Friday, December 5, 2014

December Happenings

Well, it looks like Christmas on the blog! I had a harder time than usual choosing the background and making the header. Usually, the Christmas ones turn out to be some of my favorite. I don't know that this one really is. It's good enough, though!

We had a fabulous November. I've said this elsewhere but it FLEW. I don't know it seemed to go by more quickly than any other month up here, I think. We did lots of fun things (saw the Macy's balloons being blown up, enjoyed the parks a bit more, and enjoyed some museums. Plus ballet and Cumbe, of course, and A House on Beekman. It was a wonderful month (with some dark days of homesickness toward the end).

So, December:

- Sadly, Peyton's moving to another store (with only five months left in the city...grrrr). The commute in comparable, but his hours will not be (in our opinion) as good. He doesn't work as long shifts, but he has more days. His current schedule has basically been seven on, seven off but not successive. In other words, he worked seven out of fourteen days. This was possible because he worked fourteen hour shifts a good many of those days. It worked for us because he has a ton of energy and I didn't mind spending that many hours with the kids by myself because we just made those our school days. Anyway, we'll see how the new schedule goes. I'm not super optimistic, but I also want to be hopeful and I do think we are (mostly I am) more flexible than a few years ago.

- We have a couple of Christmas parties, activities at church, ect. I know that will be fun.

- I want to take advantage of special things going on in the city during the holidays.

That's it, really. It seems super low key and I'm glad. I know this season can get out of hand and I'm thankful our commitments aren't too intense.

Here were my goals for November (whew, I had a lot!):

1. Record my thankfuls each day. I didn't do well doing it daily at all. I usually did about three days at a time. And for some reason (maybe because we didn't have our board) I didn't do as well with talking to the kids about it.

2. Start Winter Soup Challenge. This has been a great success. More wonderful soups than any other year already, I think. I'm going to do a full post at some point.

3. Start waking up at a more reasonable time when Peyton's off. I think I did better, mostly. Partly because we had a lot going on on most of his days off.

4. Plan our weeks well. We did pretty good, but I think we could do a lot better still. I'm going to keep this on the list because it's an area that needs improvement. I want to be intentional about sitting down and planning with my planner and then looking at websites that list things going on in the city and penciling things in when we have time.

5. Spend more time with friends. We did do better with this, too. We've been over to a friend's house and we were going to to visit some other friends, but it go canceled because of work commitments. I think I may keep this on the list, too.

6. Read. Nope. I mean I did read. But I didn't finish the book I was on and certainly didn't start another one.

7. Decorate a bit for Fall. Did it! And it was so nice even though it was super minimal.

8. Change over my closet for Fall. Done! So much easier with less stuff!

9. Get my nose pierced again. Done!

10. Have family pictures taken. Done...and the Christmas card is ordered!

Bonus Goal: Find and order family Christmas pjs. Done and y'all, they are epic.

Here are December's goals:

1. Continue Winter Soup Challenge. This has been such a great way to motivate me to cook. I want to keep up with my two soup a week challenge.

2. Plan our weeks well. Like I said I could still use improvement.

3. Spend time with friends. This is important to us and I want to keep it up.

4. Decorate for Christmas. I know, it's past time. We're doing it tomorrow.

5.  Do our nightly Advent reading with the kids. We've started this and it's been really enjoyable. I'm sure I'll talk more about it in another post.

6. Brainstorm with Peyton for some fun ideas for celebrating Christmas. We're just not big on presents and they get a bunch from their grandparents, so it's fun to think up other ways to make Christmas special.

7. Spend time with the Lord daily. I'm not even going to say "read my Bible" or "have a quiet time". I just want to spend time talking to him daily. I've actually done that more this month, but I want to keep it up.

Here's to December, a month where we celebrate the birth of a Savior. May it be a month where we search for Him in our days, remember Him as we fall asleep, anticipate the celebration of His coming, and look for the Kingdom around us. 

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Mallory Pickering said...

It's so cool that y'all get to experience Christmas in NYC. I've always wanted to go there during the holiday season and go see the Rockefeller tree and ice skate and such. Seems so magical!