Tuesday, January 6, 2015

One Word 2015: Focus

I mentioned it before, but I have a bunch of posts I need to/want to write before I start really sharing about the new year. So my 2015 goals and such will probably appear around here mid to late January. 

But....before we got any further, I did want to share my "one word" for 2015. I've actually never done the one word thing, but this year I had the urge to. I decided that I'd talk to Peyton about it, even though I already had something in mind, and we'd come up with one word for our family for the year. It seemed like a good way to sort of have a tiny family mission statement for the year- something that would center us and that we could return to when we needed it. 

I told Peyton my idea and asked for his thoughts. I told him I had thought of "simplify" but that it really wasn't broad enough. I wanted something that basically had to do with prioritizing and concentrating on what mattered and that sort of thing. Immediately he came up with FOCUS.

I love it. I love it a lot. I feel like it's something we can strive for this year. I feel like it covers a lot of things but is also not general to the point of uselessness. I feel like it's something we can, with a little effort, convey to the kids and get them on board with. I feel like it's something that we can look to when we're distracted. 


I want to focus on the Lord this year and putting Him more at the forefront of my life. I want to focus on my family and making sure their needs are met consistently and that I'm paying attention to the little and big hearts that fill my home. I want to focus on our friendships here and when we return to Mississippi. And I want to focus on the things that matter and be VERY intentional with our calendar and our checkbook. I want to focus on things that bring me joy and things that edify me. I want to focus less on things and more on people.

Two years ago, I sat down at the keyboard and felt exhausted and depleted and I banged out these "resolutions wrapped in grace", which were EXACTLY what I needed that year. I've always tried, and often failed, and being organized and managing my time well. Before we had children, I really prided myself on it. When the kids came into the picture, I spent the first few years trying to make sense of things and keep my head above water. It was good to have a year where my striving was very organic and general. This past year, we moved to the city. After solo parenting and running a household for a month and packing up that house to move, I felt qualified in a new way to really set some specific, in some cases ambitious, goals. It didn't happen until April, when we finally got really settled. But I made some goals. I'm going to review them in detail later in the month, but I'm pleased with how the year went. 

I'm planning to do my goal setting differently this year. I want most, if not all, of my goals for the year to fit within the theme of FOCUS (it's okay if a few don't). From there, I want to base my monthly goals at least partially off my master list of goals for the year (things will come up and I'll want to add extra goals and that's fine). Then from there, theoretically, my daily to-dos will, in part, consist of movements and motions that achieve those goals. In this way, my daily activities should come out of an overflow of a year where we FOCUS.  

I'll write more about this later in the month, but I'm really excited about this year and about new goals and plans for it! 

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