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Weekly Happenings #296 (November 24-30)-- Thanksgiving in the City and Homesickness Like Whoa

Behind a bit again, I guess. Anyway, Thanksgiving week was really good until we got to the day (or the night rather) of Thanksgiving and then I really struggled. I just missed home so badly. Honestly, it's been like a real sickness in that I feel like I've had to gradually build my energy back up and "recover" a bit. It didn't just go away easily. But I have SO much to be thankful for and the Christmas season has me in good spirits mostly. 

Peyton was actually off on Monday of last week. The kids slept super late, which was so nice. I got up around ten and got my bath and ate breakfast and then I did a Thanksgiving activity with the kids. We had lunch and hung around the apartment and then strolled to the park for a bit. The kids played and we came home and I got ready to go to the Olmstead Salon at Saint George's to hear Paul Zahl. I really enjoyed it. I stopped by Subway and had a sandwich on the way home. When I got home, I blogged some and sent a couple of emails and then cleaned up the kitchen and tidied around the apartment. 

Tuesday was a fun day. We got up and got ready and headed to the South Bronx for the morning. We stayed around a bit after and talked to the director of A House on Beekman
on the way home, near our beloved Fort Greene Park; such goofballs! 

We came home and all had lunch and the kids played and I got on the computer and the rest of a package of bacon. Peyton and Graves left for Cumbe and to grocery shop and I straightened and got back on the computer and wrote out my kitchen quote and the kids' memory work. Annie and I did school and then the guys got home. We fed Annie and Graves super and Peyton left for his book club. Annie took her bath and Graves and I started cleaning up supper and straightening their room. Then he took his bath and Annie helped me finish. I read to them and got them to bed and read some blogs and sent an email. Peyton got home and we chatted and went to bed. 

Wednesday was nice. The kids slept late and I slept even a bit later. Peyton ran to get cat food and then started working on our Thanksgiving feast. I had a leisurely morning and ate breakfast and took my bath. I started laundry and helped him chop things and stuff. I worked on the laundry and grated soap for more detergent and we ate. 
Peyton had to work on Thanksgiving, but he cooked this great Thanksgiving feast for the four of us on Wednesday. He made a dip, brussel sprouts gratin, butternut squash, a roast, mashed potatoes, cornbread, and a gingerbread cake. He did it all with Graves by his side almost the whole time and he washed dishes as he went. What can I say? He's amazing. 

sweet boys in their literature tees icing cake and eating icing

After that, I finished up laundry and Peyton cleaned up in the kitchen and then we all got ready and headed into the city. 
So neat! It was close to freezing and raining, but we made ourselves venture into the city to see the Macy's parade balloons being blown up. Snoopy and Annie! 

Thomas was Graves's favorite! 

Cold, wet, and tired, but we had a great night!

These two in their pilot caps.

Also, Graves loves for Annie (or me!) to sit in his lap :)

We got the kids fed and put them to bed. We talked and worked on the kitchen some more and then I got on the computer and Peyton watched a movie. 
somebody tagged me to post a selfie. Starting a blog post at midnight, per usual 

Thursday was Thanksgiving and Peyton was working. It actually started out well. I had no intention to get out and was just going to few it as a regular day except for a few special things (watching the parade on TV and some Native American and pilgrim studying/crafting). Anyway, the kids slept really late and that was so nice. I still let them watch their shows- a Charlie Brown special and one other thing. After that, I set them up with breakfast (even though it was about time for lunch!) and got to work on the kitchen. Peyton had done most of the dishes but there were a few in the sink and ALL the clean ones needed putting away. Plus I needed to mop the floor. I did all that and then got them settled in their room to play. I took my bath, scooped liter and folded up the couch. I also planned school a little. It was LATE by the time we picked up their toys and did their read aloud/devotion/catechism time. They had lunch and Graves played in his room. I got on the computer and then did school with Annie. Cookie was texting me and Peyton had called me to tell me that his schedule was going to change in an unfortunate way. Not a huge deal, but combined with homesickness and such, I was just so disappointed. Thankfully, it was about time for him to be getting off anyway. He got home while Annie and I were doing school. He ate something and we got Graves out of his room. Peyton played a silly game with the kids and then we read about the first Thanksgiving and made feather headbands. We fixed the kids supper and got them to bed. Peyton looked at the stroller because it had a flat tire and I did a few things on the computer. We talked a lot and then he went to bed. I spent way too much time on the Internet doing nothing and went to bed myself. 

Friday was a pretty good day. Peyton was working again and the kids slept late, but not as late as Thursday. It was really ideal. I let them watch their shows and then fixed them breakfast. They played in their room and I got my bath and had breakfast, did my morning chores, got on the computer, and planned school. I was determined to do it pretty quickly and I did! I played with the kids some and then we read, did their devotion and catechism, and I started them cleaning up. They finished while I fixed lunch. I did dishes while they ate and then put Graves down. I got on the computer a bit and then did English with Annie. I let him get up and we did math and I helped him do some tracing and critical thinking. I fixed them supper and they ate and then I bathed them and got them to bed. Peyton got home and I talked to my mom on the phone and worked on a blog post and went to bed. 

Saturday was another day at home with the kids. They got up a good bit earlier and I felt HORRIBLE. I had a sore throat and a headache. They watched their shows and had breakfast and I felt a little better. They played and I got on the computer and had breakfast, did my morning chores, and had my bath. I felt a lot better and we did their devotion and read some. I played with them and then fixed lunch. They ate and I put Graves down. He actually took a nap. I ate lunch and relaxed and Annie played and then we got him up. I folded laundry and did dishes and did math with Annie and then I fixed them breakfast for dinner. They ate and I got them ready for bed and read to them. I decided to let them sleep in their gingerbread house. I got on the computer and Peyton got home. We talked for awhile and ate supper and I sent an email and finished a post. 
That nap during rest time messed him up. It was almost midnight on the East coast and he was "putting a ponytail" in his sleeping sister's hair.

Sunday was busy. We got up super early so we could be at church by eight to help watch kids during set up. We did childcare and left around one-ish. We were going over to a friend's house to have lunch and see her chickens(in Brooklyn!). It's a really neat situation where a big group (like nine people) live in a very modest home in intentional Christian community. I was fascinated by it and it was so great just to be around our friends. 
 Let me tell you about our friends. Nine of these folks live in a very modest sized house, like dorm style with three people to a room. They have chickens in the back and they are going to start growing produce. In a (very) urban setting. They had a couch surfer live on their roof for a bit. They are young singles who want to live in intentional Christian community and this is the way they are doing it. I am constantly inspired, amazed, and challenged by the people I meet here. I will never be the same and in my darkest hours oh homesickness, it's important to remember the transformation that has occurred and the communities that have brought it about. 

We left late and realized we didn't really have time to make it into the city for church at Calvary without hustling big time. We got a pizza and came home and ate and played with the kids and relaxed. We got them to bed and I did a few things on the computer and went to bed myself. 

This week has been slow, but enjoyable. Like I said, it took me a bit to recover from the homesickness, but I think I'm on the mend.

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