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Weekly Happenings Post #300 (December 22-28)-- A New York City Christmas

Well, I'm just now getting to recapping Christmas week. This is always a busy time on the blog. I have several year in review type posts, the kids letters from last month, and some about the upcoming year that I want to write. But for now, here's Christmas week- it was a lovely one!

Graves woke up around nine thirty on Monday and snuggled and visited with me a bit. Annie woke up at ten and they had breakfast and watched their shows. They played and I scooped liter and folded up the couch, planned school, got on the computer and ate my breakfast and took my bath. I also did a few extra things- browned a roast and put it in the crock pot, organized my shoe rack, and renewed some library books.

I played with the kids and read to them and then we did their devotion, memory work and catechism. We cleaned up their room which took a solid hour and then I fixed them a snack (because it was past four, ha!). I started doing some dishes and Peyton got home. I swept, mopped, and cleaned the bathroom and straightened the rest of the apartment because we had a friend coming over. Then I did all of Annie's English and some of her math that I had planned. Our friend Jason got here and we ate the amazing appetizer Peyton had made and I started our sides (broccoli and brusel sprouts). We had super and Jason ended up staying until ONE THIRTY. The kids were up that whole time. After he left, I finished all the dishes and cleaned up the living room. I got on the computer and finished a post and backed up some pictures on the harddrive. Obviously, it was LATE.

The kids of course slept super late on Tuesday and then we had breakfast and watched their shows. I cleaned up a bit while they had breakfast and then snuggled with them some during their shows. I got them settled and took my bath, planned school, got on the computer, had my breakfast, folded up the couch, and scooped liter. We did their devotion and memory work and catechism and I played with them and read to them. We had a super late lunch and I did dishes. Graves had rest time and got on the computer and then did critical thinking and English with Annie. We got Graves up and finished the previous day's math lesson. They played really well and I cooked soup. I put them in the tub while I finished the soup and cleaned up a bit. They ate and then we read some. Peyton got home and I put the kids to bed. I went to the corner store to buy a coke and we ate supper and talked. I straightened a bit and then got on the computer. I sent an email and started a post. Peyton and I chatted and I finished the post super late.
A little Timehop tweet I thought was still pretty funny...

and one I thought was pretty powerful

One more. Two years ago. So thankful for our beautiful, messy boy who has taught me so much about patience and flexibility and dying to myself over the last three and a half years.

Wednesday was Christmas Eve. The kids slept late again. Actually, their crazy schedule really worked to our benefit because we had a LONG night ahead of us. Once they got up, they fixed oatmeal with Peyton. We all ate and I took my bath. I organized my shoe hanger and box of shoes in the closet and scooped liter and folded up the couch. Peyton had the kids doing dishes so I cleaned up their room. We had some snacks and all got ready to go into the city. We caroled at Grammercy Park with our friends from church and then Melina had us over for Christmas dinner. It was lovely and we got to visit with so many old and new friends. And the kids had a BLAST. Peyton and I ushered at the eleven o'clock service. There was a lot more to it than at the six o'clock one where we usually serve! Graves helped us out with passing out programs and taking up the offering. When we had to do our communion responsibilities of directing people he sat next to Annie in Melina's lap. He actually fell asleep! We left LATE.

We got home around two and I went to bed around five. I know, I know.

Thursday was Christmas! Poor Peyton had to get up and go back to church to usher. The kids slept late and then we watched the Charlie Brown Christmas movie. Peyton got home and fixed chocolate chip pancakes. I got a bath and we had a fun afternoon. We did a scavenger hunt, called home, enjoyed a hilarious Ecard from Cookie and Coney and Mick and Minnie and tried to make our own, and then Graves took a nap (he was coughing and seemed to be getting sick) and Annie painted a little.

He got up for a bit and ate and they played some and went to bed.

I went to bed earlier than I had been (around two). Hahaha.

Graves seemed like he really was coming down with something on Friday morning. He got in our bed early and fell back asleep. When I woke up, I felt horrible as well. I wasn't even sleepy but my muscles hurt, I had a headache, and my throat was sore. I was so worried it was the flu. Since Peyton was home, I managed to go back to sleep and slept the entire morning. I finally got up and had lunch and Peyton got the kids ready to go out mid afternoon. He took them to the park and to return some library books and then to get groceries. I took a bath and finished a post and then watched two episodes of The West Wing and folded a ton of clothes. It was kind of nice to have some time by myself. They got home and Graves was asleep (apparently for the second time). Poor fella. Peyton and I fed them and got them to bed. We talked and I did a few things and then we watched TV and went to bed.

Peyton worked Saturday and the kids slept late, of course. We had breakfast and watched their shows. Then I made a phone call to our friend on Long Island and got on the computer. I did my morning chores and took my bath and planned school. The kids and I played and I read to them and then we did their morning school stuff. They ate lunch and I put new batteries in their cd player and did dishes. Graves had rest time and I got on the computer and then did English and critical thinking with Annie. Graves got up and we did his critical thinking and tracing. Peyton got home while we were doing Annie's math. I still had to feed and bathe them. Ha! I did that and got them to bed. Peyton and I talked and ate dinner and watched the news and then I got on the computer again for a bit.

We didn't go to church on Sunday because of Graves's cough. The kids slept in and then we did our normal routine- breakfast and shows. Then I did my chores. I actually decided we'd do school like normal and that was nice. I planned that and started a pork loin and talked to Ellis. I also FB messaged my sister in law and fixed a drawer I had stuffed too full. I took my bath and then played with and read to the kids. We did their school stuff and then had lunch and Graves rested. I got on the computer and then did English and critical thinking with Annie. Graves got up and we did his stuff and math. Peyton got home and I fed the kids supper and got them to bed. We ate and watched TV and then I got on the comptuer and uploaded some pictures and then did my Bible study and went to bed.

Last week was a little rough. We were all pretty sick with colds and coughs and such. I think we're all on the mend, but it's a bit slow going! 

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