Saturday, November 1, 2014

What I'm Into: October

We traveled back to Mississippi and the kids and I were gone literally almost the entire month. So this post is more bare than usual! 

On the Nightstand:

I hardly read much of anything this month. 
Reflections for Ragamuffins: Daily Devotions by Brennan Manning 
I hardly picked it up. Shame on me. It does my soul such good every time. 

I read a couple more chapters and I LOVE it! 

On Their Nightstand: 

While we were visiting the kids got OBSESSED with these Little Miss and Mister books. I adored them as a kid, so I loved that they took such an interest in them!

On the Shelf:
I'm not sure what's next. It's been forever since I've read fiction, so I may go that route. 

At the Theater (or from the couch):
We watched ONE movie this month and it was with the kids--
Bears- This movie was great. It's done by DisneyNature and it's informative with lots of facts about the animals and also AMAZING footage. But at the same time, it's fun for a younger audience (or an older one!) in that there is a voice over talking for the bears at points and it's just sort of goofy and jovial at points and also really sweet and endearing at others. Anyway, I thought it was really well done.

On the Small Screen:
Nothing. Truly.

In My Ears:

I've been listening to a ton of my old playlists. I usually listen to my new ones that I made on Spotify up here because I listen on my computer and it doesn't have all my iTunes playlists on it. But I was in the car a good bit at home, so I hooked up my phone and got to enjoy some old favorites!

Around the House:
Well, WE haven't even been around the house. So. I'm excited about getting out a few Fall decorations to enjoy for a bit. 

In the Kitchen:
A huge perk of being home was enjoying my mom's (and my dad's- who now cooks a lot!) cooking. So many delicious meals! 

When I buy the same amount of strawberries in Brooklyn for a dollar, I expect to be digging through produce to find the firmest, least moldy berries. Name of the game. When I pay you over three dollars, Target, I really think you ought to come over and decap them for my kids. Found a moldy one- Brooklyn spoiled. 

Late night with SD!
In My Closet:

One of my relatively new quirks is that I like to dress with a theme in mind. Not in a super obvious way, of course. One night a good friend and I had dinner at the home of one of our beloved former MC professors. (It was so special and so good for my soul.) Anyway, I decided to go for a more academic/teacher-ish look than normal. Ha! And I brought this skirt because I can't think of a more appropriate time than October.

For some reason (I have no idea!), I LOVE shorts with a long sleeve top!
In Their Closets:
We busted out the Fall clothes, but as we were back in MS, I had to pack some really Summery things. I don't have many pictures of the kids except from the wedding for some reason. They wore a lot of darker, less Summery looking outfits from the Summer. 

In My Mailbox:
Thankfully, Peyton's witch costume was delivered at the eleventh hour (or at like four thirty, when we were planning to start trick or treating at five). So worth the stress of wondering if it'd make it! 

In My Cart:
New glasses and a new do! Next up: getting my nose re-pierced (I got a keloid and couldn't get rid of it, so I had to let it close up). 

Around the City:

As I said, we mostly weren't even here. But before we left we did take a little "hike" in Prospect Park one day. It was beautiful!

In the 'Sip:
We just had a wonderful time...

...seeing friends

...camping at the grandparents'

...playing in our own backyard

...dressing up with cousins

snuggling and reading with more grandparents...

...and of course watching Cookie get married and cutting a rug afterwards!

On My Heart:
- 31 Days to Write True has been so good for me. It's been helpful to just write out what ever I'm feeling and processing. I think I may need to do more of this.
- I've realized that we have so many wonderful friends in Mississippi and here and I need to make relationships more of a priority than I do. I feel like Peyton and I have come a LONG way on this in the past couple of years, but we've go a ways to go.
- I'm so excited for the future once we get back, but also for the next six months in the city!

In My Prayers:
- I'm praying for Cookie and Conrad as married people. OMG, crazy.
- I'm praying for other family members who are trying to make big decisions and going through a bit of a stressful time.
- I'm praying for myself and Peyton as we look toward the future.
On the Calendar: 

We have a pretty laid back November. We actually do have two different sets of friends visiting at the end of the month, so that should be fun! 

What I'm Into

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