Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Deck the Halls: In Your Eight Hundred Square Foot Flat

Obviously, Christmas decorating was going to look different here than it did in the 'burbs. Actually, it's fascinating to me to find out how much Christmas stuff people have and how they store it. I brought one large tub that contains our (very minimal) Fall and Easter decorations as well and then a smaller box of ornaments plus our card tree and a large snow globe that I had put up in a very high kitchen cabinet. We aren't HUGE into seasonal decorations, but that was a big downsize from previous years. We actually ended up deciding not to get a tree and I've been surprisingly okay with it. We added a little bits of cheer around and I've enjoyed it so much. 

I set up this little area in the kitchen and it's so special to me. I put up my kitchen quote and the kids' Advent calender/nativity. They've been more obsessed with it this year than ever. I added a few other touches off to the side. 

a good reminder! 

I love my vintage Christmas sign and Minnie sent me this beautiful crown with the holy family inside. I also have our "ornaments" for our Jesse tree (below) here. 

This is a line from "O Holy Night" and I think it's beautiful in general and a good reminder as I move through my day, parent, bump people on the train, and speak with homeless neighbors. But this season it's especially poignant. A lot has happened in the city and in the boroughs since this Summer. An unarmed black man was killed by the police back in the Summer and this past week two police officers were murdered in a crazed sort of retaliation. It's all been heartbreaking and life changing for me to experience. These words have been the cry of my heart for our beloved city. 

Little felt canisters on the window sill- I don't even love chevron, but these were too cute to pass up. 

We don't have a mantle here and it seemed dumb to put more nails in the wall or buy something we wouldn't need with this little time left in the game. So we hung the stocking on the curtain rod! 

We rarely close the curtains except at night, but I've been leaving them closed to enjoy the display more. I actually love how it turned out! 

A holiday pillow along with our regular one (both were placemats from Target!). I forgot to mention bringing it (I store it in our linen closet). 

felt Christmas trees, pine cones, and acorns! 

 sparkly trees and our gingerbread girl! 

one of my very favorite things- our card tree! 

I filled this basket in the den with some holiday books I couldn't resist brining. I'm glad I did- the kids have enjoyed them so much! 

Minnie gave Annie this snow globe and it's pretty special. I put it in the guest room with her music box. It's a good place so Graves won't have access to them. I've taken it down a good bit and sat down on the floor and wound it up for both of them. They love it and each time the moment is so special I get a lump in my throat. 

 One other thing I insisted on bringing was Christmas linens. I have sheets for the fold out couch and I made the kids' beds up with stocking sheets (I have one set, but they neither one use a top sheet, so I just used the top sheet as a fitted sheet on Annie's). I also let them use the Christmas blankets on their beds in lieu of their quilts this year and they've enjoyed that!

 Annie adores this blanket. Really, they both do. It's the softer, by far. But Graves is super flexible. I initially told her we'd switch them after awhile, but he just let it go and has let her have it. I'm kind of glad secretly because I think the green looks more masculine and the white is softer and they just look better on their respective beds.

 I love these stocking sheets so much! I remember when I bought them when Annie was tiny! 

Here's our Jesse tree! We've been reading Ann Voskamp's book and while it's a bit grown up even for Annie, we've all enjoyed it! Also, one of the activities was making a list of how God has provided. Notice that Graves came up with number seven.

They also made a paper chain and a few other little ornaments. It's been fun to let them be creative and not worry so much that everything looks just right. Because it never does anyway, you know? 

 Obviously, we had nothing to do with this decorating, but the view of the courtyard at our complex is so beautiful and I had to snap a few shots to share! 

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