Monday, December 1, 2014

What I'm Into: November

November FLEW by. I don't know where the month went. It seems like we just jumped from 

On the Nightstand:

I hardly read much of anything this month. 
Reflections for Ragamuffins: Daily Devotions by Brennan Manning 
I've been trying to read it more in the mornings when the kids are playing and I get my bath and do my morning chores. That's been helpful! 

I'm almost finished and I've enjoyed it. But as usual, I'm just not carving time out to read and so I'm dragging it out. I hate that because every time I do pick it up I read about forty pages!

On Their Nightstand: 

We got some poetry books from the library and that's been fun. We haven't read near all of them yet. Annie also LOVES the anthology in the second picture. Just tons of great stories for young children. 

On the Shelf:
I actually ordered a book about Bruce Springsteen and I think I may want to go ahead and enjoy it (even though I have quite a pile that I want to read). 

At the Theater (or from the couch):
We literally didn't watch the first movie this month. 

On the Small Screen:
We picked back up with some old favorites, The Wonder Years and The West Wing. And one night after a short Wonder Years marathon, we watched an episode of Family Ties. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed it. It was a little corny, but still funny and I loved the sweet moments (as well as the tension based on political persuasions) between family members.

In My Ears:

My November playlist is one of my best, if I do say so myself.

Around the House:
This is truly the extent of the Fall decorations that I brought. And I didn't bring a ton of Christmas, either. It was enough, though and it made me happy! 

In the Kitchen:
Actually, some really good things have been happening in the Herrington kitchen! 

First of all, Peyton cooked this fabulous meal for us for Thanksgiving. He had to work the actual holiday, but we had a sweet meal just the four of us the day before.
He cooked brussel sprouts gratin, butternut squash, a roast, cornbread, mashed potatoes, a dip, and a cake!

Also, we've really gotten into Winter Soup Challenge:

I'm going to blog more about all the soups at some point, but the only one we didn't love was the veggie soup. And it wasn't horrible, just nothing amazing (plus, I like my soup more creamy/unhealthy). Anyway, the white chili at the top is from here, the tomato soup is from here, and the potato soup is from Jen Hatmaker's Instagram (it's pretty recent). All three were AMAZING. Almost enough to make me love Winter.

In My Closet:

Um, Winter wear! 
I've busted out my hats, gloves, scarves, and even long underwear! 

We did a little "hiking" in Prospect Park and I decided I just needed to be comfy that day. I love these pants. They're lined with super soft jersey material. I got them years ago at Walmart. And they're a 12-14 boys.

In Their Closets:
I absolutely adore these pilot caps. Again, almost enough to make me love Winter. 

Another thing I love about the cold is another year in granny print corduroy overalls. And I love her sweet face. Would anybody guess she'll be SIX in four months? She looks like a toddler here! Ha!

In My Mailbox:
 Well, I found and ordered our family pjs for Christmas. No picture because it's a big surprise, per usual. 

In My Cart:
I made a few purchases for our house back in Mississippi. We're going into super budget mode when we get back and I just wanted to knock some things out that I've been putting off before that. I also got my nose re-pierced:

Around the City:

We really tried to do outside things as much as we could before it got REALLY cold.

We went to this neat ight show in DUMBO. It was cold and crowded but really cool. 

I wanted to look for something at Ikea and Peyton loves an urban hike, so he agreed if we walked the entire eight miles!

Peyton and AP also had a date to a simulated trip to the moon at the American Museum of Natural History

and we all really enjoyed the storytelling in honor of Native American history month at the Brooklyn Children's Museum

Annie's been enjoying ballet, still, and although she's certainly not the most coordinated one in the class, she's deeply focused.

Finally, we topped off the month by going into Manhattan on "Thanksgiving Eve" to see the balloons for the Macy's parade being blown up!

On My Heart:
- I had a really bad case of homesickness over the holidays. It was pretty rough and it has me nervous about Christmas.
- Now that we've been back a month, we've really jumped back in to life here. We've reconnected with our friends here and that's the best part of living here. I'm so, so thankful for the Lord's provision in that area.
- I realize more and more that I will always feel a little torn about where we belong. I will always, always be homesick for the place I am not.

In My Prayers:
- I'm praying about December. It's often a hard month for me and I just know that homesickness could really compound that.
- I'm praying for both our families back home. Lots going on with our siblings and parents.
- Like last month, I'm praying for discernment. Specifically about decisions we need to make regarding our lives after we return to Mississippi.
- I'm praying that I'll be able to focus on what is truly important about the Christmas season and not be distracted by lesser things.
On the Calendar: 

We don't have a ton planned this month, but I know we want to try to make the most of what will probably be the only Christmas season we ever live in NYC. 

What I'm Into

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