Friday, January 2, 2015

January Goals and Happenings

I love the feel of this month's header and background. It feels very fresh and happy! I used the quote a long time ago in a post about extended breastfeeding and it's still a favorite quote of mine. I can't believe it's never been a quote of the month!

December was merry and wonderful and we had a blast. We did a good many things around the city- celebrating with our two church families, seeing the Rockefeller tree and all the gorgeous decorations, and going to a little train show. We finished up the month pretty sick (coughs and colds and sore throats and all that) and we're all feeling better but still really drained. Peyton's off until Monday and I hope we can kick it this weekend!

January will be a fun month, I think!

- We actually marked up the calendar with tons of activities we want to get in within the next couple of months- we're going to the transit museum, a science museum in Queens, a couple of new parks, a few restaurants we want to visit, and several other things!

- Peyton's pharmacy partner gave us tickets for a Broadway show. I'm working on lining up a babysitter and I'm super excited!

- There's a program at the Brooklyn Historical Society that I hope to make.

- Annie has her last couple of ballet lessons (they end at the end of January). She mentioned today that she's missed it over the break.

- I hope we can spend some more time with friends. We did that a little in December and it was so great!

Here were last month's goals:
1. Continue Winter Soup Challenge. I haven't done as many, but I did cook several excellent soups this month. I'm enjoying it!

2. Plan our weeks well. Like I said, we sat down and PLANNED for the next eight weeks, really. We pretty much have something down for every day that Peyton is off. It's almost all really flexible and could be mixed up depending on weather and timing and such, but it feels great to have a plan!

3. Spend time with friends. We went to several Christmas parties and we had one friend over. So I think we did well on this front, too.

4. Decorate for Christmas. We did it. It was very simple and just perfect.

5.  Do our nightly Advent reading with the kids. We did this almost every night and made up the ones we didn't. The book we used was a little over their heads, but it went really well for the most part.

6. Brainstorm with Peyton for some fun ideas for celebrating Christmas. We had a great day and it was so special! 

This month's goals:
1. Develop a master goals list for 2015 and review 2014 goals. 

2. Think more on, and share more about, my word for 2015. 

3. Plan meals weekly and cook more frequently. Peyton actually joined a meal planning group on FB. He actually likes to cook a lot, but I just really want to be the main cook. It has nothing to do with gender roles. It has a good bit to do with me being the one who is home and he's the one who's working and so I want to be the one who takes care of "house things". And it also has to do with me just being stubborn and wanting to develop more skill in this area.

4. Take the first four of these weekly food challenges. Some are going to be tougher than others. Mainly week two and the "real beverages". OMG.

5. Read a book with Peyton and finish it. We picked a book this week and I'm planning to start it this weekend!

6. Take pictures with my real camera. I don't use it near enough and I want to change that!

7. Pray and spend time with the Lord more intentionally. Never a bad item to put on the list.

Here's to January, a month of new beginnings and fresh starts. May we begin each new day fresh faced and hopeful and may we find comfort in the grace of starting over. 

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