Monday, January 26, 2015

Focused Ambitions: 2015 Goals

I finally sketched out my goals for 2015-- seven focus areas that include fifty two goals when taken together. In a way, it seems like a lot. But I think many of these goals will be organic things that won't be too difficult and I want here mostly for the reminder to keep striving toward them. Some are repeats from last year- because I need more work or because they were just good things to focus on. One thing I love about this list is that I feel like it's very cohesive. I feel like all these goals point toward my big theme this year which is, of course, FOCUS. I know it's inevitable that I'll fall short and I know there is abundant grace for when I do. This is not meant to a chain that weighs me (or us) down, but a set of goals that will hopefully help propel our family into a  year where our actions, our commitments, our bank accounts, and our time reflect our priorities.

Target Goal Areas:
1. faith
2. family
3. relationships
4. health
5. education/edification
6. finances
7. simplicity
8. joy/gratitude 

I want to grow in my knowledge and love of the Lord and I want to reflect His love and grace to my family and community.
1. start my day with a devotion
2. establish patterns of prayer and keep a prayer list
3. engage in Bible study consistently
4. prioritize books and blogs that nourish my faith
5. once back in Mississippi, establish ourselves in a faithful church community
6. serve our city in some way

I want to nurture and encourage those closest to me and serve them joyfully.
7. pray for Peyton and the children daily- with boldness, authenticity, and faith
8. pray for our extended family
9. set specific goals for each of the children
10. get out with Peyton alone once a month
11. read three books together with Peyton

I want to be a loyal and faithful friend, daughter, and sister. I want to prioritize people above activities and high above things.
12. spent time with people in ways that are meaningful and that make sense
13. establish and execute a tangible system for keeping connected
14. prioritize people over "accomplishing things" and never let a dirty house hinder issuing an invitation
15. continue to make space to communicate over email
16. have our parents over to dinner at least twice
17. prioritize our children's friendships
18. write a handwritten note once a month
19. write our sponsored child monthly
20. make every effort possible to attend each and every wedding we're invited to

I want to work toward healthier habits in all areas- physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.
21. continue taking weekly food challenges
22. plan meals and cook regularly
23. exercise three times a week
24. establish patterns of silence and stillness in my day
25. daily practice some form of self-care
26. explore the things that "center" and relax me
27. continue to create monthly playlists
28. search for, and surround myself with, inspiration
29. practice patience

I want to learn new skills and strengthen my mind. I want to contribute to society and I want to teach my children well. 
30. Ready twelve books on varying and diverse topics
31. watch twelve documentaries
32. learn some form of hand sewing
33. use my sewing machine
34. use my big camera weekly (in addition to weekly family pictures)
35. set educational goals for each child
36. decided what I want our homeschooling curriculum to include, in addition to math and English, and execute
37. be specific in my read aloud goals
38. teach the children a hymn each month
39. sign Annie and Graves up for one extra curricular activity each

I want to practice good stewardship and save like never before with an end goal in mind.
40. spend money on necessities, with a few exceptions
41. discuss even small purchases with Peyton
42. make the most of opportunities that are free or low cost
43. appreciate the ways the Lord will use this sort of discipline to sanctify me

I want our lives to be marked by simplicity and I want to be satisfied by a life that is distinctively simple
44. do a complete purge of our house in Mississippi shortly after moving back
45. be very discriminating in the activities we commit to and the purchases we make
46. challenge myself to hold things loosely
47. examine ways to better manage my time

I want to cultivate a more thankful spirit and live with joyful abandon.
48. make thankful lists at times other than the month of November
49. find other specific ways to express thankfulness
50. learn how to be content without buying things
51.  be vulnerable in telling others how thankful I am for them
52. surround myself with words, music, and people that bring joy

So, there they are! I'm really excited about working toward them and also in general about our year of FOCUS. I think it's going to be a good one!

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