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Weekly Happenings #292 (October 27-November 2)-- Flying Back to Brooklyn and Halloween on the Hill

I am clearly SO insanely behind on these. I type them up as I go along and all I do at the end is add pictures and such. But I've had other things I wanted to blog about and I'm still sort of settling back into our routine here, I guess.

Monday was our last full day in Mississippi. It was a great one! I slept a little later than the kids and then got up and talked to Momma and got my bath.
I love how my dad's quirks seem to have intensified with age- how he tell me that shelties, schnauzers, and malti-poos are far and away the most intelligent breads of dogs (the man is nothing if not his bias) and how he'd practicing kaizen, which is the Japenese word for continual betterment, in chili making (and it involves adding beer to the recipe). I love stories and he's a great character. I've been relishing in all of that. Here he's pictured making breakfast in his plastic gloves. 

We got the kids ready and then headed over to Haley's house for a play date. The kids had such a blast seeing Hank and Gus and it was fun for us to get to visit, of course.

Annie and the boys! 


crafting on a sunny day...

and the finished product!

Brother chose to play with pinestraw mostly

After that, we got gas and headed home. Annie told me that "it wasn't dark, so we still had time to fit something else in" and then when we got close to my parents' house she asked if we could leave the car and call a tow truck and walk home because when I turned a corner her stuffed animals fell over and her car seat was bothering her. Whew!

I talked to Minnie some more and then gathered some stuff to take over to our house. On the way, I picked up dinner for a friend who has a new baby and then I dropped the stuff off (funny that's exactly how I typed it- I can now share that it was the Howies, who welcome precious Francie this past month).

Last bit on day on my last night in Mississippi. I'm so lucky this is the yard I get to come home to in a few months. See you soon, sweet house! 

It's become a bit of a party house since my brother in law moved in Totally kidding. He's actually a dream tenant and the most responsible guy. Couldn't have found a better set up, I don't think

 I ate dinner that my dad had cooked with the kids and then tried to get them to bed. UGH. It was just a horrible night. So many tears over so many things.
It was a hard day for this little one. Sh told me so many times that she wanted to go back to New York, but not yet or that she wanted to take her "Jackson friends" with her. She cried for a solid hour over something that was (to me) very silly (a really large, heavy flashlight I wouldn't let her hold in the bed). I tried to help her think of solutions for a bit and then just held her while she sobbed. Finally, she came up with her own solution. It was the first time she's ever done that when she's been so worked up. I know doing it the way I do isn't for everyone and it's been really hard at times, but I got my reward that night, watching her problem solve through tears and exhaustion. 

They finally fell asleep and I packed and then blogged a little.

Tuesday was our flight. I got up around six and got ready and we woke the kids up pretty much right before it was time to go.
seven AM goodbye

Made it to our gate with time to teetee. Graves was in the umbrella stroller and I also had a roller bag I was carrying on. THey offered to check them at the gate as a courtesy (figured that would happen or that I could just make it work). But sweet Mickey had beat them to it and paid to check it already. (He was also about to pay $100 for an overweight bag, but I did that frantic rearranging and miraculously made it work.) He thinks Atlanta-Hartsfield is the third level of Hell and probably needed a Xanax and was day drinking until we landed at LGA. 

Our flights went pretty well!

See you in May, Mississippi! 

One flight down, one to go! Graves did not want to keep his seat belt on and there were a couple of times his ears were really hurting, but overall a happily uneventful ride!

I can see how it could be intimidating, but it's so much like the subway (elevator down from Concourse A, ride the "plane train" to a new terminal, elevator up to Concourse F). Actually a bit easier with the guaranteed elevators. Annie had it down ;) 

She's big.

Asleep on the plane. First nap in almost a month! 

Sister tried to join him! 

Flamingo sketching on the plane!

Good to be back.

I'm going to print this out and put it somewhere special for her as a reminder of the year when she called two places home.

A few more points of interest from the day:
 - Pictured is our mess Annie made with Cheese Itz snack mix (lunch) right before we got to our seat on flight number two. I was MORTIFIED. 
- There was an oil spill on the BQE and my cab ride took twice as long as the flight from Jackson to Atlanta (thankfully it wasn't QUITE as pricey). 
- One of our neighbors helped me with our luggage (P and the kids took transit because CARSEATS) and I didn't recognize him because he didn't have his two adorable pugs. Again, MORTIFIED. He was sweet and said "to be fair, you're easy to remember- no one here talks the way you do". 
- SVU never did get taken off steaming and Peyton and I ate greasy take out and then I took an hour long nap with my head on his chest. 
 - We made it.

We let the kids watch the start of a movie and fed them supper and then got them to bed. Peyton and I got take out and chatted and went to sleep.

Peyton had to work on Wednesday. The kids were happy to get back on our routine of watching their shows and I actually let them watch an hour of the movie AND an hour of shows. We were just all pretty tired. They had breakfast and then I started cleaning up. I folded up the couch and had to sweep a bunch in the storage part of it (I think the wood slats make dust and that's mostly what the "dirt" is, but gross). Then I scooped liter and picked up a good bit. I ate breakfast and planned school and read a few blogs.

We played some and I did their catechism and devotion with them and then fixed them lunch. They ate and I had lunch, too. I put Graves down and got on the computer. Naptime was a bit of a bust. He was just so frustrated. I think he was tired, but he couldn't fall asleep. He stayed in there for a good while, but I was back and forth a lot. I got on the computer for a bit and uploaded pictures and then did school with Annie. I let Graves join us for math and then I played with them some and fixed supper. I did dishes and swept and mopped in the kitchen. I read to the kids and got them ready for bed and got them settled. I got on the computer until Peyton got home. I had fixed some veggies for suppper and we heated up tomato soup and ate that. We talked and watched TV and then I blogged some and went to bed.

Thursday started out fine. The kids slept a little later and then watched their shows and had breakfast- I let them watch one show and an hour long Curious George Halloween movie. Then I got going. The kids played and I planned school, read my devotion, ate breakfast and got on the computer, and took my shower. We did their devotion and catechism, played, and cleaned up their room and then I fixed them lunch. I put Graves down and ate my lunch and got on the computer for a few minutes. I was going to do school with Annie, but she had ballet that afternoon and I was feeling tired and just under the weather. I decided to take a nap and she colored and played on the iPad.

We've just got to get that day and then Peyton had a three day weekend. I was excited for me, but mostly I wasexcited for them. Annie took a picture of the door and has spent rest time drawing him coming through it. At the airport she was SO sweet and funny- like a little lovesick puppy. She kept smiling shyly and ducking her head and giggling and she kept wanting to pat Peyton's hair (he did get a new cut). Earlier when I asked of she was happy to be here or did she miss Mississippi, she told me "I just want to live where Papa is". And when Graves realized that he had to go to work he said "I need a cup of water. I'm going to spill it on Papa so he can't leave!". So thankful for all three of them and how strongly they love.

Several weeks sans baa. Poor Bud thought he'd get them back "at our Brooklyn home". He cried and cried at one point and said "Okay, I'll never take a nap again". But we made it. The nights have really been easy. I was mostly worried about naps. But if he stops, we've had a good 3.5 years of them. I was also worried about his morning snuggles. He was waking up like a fire cracker at my parents'. Turns out, I think that was just the allure of grandparents and he's back to morning cuddles. And this happened just the way we wanted it to- he said he was ready to be done. Once he decided, we gently pushed. But it's been easier (so far!) than I predicted.

I got up and got us all ready for ballet and we made it just a few minutes late (I had problems with my MetroCard). Graves did great during her class- we did Play Dough and I brought the iPad (he's not too into it yet at all). Then he watched the older ballerinas do each other's hair for a good fifteen minutes. We bought a new MetroCard and headed home.

I got the kids kinetic sand and dinosaur toys out to play with and I washed dishes and started supper. I fixed them eggs, grits, toast, and fruit. The kids ate and I ate some, too. Annie ended up also eating a carrot, a bowl of lettuce that she insisted was not a salad (it didn't have anything else in it like tomatoes), and a carrot. While they ate, I cleaned up the kitchen- I washed dishes and also scrubbed the bottom of the fridge where something had spilled. I brushed their teeth and read to them and got them to bed. I sorted some laundry, swept and mopped in the den, and cleaned a Little People schoolhouse toy someone had given us. I got on the computer for a bit and then Peyton got home. We ate supper (he had a sandwich and I had macs and cheese) and talked and then I got on the computer and uploaded and organized some pictures from my big camera. I went to bed pretty late.

We had such a lazy morning on Friday. Peyton was off and the kids ate breakfast and then watched a Wild Kratts and watched thea movie they had just seen. I slept late, but I did wake up for the movie. We all had lunch and I did some laundry and started unpacking.
[Graves talking about Malificient and Crocidila- he saw a preview for Malificient and Crocodila is his fave from the Wild Kratts]

Then we got ready for Halloween. I had Amazon Primed Peyton's costume and it came RIGHT in time. We headed out around five thirty and trick or treated down Myrtle and then around the neighborhood.

We had such a fun time. We got home and fed the kids supper and got them to bed. I stayed up pretty late blogging.

We had another lazy/semi-productive day mostly at home on Saturday. It was raining and we all snuggled in bed for a bit and watched some shows. The kids had breakfast and I got up and took my shower. We went to the playground for a bit and then came home and Peyton and the kids backed muffins and I did a bunch more laundry and dishes after we had lunch.

Floral on floral. Cold and wet day in Brooklyn!

Still up from the night before so we had to get a picture with "scary faces". 

Paula Dean over here adding sticks of butter to the muffins they're making. What, your husbands don't bake in their long underwear?

We just had a fun afternoon at home. I worked on the laundry and straightened some and unpacked. We fed the kids and then bathed them. They went to bed and we ate and talked. I blogged some and we stayed up way too late again.

Doing this again this year!

Good words.

Sunday was busy. We got up and hustled really quickly to get ready. It was COLD so I wanted to take the bus, but we were too late for it (and they come at thirty minute intervals on Sunday mornings). We ended up walking and it took quite a while to get there because of the NYC marathon that weekend. We made it though and the sermon was wonderful. And it was wonderful to see so many friends. We visited awhile after and then walked home.
pretty in pink!

We had lunch and relaxed and I worked on a blog post. Peyton took Graves and they started walking to Manhattan for church. Whew! Annie and I hung out around the apartment. I took her monthly pictures and did a bunch of cleaning up and washed dishes. We got ready and left. We ended up taking two wrong trains (I took the G the wrong direction- amazing three weeks away left me that dumb and then we took a 6 that was running express. We also had to wait a lot.) We were supposed to be greeting with Peyton and Graves, but we actually got here AFTER the service started. UGH. It was a wonderful service and more great fellowship. We headed home and fed the kids and they fell asleep right away.
Everyone wanted to walk tonight so Annie got to use the carrier for Baby Kitty! 

We got take out and watched TV and I folded a bunch of laundry. I emailed a friend and finished a blog post and went to bed.

Hopefully I can get caught up a bit more before long!

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