Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Weekly Happenings Post #295 (November 17-23)-- Hiking and House Guests

We had a full, fun week! We had our normal activities and then we added in an eight mile urban hike and house guests! Peyton had an extra day off (Wednesday), which was fun. He was supposed to work Friday, but he ended up not having to, so he was off Tuesday through Friday, which was SUPER nice.

Monday seemed long, but it was a good day. Peyton was working and the kids got up around eight thirty. They were pretty cranky at first, but brightened up a bit after breakfast and their shows. I folded up the couch, scooped liter, planned school, got on the computer, ate my breakfast, and took my bath. I played with them for longer than usual and then we did their devotion and catechism and cleaned up. They ate lunch and I put Graves down. He actually fell asleep! I ate my lunch and got on Facebook and uploaded pictures and then did school (English AND math!) with Annie. We got Graves up and they played and I packed up my Summer shirts. I fixed the kids supper and then we did Graves's critical thinking and read a bunch. I helped them get ready for bed and put them down. I got on the computer and watched The West Wing until Peyton got home. We talked and I worked on a post and then went to bed.

Peyton was off on Tuesday and it was a really nice day. We got up early and I got myself and the kids ready because Peyton was putting the last touches on a presentation on vaccines that he was giving at A House on Beekman. We got going and headed to the train. It was FREEZING. We made it and had a great time. And Peyton's talk went really well. Lots of discussion and questions. We headed back to Brooklyn and stopped at our favorite BBQ place. It was so cold and Peyton wanted to walk, but Annie and I decided to take the train. Well, it was one of those stations where you can't switch sides and I went to the side going to lower Brooklyn instead of Queens, which is what I needed to get back to our neighborhood. Anyway, I had swiped when I realized and you can't swipe again for twenty minutes. So we just waited. A lady with a young toddler came down and couldn't figure out how to get the stroller through the door (it wasn't a turnstyle it was the kind of door that only lets one person in at a time). Usually, there's a door, but there wasn't at this station. I heard a train coming that we could make, but I was helping her figure out a solution so we missed it. We all got through eventually, after she folded up the stroller and then another train was coming. I was helping her down the stairs and we missed that one, too. We finally got on one and got home and Peyton had Graves asleep. We just hung out and I got on the computer and did a few thing and then Annie fell asleep. That never happens. Peyton woke Graves up for Cumbe and I took a nap myself. I had to wake Annie up and I let her watch a couple of shows. I Lysoled a puzzle Peyton had found that someone was giving away and then read some.

Peyton and Graves got back and Peyton got ready to go out for his book club. Actually, this particular night they were going to a TGC event about racial reconciliation. He left and I let the kids play a bit while I changed over my shoes (the last of my closet changeover). I straightened a little and then they had supper and baths. I started bathing them separately, so Graves helped me take some toys back to their room while Annie took her bath and then she picked out books while he took his. I read to them and got them to bed. Too bad those naps had kicked in and they were up until PAST MIDNIGHT. Peyton did get home well before then and we talked and ate and I finished a blog post and put pictures on Facebook.
My kids have the best papa. Annie told me she missed Wicked Witch so I found her toy Wicked Witch. She said "Oh, I meant the real Wicked Witch". When Peyton got home, he got all dressed up and ran cackling into their room. It was as terrifying as it looks, but they loved it.

Wednesday was fun, but exhausting. We got up and got ready and all had breakfast and then we walked (four miles!) to Ikea to check out a day bed I wanted. We ate there and then headed back.
All bundled up. I wanted to go to Ikea to check out a daybed for our sunroom in the suburbs. Peyton complied as long as I agreed to an urban hike, so we walked eight miles in the bitter cold 

No big deal, just shooting a movie in my nabe, per usual.

One thing I love about the cold is another year in granny print corduroy overalls. And I love her sweet face. Would anybody guess she'll be SIX in four months? She looks like a toddler here! Ha!

 Peyton and Annie were going to a program at the Museum of Natural History and Graves and I were hanging out at home.
ready for a simulated trip to the moon at the Museum of Natural History

 They left and, after a few tears, we had a great time!
I enjoyed my night with sweet Baby Graves so much. We watched a Charlie Brown DVD, read his his favorite books, snuggled a LOT, had some really good conversations,and ate graham crackers and raisins for supper. I was surprised I didn't have any bruises (he's about as rough as he is sweet) and bedtime was HARD without his night party playmate, but it was such a great night.

He said "I'm fantastic". So true, Buddy.

Peyton and Annie got home right after I put Graves down. She had supper and we talked and got her to bed. Peyton and I talked.
They got back and Peyton started pretending to be a waiter with a "Louisiana Republican" accent, pulling out her chair and tucking in her napkin. A little dancing was in order, too.

It ended up being an awful night after an awful argument. I went and got both kids and snuggled with them in the guest room. I cleaned up around the apartment and got on the computer for a bit.

We woke up and made up and ended up having a nice day on Thursday. I had slept a little late (I had had such trouble falling asleep and then Graves woke up with a bloody nose). Then we all got ready and went and served at Saint George's "common table", which is like a once a week soup kitchen. We washed dishes and the kids were GREAT! They helped dry them and stayed mostly out of the way. We came home and ate lunch and got ready for ballet. I took Annie to her class and the boys went grocery shopping. I enjoyed the time- I read a bunch!
The munchkin is mine <3 font="">

She is not the most coordinated, but she is deeply focused. And she loves it so.

We got home around the same time and the kids ate supper and we got them to bed. I did some laundry and cooked some delicious soup. I got on the computer a bit and went to bed.

We were having house guests on Friday, so we spent the day around the apartment getting ready. My laundry hadn't completely dried so after my bath I started drying it and washing more. I had a TERRIBLE headache and about four loads to do. I got it all done and folded and in between I swept and tidied the house and helped the kids straighten their room and purge toys. We took some stuff to the storage unit and I cleaned the bathroom. Peyton did dishes and paid a bunch of bills. It was nice to get the house so in order- it was definitely the best it's looked since we got back from Mississippi.

Anyway, Peyton ran to Mr. Coco's and then Mandy and her husband and brother and sister in law got here and we visited and then they went to eat. Peyton and I got the kids to bed and when they got back we talked some more and then they went to bed. I got on the computer for awhile.

Saturday was really laid back. Peyton and I got up at the same time the kids and our guests did. Peyton was getting ready for work and cooking pancakes and when he had to leave, I took over cooking. I also went ahead and scooped liter. We helped Mandy and them get off and then the kids and I watched a few shows. I had had sort of a restless night so I dozed a bit. I put them in their room and had breakfast, got on the computer, and took my bath.
still such a great sentiment! 

Annie's still so much like this, but she's learning more and more how to problem solve through intense emotion (something that's pretty difficult to teach a small human incidentally).

I played with them some and Annie insisted we do their devotion and catechism. I also read to them some. I fixed the kids lunch and we headed to the playground for a bit after that. Graves rested and Annie did the iPad and I got on the computer. I did some critical thinking with her and then took a quick nap because my head was hurting again. I got up and got going and made some more soup. The kids played so well- they played a little game and did play dough and then it was supper time. They ate and then I bathed them and got them ready for bed. Peyton got home and I finished reading to them and put them down. We ate and Mandy and everyone got back. We all visited and then I got on the computer a bit and went to bed.

We all got up on Sunday morning. Since we had four extra people staying with us and I knew we were going to church that night, I decided we'd skip morning church. We got Peyton off to work and then helped our friends get off- after a quick haircut for Baby Graves.
Perks of having your hair girl from the South as your house guest: your little boy looks like a little boy instead of like a hipster styled by the Russian barber. Which is what happened last time I got it cut up here. 

After that, I told the kids I really wanted to go ahead and take my bath before their shows. They played and I ate breakfast, got on the computer, and got my bath and then we watched some Charlie Brown specials. I was so tired I dozed some even though I'd been up for hours. And Graves was SO cuddly. After that,, we all had lunch and I did dishes. I got Graves down for his rest time and I got on the computer and hung out with Annie. When he got up, they had a snack and I looked at Christmas cards a bit. We got ready and headed to church. The kids were pretty wild and I got a bit stressed during the service. Peyton met us afterwards and we headed home. Our friends were back at the apartment and had decided to leave for the airport that night and sleep there because there was going to be really bad storms through the later part of the night and in the early morning and they knew doing trains with their luggage in that would be a disaster. We helped them get off and fed the kids and got them to bed. Peyton and I talked and then I looked at the cards some more and did some other stuff of the computer.

I cannot believe this week is Thanksgiving! The weeks- and months- are flying by!

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