Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Weekly Happenings #299 (December 15-21)-- Stockings and Parties and Trees and Trains

Monday was a good day. Peyton didn't have to leave until one-ish. The kids got up late (well, Annie got up with Peyton around eight thirty) and then cooked breakfast with Peyton. I had a headache and slept a bit more. I ate breakfast and started my morning chores. I folded up the couch, scooped liter, and planned school. Peyton left after we talked some and I called my mom and took a bath. The kids and I did "morning school" (their catechism, devotion, memory work, and read aloud time) and then had lunch.
Crappy shot, but precious moment. Awhile back, I started singing to Graves at the beginning of rest time like I did when he was tiny. I was trying to preserve his nap, which was an exercise in futility, but now he (and I) love it so. Then Annie started requesting to sing him one song (usually about dinosaurs and composed in the moment). Then last week he started asking for her to rock him during her part of the ritual. On Monday, they decided to move to snuggling in his bed, which is very reasonable since they're practically the same size. She did switch it up and "worked on" carols with him. (In the interest of full disclosure this beautiful moment also included Annie saying "He smells like salaT dressing. I'm going to call you 'salad face".) Such sweethearts. Also? a few weeks back I asked AP if she'd like to move to a new room when we got back to MS. She said "Um, that'd be okay, I guess. As long as Graves can come with me". I asked her about what we should do if we happen to have another baby and she said "oh, I think our room is big enough for three children".

 I did dishes and Graves had rest time. I uploaded some pictures, got on Facebook and Twitter, and ate lunch. I did English with Annie and Graves joined us for math. We did both their critical thinking books and made a paper chain and then they had supper. I organized pictures and then Graves had a bath and Annie played with dinos in the sink. 
They made it! I accidentally had our cards shipped to our Mississippi house and Mick had to UPS them here. 

We did their Advent book and I got them to bed. I got on the computer and Peyton got home and we talked for a bit and ate dinner. I read my Bible and folded laundry and watched China Beach. Late night. 

Tuesday was great. Peyton was off and we all slept late again. We got up and took baths and had breakfast and such and then we decided that Peyton would take Annie with him since he was going to the Bronx to volunteer and I'd take Graves to Cumbe. 
Annie loves to sit around a pretend fire and all tell stories. Recently she told this great one. Truly, hers was the best that day. It had to do with a momma and baby monkey getting separated and another momma monkey who lost her baby. The monkey mommas found each other's babies and then a bear tried to get one pair. An owl found that pair and a kind human found the other pair and somehow they were all reunited and the owl flew them to safety at the very too of the trees where the bear could never climb. Annie then told me "well we know three stories about orphans now- Clown of God, Papa Piccolo, and this one. Had to clarify a little about what it actually means to be an orphan, but thank you, Five In a Row. 

The stockings were hung by the curtain rod with care...we don't have a fireplace and without a ton of time left in the game it seemed dumb to put more nails in the wall/buy something we won't need in Mississippi. But our stockings are one of my favorite things to put out! 

They left a little after lunch and I played with Graves some. I fed him a snack and had my lunch and then we got ready and left. Cumbe was great and it went really quickly. We stopped on the way back and had a burger and then came home.
We rocked Cumbeand then walked a mile home without getting lost, collapsing, having a nervous, or even getting (much) out of breath. Well, I walked. He spent the whole trip in his stroller without fretting once, even when it started raining. And visiting with me the whole time. We did treat ourselves to a little date at Brooklyn favorite, SmashBurger.I'd be lying if I said he wasn't painfully disappointed when he realized it wasn't a double date and Peyton and Annie weren't there waiting for us. By mid supper, though, he was saying things like "I love you, Mr. Cheeseburger" and giving his toy crocodile sips of my Coke.

I know it's unlikely, but I hope he never stops hugging and kissing me this way. There were a few days  with him last week that were been mighty challenging, but he always makes up for his awful listening skills and terrible impulse control with his charm, his smile, his cheerfulness, and most of all the way he LOVES. 

To the (sort of) tune of "Go Tell It On the Mountain"-- "shepherds watched their fields...and Jesus died on the cross...and Mary bore him". A little out of order Son, but I'm thankful you're occasionally listening.

 I read to him and got his teeth brushed and got him to bed around eight. He still wasn't asleep at eight thirty and Peyton and Annie got home (they had gone to the grocery store, too). He got up and talked to Annie while she ate and then we put them to bed. 
Poor little HSP #3 in our family. "I know who else had a bad night- Goliath". His Papa and sister headed up to the South Bronx to volunteer this afternoon, leaving me to take him to his dance class = basically the same is getting your head handed to you by a shepherd boy. He was so glad to see them before he finally fell asleep. 

Peyton and I talked some and I got on the computer and cleaned up the kitchen. 

Peyton was off again on Wednesday. We got up late and watched The Wizard of Oz until lunch. 
first non-animated/computer generated movie for Annie and Graves!

We had a nice afternoon of accomplishing things- we did Annie's math and critical thinking, I did laundry, and the kids both had baths. Then we all got ready and headed into the city to visit a little train exhibit and the tree at Rockefeller Center.
Holiday Train exhibit at Grand Central!

This from the Lionel train exhibit we went to. The "Rebel" provided overnight service between Jackson, TN and New Orleans. It was so popular that forty percent of its passengers claimed to have "abandoned their automobiles in favor of this luxurious but low-cost overnight train".

Snack supper and our Advent book under the Grand Central blue ceiling. Such a fun night!

Every beautiful and interesting thing here is more beautiful and interesting through her eyes. I'm so thankful that the Lord had a much greater plan for our NYC adventure than we did! 

Last one but Gravey Train looks so Brooklyn- "Stop with the pictures, Woman. I'm abouta come out of this polar bear fleece you put on me". 

Merry Christmas from the Big Apple!

We got home around ten thirty and fed the kids a little more and put them to bed. I STARTED making soup, sent an email, and started a couple of blog posts. I went to bed way late. 

The kids slept late of course and then had breakfast and watched their shows on Thursday. I hurried through my morning routine because it was a ballet day. We did the kids' devotion and read aloud, but we didn't even get to memory work. I fixed them lunch and did dishes and then got them ready. We ended up missing a train (it came right as I was buckling Graves back in his stroller at the bottom of the stairs) and we ran, but missed it. We got there a little late, but it was fine. Graves played with this little toy you can bend into different shapes for almost half an hour. We got home and did math (I was planning to do Enlgish, too, since bedtime is so late, but math took FOREVER). I let the kids play a bit and got supper ready and then got them ready for bed after they ate. Peyton came in and I was reading them their last book at ten. It took them awhile to get to bed. I talked to Peyton and finished a post and did a few other things. It was one thirty when I started addressing Christmas cards. I went to bed just before five. Ugh.

It turned out okay, though because the kids slept late again on Friday and then we watched a Christmas movie (a new fun thing we do on the mornings when Peyton's off). I did a bunch of chores while Peyton took his bath- folded up the couch, scooped liter, and did dishes. I also took the shower curtain liner down and scrubbed it really well because it had some mildew on it. I ate lunch and took my bath and we all got ready and walked to the Children's Museum. We stayed and played for awhile and then headed over to some friends' house. Peyton was going to keep our kids and their two while I went with them to our church party for volunteers. We visited a bit and then left. It was a really fun time and I got to visit with a lot of people I don't always have that much time with. We went back to their house and Peyton and the kids were having so much fun. I had dropped my phone and it wasn't working so Peyton worked on that a minute. Then we headed home. We stopped back by the place where the party was and said hello to the the people who were still there. We got home around eleven and Graves was asleep. Annie ate some more dinner and went to bed. 

Peyton worked on Saturday and the kids slept late (or is it just normal now?). They had breakfast and I actually got up and did a few things. I went ahead and scooped liter and straightened a bit and did a few other things and then I snuggled with them while they watched their shows. They played and I planned a bit of school, got the couch folded up, had my breakfast, and took a bath. I played with them and did their devotion and catechism and memory work. We read some and then they had lunch. Graves had rest time and I got on the computer and Annie played on the iPad and then did some critical thinking. 
Annie's solar system 

I worked on my kitchen chalkboard and my quote and then Graves joined us. We did math and then made little ornaments and I texted with my uncle because he was worried that the police shooting was close to us. I fixed them supper and they ate. Peyton got home and I gave them baths and we read to them and got them to bed. Peyton and I talked and I called my mom and sent an email and read a few blogs. I went to bed late and I ended up waking Peyton up. He never got back to sleep and Graves got up early.

Annie was still asleep and we had had a bit of a restless night. We ended up deciding to skip church at TGC on Sunday. Peyton made breakfast after Annie finally woke up and I went ahead and got my bath. I was feeling kind of nauseous, but I think it was sinus stuff. Anyway, I did a few things around the apartment and then we spent a lot of the afternoon getting stuff put on the calendar while the kids played. We ate lunch and I did dishes and cleaned up a bit and then we headed to church. Graves fell asleep on the way and slept through the whole service! We stopped at Trader Joe's on the way home. When we got back to the apartment, we fed the kids dinner and I did some laundry. Peyton played with them some and they actually went to sleep pretty quickly. I talked to Peyton and we watched a little TV and ate dinner. I tidied a good bit and got the stroller and the remaining groceries put up. I picked up toys and shoes and such and folded a bit of the laundry. I uploaded a bunch of pictures and went to bed. 

This week is Christmas! Whew, that came FAST. There are so many emotions I'm experiencing and I'm not even sure what to do with them all. I'm sure some will resolve themselves here.

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