Monday, December 15, 2014

Weekly Happenings #298 (December 8-14)-- New Schedules

Not only is it a day late and I have on NO make up, but I hadn't even had my bath yet. I told Peyton this is what "hiker SD" will look like. UGGGGH. 

Peyton started at his new store last week, with his new schedule. It's hilarious because the kids and I have gotten ourselves on the most insane schedule. I'm not sure how they transitioned into staying up so late/sleeping so late, but they were practically teenagers last week! 

Monday was a good day at home with the kids. They got up around nine and then we watched their shows and had breakfast. They played and I folded up the couch, scooped liter, ate my breakfast, planned school, and took my bath. I played with them for a good while and then we did their catechism, devotion, and memory work. We picked up toys and then I fixed them lunch. 
Sweet Annie. She is so special. I think she wants to be a minimalist about as bad as her papa does. The other day I was asking her about what she wanted for Christmas. She said she only wanted two things (remember how she wants to put her toys in the attic and rotate them when we move home)- and she wanted one to be for later (like a bike for when she's older). She thought awhile and them said "I don't really mind if y'all get me a present that's not something I really want. I'll like whatever y'all pick out". Then she had an idea that we could look through some of her catalogues (she keeps her beloved collection under her bed and LOVES to look at toy/costume/doll/ect. catalogues, and though we've worried about it making her more consumerist, she's *never* asked for anything). We looked through it and Graves keep saying "we need that" and she'd reply by saying how similar it was to something they already had or saying it was too big and would take up a lot of space or something like that. She said she guessed there really wasn't a present she wanted and she didn't seem to phased by it. I'm SO proud of her, because being honest- that's very different from me. And truthfully, I'm also a little sad. Letting go of the big magical Christmases I had growing up is hard for me even though Peyton and I deeply desire something much simpler for her and her brother. Like I said, though, she's so special. And I try to celebrate that every day.

They ate and then I put Graves down. I got on the computer and had some lunch and Peyton came home for a bit. He had his book club that night, but he was home for about an hour. I finished uploading pictures and did English with Annie. Peyton left and I got Graves up. We did math and I the printer messed up and the paper got stuck as I was trying to copy something to for math. I spent thirty minutes fixing it. We finished math and then I did some tracing and critical thinking with Graves. We were making a list of ways God has provided for us and a mirror in the closet fell down and busted. Scary. I cleaned it up (or thought I did) and we started a little craft (making Christmas trees from cardstock). Graves cut his foot on a piece of glass and I helped him with that. I fixed the kids supper and cleaned up a bit. I organized some in their room because I had gotten a new big bin. I read to them and ended up talking to Annie for like half an hour about sin and Christ and salvation. Whew. I bathed them separately and it was ten thirty by the time I got them to bed. I got on the computer and ate my supper and Peyton got home. We talked and I finished a post and went to bed late (like almost three).  

Tuesday was so weird. The kids did not get up until TEN THIRTY. Then we did our shows and breakfast and it was noon before I got going. OMG. I ate breakfast and took my bath, planned school, and did my morning chores. I got on the computer a bit and played with the kids and then we did their devotion, catechism, and memory work. I got them lunch and they ate and then Graves had rest time. I got on the computer, ate lunch, and rested a bit. I wasn't that tired physically, but I felt impatient and emotional. A power nap helped! I started baking some chicken and did English and critical thinking with Annie and then got Graves for math. I did his critical thinking and he worked on cutting and then they did a little craft (making cards to send my parents) and I fixed them supper. They ate and then we did a little science experiment (at nine at night) to see what objects would float and sink in the kitchen sink. We read a bunch and did our Advent stuff and I got them to bed. I got on the computer and Peyton got home. We chatted and ate dinner and then I blogged some. I stayed up way too late again. 

Peyton had to work the afternoon shift on Wednesday. We all slept super late and then the kids made pancakes with him. I folded up the couch, cleaned the tub, and took my bath and he got ready to go. I played with the kids and did our morning stuff with them (catechism, devotion, memory work, read aloud) and we picked up toys. I scooped liter and then fixed them  lunch. They ate and I did dishes. Graves had rest time and I ate my own lunch and got on the computer and then did English with Annie. Graves got up and I did critical thinking with both of them. Graves practiced cutting and Annie and I did math. I fixed them supper and while they ate, I organized a bit. I had ordered some new bedding for when we move back and  I got it put away and then I bathed them separately and cleaned up dinner and dishes. I got them ready for bed and read to them a lot and by that time it was nearly ten. I got on the computer and did a few things and Peyton got home. We ate dinner and talked and then I worked on our Christmas letter for a long time and finished a blog post. I went to bed at three thirty. 
P is so irritated that I bought them beds when we moved. And yeah, it was 3:30 AM when I took this. They've been going to bed around ten and waking up at nine thirty or so. Weirdest family in Brooklyn. Eh, probably not. 

The kids slept until ten and then watched their shows and had breakfast on Thursday. After that, I hurried through my morning chores, laminated some school stuff, ate my breakfast, and got on the computer. I took my bath and played with them and we did our morning school stuff (devotional, catechism, memory work, read aloud). I fixed them lunch and started getting ready for Annie's ballet class. After they finished, I helped them get dressed and we left. It was a good class and went by pretty fast. Graves did really well. We got home and I let them play and do puzzles a bit and then I played an English game and a math game with Annie that had been part of the previous day's lessons. We cleaned up their room and then I fed them supper.

Signs it's been a long work week for Peyton: I was using a bath towel to dry dishes. [I do not haul the children to the laundry room unless the situation is DIRE.] [And I always feel like I should clarify that we are so thankful for laundry in our building. Because that's not a given here. At all.]

 I read to them a good while and got them to bed. I got on the computer and cooked chicken and brussel sprouts for me and Peyton. We ate and I sent an email and did a few things and then went to bed. 
I know it's overkill, but I could not stop laughing! 

Peyton was off on Friday and we kind of blew the day to be honest. I don't mind that occasionally (especially when we get stuff don't around the apartment) but it seems to be happening a little too much. Anyway, we woke up late and showed the kids a movie we were excited about- The Nightmare Before Christmas. We all watched and it was SO good. 
snuggling with her kitty cat 

We had lunch and got baths and then just spent a lot of the afternoon with the kids playing. Peyton and I had some good conversations, but we could have done that on a walk somewhere. Around four thirty (when it gets dark!) we took the kids to the playground. We looked like morons, but we had told them we could. We made a trip to Target and when we got home, I had a headache, but my energy kicked in. We all had supper and Peyton and I got the kids ready for bed and read to them. I started laundry and backed up some pictures on the hard drive. I finished the laundry way after the laundry room was supposed to close because I really wanted one of the big dryers. I folded a bunch of stuff while I waited for my last huge load. It was good I did, because I don't think I could have gotten it all across the courtyard and upstairs if I hadn't! I unpacked groceries and put the comforter I washed back on the bed and did some dishes. I wasted time on the computer and Peyton and I chatted. I did more dishes and went to bed late.

The kids slept even later on Saturday. Like ten thirty. Hahaha. We had breakfast and watched their shows and then they played. Since it was late, I tried to hurry through my chores. I planned a little school for the day, scooped liter, and folded up the bed. I got on the computer and ate breakfast and took my bath. I played with the kids and then read to them and we did their memory work, catechism, and devotional. They ate lunch and Graves rested. I got on the computer and uploaded pictures to FB and then Annie and I did a little exercise in English that we hadn't gotten to earlier in the week (and I knew it would be time consuming so I wanted to do it on a day without a full lesson) and her critical thinking. I got Graves up and we did math and then I let them help me make these peanut butter bars from a mix. 
Annie's favorite high heel dress up shoe broke while I was cooking supper. She cried for maybe ten minutes, then went to her room came back with a huge smile and said "There's only one thing that will fix this. I'm going to have to be Cinderella tonight". I know I've been sharing about it a lot lately, but Annie is making huge strides in learning to manage her emotions. Six months ago this would have been an hour in tears and me having to give her a lot of assistance with coming up with possible solutions. I am SO proud of her! (And proud of me for not punishing her for things I knew of didn't want to punish for.)

We cleaned up their room and they ate supper and then we read. Annie took a bath and I cleaned up the kitchen and I got them to bed. I got on the computer and Peyton got home. We talked and I wrote a blog post.  

Sunday was a good full day. Peyton was off because we were scheduled to serve at both churches so he had switched his schedule around. We got up just in time and hustled to get ready and out the door. He helped with the kids' ministry at TGC and I went to the service. It was great. We headed home and the walk took forever- Peyton had promised the kids bagels and we stopped at several places but couldn't find any. We finally just bought some cereal bars at a drug store. We looked at Christmas decorations some on the way home, too. When we got home, we all had lunch and I took a nap. 
Back in my day as a Consignment Sale Queen, a dear friend of mine bought this jon jon on the chance she'd one day have a boy. She turned right around and handed it to me and told him she wanted Graves to use it first since he was well...already here (though tiny at the time). I've had it tucked away all this time and now he's finally wearing it. John Stuart, your polar bears have been frolicking through Brooklyn today, but we're taking good care of then for you! 

Graves had rest time and Annie played and Peyton got on the computer. We got up and got ready to head to Calvary early. We passed out programs and ushered but we left right after the offering/communion because Peyton had a work Christmas party. He rode back with us to our neighborhood but stayed on the train to go back into the city.
This guy and his tree were also on our train. Hysterical.

 I got the kids home and fed them supper and straightened some and read to them. 
I've done TERRIBLE with taking pictures with our real camera since we moved. We do have horrible lighting in the apartment, but still. Not okay. 

It was late by the time they got to bed. Peyton got home and we talked some and I got on the computer a bit and then we went to bed.  

We started another week getting up late today. Peyton has a little more off time, so that's a good thing! 

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