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Weekly Happenings Post #302 (January 5-11)-- Bronx Botanical Gardens and the First Real Snow of the Year

The kids woke up around ten on Monday and then we had breakfast and watched their shows. I had my breakfast, scooped liter and folded up the couch, got on the computer, and took my bath. By the time, I started doing their memory work and devotion, Peyton called to say he was on his way home. He was supposed to get off at four, but there was an overlap and he was STILL feeling under the weather, so he was coming on home. I helped them clean their room and then fed the kids "lunch" and got Graves settled. Peyton got home and he ate something himself and then did English with me and Annie. We started math and he went and played with Graves. By the time we finished, it was time to cook supper. We all hung out in the kitchen and made a yummy pasta dish. We ate and then got the kids to bed. It was late. I cleaned up the kitchen a bit and got on the computer and wrote a post and went to bed late myself.

I actually woke up feeling really good on Tuesday. The kids slept in again and we had our normal routine- breakfast and shows, but that day it was followed by more breakfast. I got them settled in their room and got on the computer, planned school and my day, read my devotion, had breakfast, did my morning chores, and took a bath. I played with them some and we did their morning school. They picked up their toys mostly by themselves and I got lunch ready. They ate and we went outside and played in the snow.
So excited! Graves spent half an hour jumping and sliding in it and and then started sobbing when he had enough. Annie brought her dinosaur and kept burying her and digging her up and playing little imaginary games with her. She was NOT happy to go inside.

We came in and I relaxed a bit and ate something and then did English and critical thinking with Annie. Graves joined us for math and I helped him with his critical thinking and tracing. I cooked supper and after they ate, they had a bath. I did dishes, swept, and hung up all our coats and and some clothes in their room. I read to them in the tub and then got them to bed. I got on the computer and Peyton got home shortly after that. I did some stuff and went to bed.

Peyton didn't have to go in until Wednesday afternoon. He got up and made pancakes with the kids and then I got up and started straightening some because our land lady was coming over that night to check out the apartment to get it ready to list again. I got in the tub and Peyton left. The kids played and I planned school, ate a little something else, and folded up the couch. I also REALLY cleaned up the kitty's liter area. UGH.

I played with the kids and read to them and then we did a bit of morning school. We cleaned up their room and I fixed them lunch. They ate and it was rest time for Graves. I got on the computer and rested a bit myself. I started baking some chicken and did English with Annie and then Graves got up and our land lady got here. It went smoothly and after she left, the kids ate. I did math with Annie and then read to the kids and got them to bed. Peyton got home, but he had forgotten my Coke.
So I walked to the store to get one. Clearly, I have a big problem.

We ate supper and then I finished a post and sent an email.

Peyton was off Thursday and Friday. Thursday we all slept late and then had breakfast. I took my bath and did a few things around the apartment. Peyton worked on fixing the stroller- the frame broke and it was going to be super pricey to replace, but he called the company and they sent us a new one for FREE- and the kids watched a movie on chimpanzees. We all got ready and headed to ballet. We were running so late, so Annie and I hopped on a bus. We had to RUN to make it and Graves slid out of his stroller and tried to get on with us. That nearly gave me a heart attack. We were a bit late, but we made it. Peyton met me there and Graves had fallen asleep. Peyton made a phone call and I played on my phone. After ballet, we headed to Target. It was SO cold. We got back home and fed the kids and got them to bed. I got on the computer and Peyton and I chatted and then I cleaned up the kitchen.
Peyton cinched her coat and something about it makes the whole ensemble look more intense to me. Also, I decided they're just wearing snow boots around now. I want to get my money's worth out of them (which was like $15 on eBay) and her little canvas mary jane tennis shoes from Target don't seem appropriate at all for the climate. Also, updated IG filters + co-op halls looks like something from the '40s (fun fact: it's been here about that long. We're less than a mile from the Brooklyn Navy Yard and our building was designed and built to house navy yard workers about seventy five years ago!) 

Timehop was so awesome that night. We'll start with this gem.

One of the most stressful weeks of my life. It took Mick; ALBERT; and our beloved friend from church, Buzz all rallying around our ridiculous commode for me to keep my sanity.

The top right is the complex we live in. I cried several times because I thought it was such an eyesore. I cried HARD sobs when I knew it was our only real option after being soclose to two seemingly perfect places. If you know the area, you know the ONLY other residential buildings that look like this is the public housing. In fact, on our initial trip we thought it WAS public housing. Such a huge part of me wanted my Brooklyn experience to be one where I came home to a quaint brownstone on a "sunny, tree-lined block" as the realtors say. But the co-op has been amazing- so convenient with great amenities and more important than anything else, I think by far the best fit for our small people. The Lord knew much better than I did (per always). I love strolling past those beautiful brownstones (and the mansions that line Clinton Ave), but I'd take my project-esque building anyday. We'll never forget you, 193!

We got up early on Friday (for us, it was like 8:30) to go to the Bronx for the Holiday Train exhibit. We were running late for that, too, and were supposed to be meeting friends from Connecticut. We missed the Thomas show (I think Graves would have enjoyed it, but it wasn't a huge deal), but we had fun looking around at the exhibit.The buildings, representing specific buildings in NYC, were beautiful and SO detailed. Annie's favorite thing was the cactus.

We had lunch there afterwards and then headed back. On the Metro North back to Grand Central Graves and my friend's little boy had the best time talking and playing. It was so sweet to watch him with a little friend! We got home around four and Peyton and I both had headaches. We let the kids watch a couple of shows and just laid around. Peyton took the kids outside to play in the snow after that and I started laundry. It was so frustrating because like two of the twelve dryers actually work well. UGH. Anyway, it took a long time, but I finally finished. Peyton fed the kids dinner and got them to be and I folded the laundry. I ate supper and we watched a documentary.

Peyton worked Saturday and we had a super chill day at the apartment. Actually, it was the first day in WEEKS I've woken up feeling entirely well. So nice! We did our usual routine of shows and breakfast- but the kids actually picked a dvd because I couldn't get our Apple TV to work. I got them settled and did my devotion, made a list for the day, and scrolled Instagram. I ate breakfast, scooped liter, folded up the sofa, got on the computer, hung up jackets and put up the strollers from the day before, and took my bath. I played with the kids and we didn't do any school stuff, so I gave myself some extra time to just be with them. I read to them and then we picked up toys in their room and I put fresh sheets on their beds. I fixed them lunch and did dishes while they ate. Graves went to his room and Annie had rest time and I got on the computer and read a few blogs and started a post and ate my lunch. Graves joined us and we did math and then I started working on supper. I cooked a new recipe! The kids played and Peyton got home while I was working on dinner. They played with him and brought toys back to their room and then we ate and got them to bed. Annie read a book she had "written" to Peyton in lieu of us telling her a story, but Graves got said that he didn't get a story and said he wanted a dragon one but that it didn't have to be very long. I was about to start a quick story when Annie jumped in his bed and snuggled up with him and started telling him a story about a sweet dragon!
[listen around the 40 second mark-- "you'll find your muder"

Peyton and I watched more of our documentary and I folded more clothes. I cleaned up the kitchen and got on the computer and also read some. I went to bed pretty late.
Watching a Ken Burns documentary about the civil war and I look up and see Peyton eating leftover brussel sprouts from supper straight out of the pan. Seriously, is he trying to channel a rebel soldier or something?

I woke up around eight thirty on Sunday and the kids were up, too. We were going to Calvary because they're having this thing after services called "The Forum" which is sort of a deeper look into our faith. Anyway, I got the kids up and dressed and fed and finished getting ready and we left. I got there and realized that there was no Sunday school- it starts back next week. They made it through the service okay, but it's longer and more difficult than at the six o'clock. They did have childcare (and a light lunch!) at The Forum. I dropped them off after a LONG potty trip for Graves. It was really neat and I enjoyed it so much. I picked the kids back up and we rode the six train to Peyton's store and visited with him for a few minutes. We got back on the train and headed home.
Bad lighting but...when Peyton changed stores his schedule flipped and it bought us a free Sunday off. Then he took off a couple in December to enjoy the season. Then we all got sick. In other words it's been a LONG time since I've done this (and an even longer time since I've tried it with heavy coats and mittens and all that). He's a bit heavier and I'm out of practice. I let him hold my hand from church to the six train to Peyton's store today and he did great but it's still really anxiety inducing (platforms scare me way more than the sidewalk even though kids get hit by cars here all the time). I know I couldn't do this or a stroller much longer and while it's been amazing to face a lot fears this year, I'm glad this is one I'll get to avoid the emotional energy of working through. 

When we got home, I read a bunch of blogs and then took a nap (Graves had fallen asleep during rest time).
Annie's prompt on her little app was "draw someone on stage". "Look I drew Joseph on stage at church". I recently told her how I was sad she'd miss Creative Arts Camp this year and she said it made her sad too but maybe we could find out what Bible story they were learning about at camp and I could find in in the Bible and read it to her and Graves and they could act it out themselves. On Sunday, we ran into our very sweet and talented friend, Jackie, at church and I think CAC must have been on her mind all day. I (truly) think all our return visits will likely be scheduled around either Mockingbird or Creative Arts Camp.

I got up and woke up Graves and let the kids watch a couple of shows since they didn't that morning and since Graves was grumpy from being woken up. I worked on getting their memory work and my kitchen quote for the month written up and Instagrammed a few pictures.I started heating up leftover soup and texted Cookie something and hung up clothes. I straightened a little and Peyton got home and we all ate supper after the kids took their toys back to their room. We told them a story together and got them to bed. Peyton went to bed early, but I stayed up. I swept and did dishes, did a little sewing (mending) I needed to do, called Minnie, and texted with a friend. I sent an email, finished working on the kids' memory work, and read some more blogs. I started a post and then did my Bible study and read. Whew!

I'm a week behind, but we had a good week this past week. It seems like everyone has totally recovered from their colds and we're just enjoying Winter as best we can!

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