his off days.

4. Plan our weeks well. We did much better with this back in the Spring. I think we have a lot more fun when we plan ahead. A friend told me that she thinks we really "suck the marrow" here and she loves that (we do try to do a lot!). But I think being organized helps so much. Especially knowing this is the only holiday season we'll be living in the city, I want to make sure to make the most of it!

5. Spend more time with friends. Our time here is so limited and these relationships are so precious. I'm not going to be specific about how often, but I do want to try to figure out ways to connect more.

6. Read. I totally took October off for the most part. I'd like to at least finish the book I'm reading and start a new one.

7. Decorate a bit for Fall. I honestly didn't bring much, but I have a few Fall things I want to put out.

8. Change over my closet for Fall. This is not a huge deal here. But it takes a little bit of time. And I need to get on it.

9. Get my nose pierced again. (I had a keloid round one that I couldn't get rid of.) This is a cheat, because I did it today. But it was on my list for the month!

10. Have family pictures taken. I want to get some for our Christmas card. But more than that, I want some pictures to remember this special time in our lives in our beautiful neighborhood. I think this is absolutely a gorgeous time of year in Brooklyn, so I want to make sure to get this done soon.

Whoa, this is a ton of goals. Way more than usual. And to be honest, I don't think I'll get them all accomplished. But it's that time of year. And I think it helps me to have a framework for what I'm striving for!

Here's to November, a month where we give thanks for abundant blessings; large and small, seen and unseen. May it be a month of rejoicing and praising the Lord and remembering that all good things find their origin in Him. 

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