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Weekly Happenings Post #291 (October 20-26)-- Enjoying Sweet Mississippi

Still catching up from our time in Mississippi!

Monday was a low key day for the most part. Graves got up and went and snuggled with Minnie and then I got up and we all had breakfast. I took my bath and got ready and then got the kids ready and packed a light lunch. We went over to our old house to play in the yard and I cleaned out some stuff in Peyton's car that we had left in there. We were also going to renew my tag, but I couldn't find my little bag I use as a wallet. I called Minnie a little panicked and she found it. We headed home and I had some lunch and then I turned around and went to renew it. After I did that I swung by our house to look for a few things.
Graves told me, regarding Mickey, "He your Rob Papa. I got a Peyton Papa."

I didn't find any of them and left incredibly frustrated. I got gas and came back to my parents'. When I got there, I did some school with Annie. She did great and then we hustled to get ready to meet a friend for supper.
My best friend from college. It was such fun. Logan is one of the very few close girlfriends I've had over the years and one of my most favorite things about her is that she does not waste her time on drama. Also, I had forgotten we weren't in Brooklyn and obsessed a little over what time to go. Um, we were the only people in the place. And is this note not the most considerate thing? 

We stopped by the Herringtons to pick up Bud's lovey he had left and then I bathed them and put them to bed.
Instead of launching into my whole long spiel about how I was particularly close to my grandmother and we have so many ties and there's so much we miss even though we love New York deeply and have been overwhelmed by it in all the best way....when people ask why we're moving back in May, I may just show them this. With tears in my eyes, probably.

It was nine thirty and they fell right asleep. I blogged some and went to bed myself.
Teeny Annie. Exactly five years ago. Just her and us. Hard to even remember those days. 

Found some sermon notes from Sunday digging through my purse. A good word, I think.

[It's funny to me that I said it was a low-key day, because that actually seems pretty busy. But compared to the previous week, it seemed like a lot of down time!]

Tuesday was not my favorite day in Mississippi. The kids got up and then I got up and got Annie ready to go get her cavity filled. Minnie had to work so Mickey kept Graves. The actual appointment really wasn't bad. After we finished that, I picked up my glasses that were ready and then we headed home. Annie had picked some bath toys from the "treasure chest" at Dr. Wren's and they really wanted to hop in the tub. I figured it would kill some time, so they took a pretty long bath. I ironed a skirt and Mickey left and I ate my lunch while they played. I got them out and took them downstairs and we watched PBS and "rested" for a bit.

Annie was complaining about her mouth hurting some and it was good, I think, to just relax. After that, the kids played and I read to them a TON. I was actually kind of glad because I haven't been doing much school stuff at all. Mickey finally got home and he exercised while we talked to him (push ups and hand weights and stuff).

 Dress up time! Annie, perfectly still and totally poised and actually a little too somber about life. Graves, can't focus for two seconds if his life depended on it. All day, everyday. 

I got ready and headed over to Logan's house and then we went over to have dinner with an old college professor's house who lives in her neighborhood. His wife was so delightful and it was really good for my soul. Logan gave me a house tour after we got back to her house and then I came home. I talked to my parents and Peyton and got on the computer for just a bit.

Wednesday was really fun. I got up and got ready while the kids played with my parents and then Annie and I left to get haircuts.

Shortest hair to date and I got my Brooklyn Flea glasses adjusted and lenses put in! 

Annie got by FAR her most drastic cut. I LOVE a little bob on her! 

When we got back, we immediately left with Graves and Minnie to go eat lunch with some of her friends at We Love Yogurt. We stopped by Target on the way home to and picked out some new hair accessories for Annie and then headed home. The kids watched their shows and had rest time and I took a nap myself. Mickey got home and they played with him. We had a laid back afternoon filling bowls with ice and stirring it.  I looked at some of Annie's school stuff and then we ate supper. I bathed the kids and Minnie read to them and then I finished getting them ready for bed.
Not a single tear!

Thursday was another great day. We got up and got ready and played a bit and then it was time to pick up lunch at Broadstreet and head over the Howie's to play. We had the best time. It was like we had never been gone. The kids played really well and Carrie and I got to visit a bunch.
 Annie had such a pitiful reaction to getting to see, and having to leave, her best friend- "I don't want it to be the time we come home for a visit, I want it to be the time we move home to stay." While also bawling her eyes out. So hard, but it blesses me to see them value these relationships so much. Also, I have super emotional kids. Wonder where they get it? [The second picture is actually from the week before when I kept Carrie's kids but was cryptic about it, haha! That's why they're wearing totally different clothes.]

After we left, we ran by Target for some groceries and leggings. When we got home, Mickey was already there (Minnie had to work again that day). I put up groceries, folded some clothes, and started laundry. The kid watched a couple of shows and had a snack supper and then played.
Wild Kratts and snack supper. These two have it made. 

Scary night at the Perry house. I heard Graves crying and went to check in him and he had this thing wrapped TIGHT around his neck. Because we left him unsupervised for a like two minutes in a not totally baby-proofed house. Terrifying. As soon as he realized he was safe (I was still unwrapping it) he says "I'm soooorry". He knows better. But impulse control is not his strength. He is almost never defiant (Annie frequently is) but he is sooooo naughty. Remember when he jumped in the lake here, too? I hope he survives his own antics. Precious boy is his own biggest hazard. Maybe four will bring more wisdom. I really thought three would. 

I did school with Annie really late. I tried to put Graves down because he was so tired and had been wanting a nap at six o'clock. It didn't work and he ended up watching us do school.

I got the kids to bed and ate my supper and got on the computer. I watched the news and went to bed.
A little throw back to wedding weekend. I shared this in another post, but the other day Graves LOST it in the car, full on scream sobs. I truly thought he was hurt. I quickly got off the phone with Peyton and asked him what was wrong. "I don't want to live at our home in New York. I want to be with Mickey. You know the house with stairs? I just stay in his Mickey house." That's the part that hurts the most. 

Friday was nice. I slept late and then we all got ready and headed to Batte to return wedding presents and see everyone.

Sweet little wedding ceremony that morning, complete with a big kiss from Gravesy Groom. 

After the smooch, there was a small reception and then onto the beach for their hobeymoon. Here's the groom relaxing in the "bathing suit" (twenty five year old Colonel Reb boxers) that the bride picked. 

The happy couple! Annie's bathing suit also circa 1989. 

Herrington girls in pink because we love sweet Anna Taylor (our friend who is fighting cancer). 

Not the best shot, but I had to share. I guess I was too hard on him about not having any impulse control. We visited Batte and he came up with this by himself- tucking his hands in his jon jon so he wouldn't be tempted to touch things.

We went to Beagle Bagel after that and then picked up a gift card for Cookie from The Everyday Gourmet. We came home and played and relaxed. Mickey cooked chili and we all ate and then I did school again with Annie. I got the kids to bed and got on the computer for a bit.

We had a fun day on Saturday. We got up and got ready and the kids and I went to a picnic at Prep for alumni. They had jumpie things and the kids loved that. I got to visit with some people and then we headed home. We just hung out around the house- went outside and danced and did art- for most of the afternoon.
Another Graves update. He fell down the stairs head first (he managed to catch himself and I was a little in front of him with two peanut butter and jelly sandwiches). Whew. Was thinking it might be about time to head home. Obviously the nurse lanyard was a good bit scarier but my nerves are shot and this is getting exhausting. (I feel like I should clarify that we've loved being here and it's been every bit worth it. Actually, that pretty much could be applied to this joker's entire life.) And the smirk is so appropriate. 

I got ready that evening and headed to my reunion. So much fun! I loved catching up with people. I just had such a close-knit class and it was wonderful to see so many old friends.

My camera is terrible, but I had such a great time visiting with these old friends!

This fella and I in our hipsta glasses and plaid/floral. Such a sweet friend. And I forgive you for the things you taught me that corrupted my young mind fifteen years ago. 

Brooklyn girls...with a glare

Last one. There are still a lot of days when I think about the first boy I ever loved and what he would be doing now. I know it would be something fabulous and creative and something that would've brought more beauty to the world.

I got home LATE and then blogged some and went to bed at like two.
Truth: I absolutely love slightly tipsy (NOT sloppy drunk) people. Their verbal filters and levels of physical affection are equalized with my sober ones. I learned this at C&C's wedding and my high school reunion. I may need to get out more because this is my usual Saturday night party.

At five thirty I realized Graves had teeteed in the bed. UGGGGH. I started changing the sheets and moved the kids into Cookie's room with my mom and I moved downstairs to the couch.

I got up around eight thirty on Sunday to get ready for church. We had breakfast and I got the kids ready. It was "Children's Sabbath" so the kids were singing and doing pretty much everything (prayers, ushering, ect.). Also, no children's church! But we made it :) We visited with friends after church and came home.
"I have TONS of accidents"- Graves Herrington, who at three and a half is actually, finally, potty trained. Except when he uncharacteristically teetees in the bed and you put a diaper on him. And he poops in it promptly upon waking up. I'm thankful he's so cute, so sweet, and SO happy. TMI I know, but so much of his life is right now.

We all changed and had a quick lunch and I sort of snapped at Minnie. I felt HORRIBLE. Then Annie's friend, who is actually a cousin, from down the street came over to play for a bit. They played for a couple of hours and had fun and when she left, I got the kids ready and we headed to Peyton's parents. Poor kiddos, they were so tired and cranky! It was pitiful. We ended up staying awhile and having a good time. I brought them back to my parents' house and met my friend Mallory for chips and dip at the Mexican restaurant. We had a wonderful time and talked for hours! I ran by Target on the way home and Graves was still up! I talked to my sister in law and then blogged some.

Our last full week in Mississippi was so great and even though it was exhausting and hard to not be in my own space, it was exponentially worth it.

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I don't know you, but I just have to tell you what a wonderful mother you are! You see the most beautiful things in your children. Your thoughtfulness in mothering your children is mirrored in their thoughtfulness to each other. You're doing a wonderful job!