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Weekly Happenings Post #293 (November 3-9)-- Settling Back in Brooklyn and Enjoying Fall

I hope I can finally get back in my groove with these things. I'm planning to do last weeks at some point this week and get back on track. Anyway, the week was nice. Also the picture above is from the next week. I've never let two full weeks pass between family pictures, but we came awfully close this time!

We had a good week. We got settled back in and and we tried to get out some while it's not FRIGID. It was pretty cold, though. The leaves were gorgeous that week and I'm glad we enjoyed them!

Peyton was working Monday, but the kids and I had a good day. They got up around eight thirty and we had breakfast and watched their shows. I folded up the couch and ate breakfast and got on the computer. I scooped liter and took my bath and made a grocery list. Then we played a bit and I did their catechism and devotion with them. I fixed them lunch and they ate and then I put Graves down. He played and I got on the computer and ate my lunch. I laid down a bit because I had a headache and then I did school with Annie. I let Graves join us for math and then did critical thinking and tracing with him. They helped me cook supper and ate and then I read to them and got them to bed.
"He was messin' with Hippo's nostrils and then he just started digging in his own nose." -Annie

"I'm your nurse. My name is Cookie." And then she started barking at him to hold his head up and be still. It will be amazing if he finds another girl who will care for him like this and put up with him. Of course, he's a charmer and a flirt and ridiculously sweet, so I think he will. Usually how it works, right? Ask me how I know =)

 I got on the computer and cleaned up the apartment and then Peyton got home. We watched TV and fell asleep.

Tuesday was a nice day. Peyton was off and we had a super lazy morning. I had breakfast and got my bath and did a few things and then headed out to get my nose pierced again.
Now that we're back in the city, I decided to get it pierced again. (I got a keloid round one and it looked horrid and I didn't want to risk it happening again before I was finished with my matron of honor duties.) 

I met Peyton and the kids at the park and it was time for Graves to go to Cumbe.
Peyton took this. Isn't it the best shot ever?

 Annie wanted to go watch, so we picked up a snack and headed there. We left and it was time for Peyton to go to his book club. He walked home with us most of the way. When we got home, I fixed the kids supper and straightened.
We call this "Crocodilia Selfie".

I read to them and put them in the bath and did dishes and cleaned up supper. I got them to bed and then got on the computer for awhile. Peyton got home late and I put up groceries. I went to bed late.

Wednesday was sort of rough. The kids took forever to eat breakfast and were so cranky all morning. We watched their shows and I finally got them settled and took my bath and planned school, ate breakfast, got on the computer, and folded up the couch and scooped liter. I played with them and we did their devotion and catechism and calendar and I texted with Ellis some. We cleaned up (there was a major breakdown during that) and then had lunch.
Annie went to her art table and spontaneously created this mood indicator. She said each day we could discuss our moods and today was "cranky". Then she said "I should have just asked of we could leave out my 'nightstand' in a kind way and not thrown that big fit (which involved spitting, lying, an immediate trip to time out plus another more severe time out during naptime- her only time apart from her brother, and her threatening not to do school to make up for the lost naptime minutes). That day sucked hard and I was dealing with my own Big Feelings, but watching her process and attempt to find better ways to express herself makes it all worth it.

Graves rested and I did school with Annie and ate my lunch and got on the computer. Graves got up and we did Annie's math and then I let them help me cook a new soup for supper. They ate and I read to them and got them to bed. I got on the computer until Peyton got home and we talked and then I finished up a post.

Peyton was off Thursday and we kind of blew the day. I was sort of dissapointed. I got up a bit earlier than usual, when Peyton and the kids did. We still had a slow morning, though. Our sink was clogged and we had to wait for maintenance to come so we stuck around the apartment. Annie did a little school work and we played with Little People and the the kids' fun Ikea rug that has lots of places on it.
Minnie also spent like forty eight hours straight in bed this weekend and Mick called P to see if he could give her some of HIS blood pressure medicine. Flower child wedding in the Bayou and having grand babies shack at her pad for 1.5 weeks finally caught up to her. Preventing something serious until I can get my Buick back. Noway am I trying to haul small people (or myself!) around this city pregnant.

We had lunch and waited and waited. They were supposed to come at one and it ended up being like two thirty. By the time the guy left, it was time for ballet. We were going to a lights festival afterward, so we all went. Graves fell asleep on the way and slept part of the class. After it was over we decided to do the lights the next night instead and we ate at Smash Burger and came home. We got the kids to bed and I worked on a blog post and chatted with Peyton and we went to bed.

Friday was a fun day. We got up, had oatmeal for breakfast, and all got ready for a "city hike". We walked over to Prospect Park and explored for awhile.

What happens when you turn this city girl loose in an open field. She ran and ran and didn't stop for the longest time or even look back. It reminded me of Forrest Gump! 

We saw this Native American dance performance going on near the field Annie was running in and stopped to watch

It was SO cold, though. We headed home and it started sprinkling a little. I talked to a friend who is going to take our pictures next week and then started making some soup. Peyton and I both did school with Annie and then we ate and headed to the light show. It was fun but SO crowded and so cold.

We came home and it was pretty late. I added some more veggies to my soup- I felt like it was too much tomato and got on the computer and then went to bed.

Peyton had to work on Saturday, but we had a good day. The kids got up and had breakfast and then watched their shows. We were all tired so we watched one extra! Right as it was finishing, the guard booth called to say we had a package that had been delivered to the wrong apartment. We ran down and got it and then finished the show. I got on the computer and straightened a good bit and took my bath.
Graves hit his head, pinched his finger in a door, and bit his tongue in the span of about fifteen minutes. I was trying to do dishes so his nurse took over on the third incident. She brought his blanket and cuddled him in her lap. I was saying what a kind little girl she was and she said "You know, he's a very kind brother. At lunch when I was fussing because you said we couldn't have more than one brownie, he offered me his". They are so good to each other.

One more because those sweet eyes. He loves being babied by his "Sissy Missy". 

I helped the kids pick up their room and they ate lunch and then we took a quick trip to the park. We came back and I put Graves down. He actually fell asleep! Annie played and I got on the computer and uploaded pictures. I cooked some chicken and when Graves got up, they ate. I bathed them and read to them and then Peyton got home. The kids went to bed and we watched a few episodes of The Wonder Years. We stayed up pretty late.

Sunday was busy. I had to be at the church to watch kids at eight. We got up around six to get ready and left around seven. So early! Peyton walked with us and we took a bus part of the way. He left and went to work and I helped teach Sunday school. We were there from eight until one. Whew! Graves said later her was "tired from that long church". We got home and I fed the kids lunch and they had rest time. And I took a nap! I got up and got us all ready and we headed to Calvary-Saint George's. The six train had service changes and we ended up being SO late. We made it for the very end of the service. Peyton met us and we came home and I did laundry and he got the kids to bed. I got on the computer for a bit and cooked supper and went to bed.

It's good to be home. For now.

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