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Weekly Happenings Post #303 (January 12-18)-- On the Town

Last week was fun. Peyton and I actually got to go to a Broadway show! His (very generous!) coworker had given us tickets for Christmas and I had been trying for WEEKS to find a babysitter for the kids. We didn't have anyone on Thursday and it was on Saturday and I was so stressed and had basically given up hope and then we found someone (who was actually the perfect person and is such a sweet friend).

Peyton was working the afternoon shift on Monday and they kids got up late. I took my bath, scooped liter, straightened, and had breakfast and played with the kids. I got on the computer and we talked some and then Peyton left. I texted with a friend and then planned school. We did their morning school and played a little and then cleaned up their room. I fixed them lunch and did dishes. Graves rested and I got on the computer. I did English with Annie and started cooking some chicken. I did some school with Graves and we did math and then I fixed them supper. They ate and took baths and then I got them to bed. Peyton and I ate when he got home and I got on the computer.

Peyton was home all day on Tuesday and we had a low key morning. We all slept late and then he cooked breakfast. I took a bath and had an emotional breakdown over something we were discussing. After we had gotten dressed, we all headed to the Children's Museum. We had a great time and Peyton and I really enjoyed talking on the way there and the way back. When we got home and Peyton went and picked up a pizza for dinner. We ate and then I did math with Annie while Peyton and Graves took a bath to get warm. Ha! We got them to bed and Peyton and I talked a bunch more. I got on the computer for awhile and went to bed late.

Peyton was off again and we all slept late again on Wednesday. We did stuff around the apartment- Peyton made some phone calls about the move and cleaned up the kitchen and I took down the rest of our Christmas decorations. We ate lunch and then he and Annie left for the South Bronx. Graves helped me straighten a bunch (the couch still needed to be folded up, the stroller was out, and there were some toys and a few more dishes). Then he and I did a puzzle and played a memory game. We ate a snack and did a tracing/cutting activity (which he did great with) and then he took his nap. I ate lunch and got on the computer. Peyton came home and dropped AP off and ran to get some groceries and I browned some meat and cooked corn and beans for tacos. We ate when Peyton got back and then got the kids to bed. I did several loads of laundry and cleaned up the kitchen. I got on the computer and finished a post and sent some emails.

The kids got up earlier than they have been on Thursday. Of course, I had a headache. We watched one more show than we usually do :) I took my bath, did chores, planned school, ate breakfast, and got on the computer. Then I realized Annie had ballet. Not a huge deal, but it sort of threw my plans off. We did their morning school and skipped cleaning up their room. I fixed them lunch and got Graves settled. I uploaded some pictures and then laid down for a few minutes. I just needed to let myself settled. I ate some lunch and got us all ready for ballet. Annie had a great time and Graves did really well waiting.
First of all, this is the kind of face he makes when he really gets to talking about something. His expressions are ridiculous and also so adorable. I need to get a video. Secondly, he wants to be called "Big Boy Baby Graves" now. When we do memory work and practice his whole name he says it's "Big Boy Baby Graves Crocodila Jackson Herrington" but he reminds me that "that's kinda hard for some people to me".

Also, I'll be so sad when he grows out of occasionally still talking in word salads when he gets super excited. For example: "I'm not a gentleman. I'm Baby Graves. I Baby Graves Gentleman Taking Care of General. Until he gets surprise lost." He knows what he's trying to say. I think.

Graves saw this poster and told me it was Conrad. I told him I could see how he thought that, but I really didn't think it was. He said "that really, really the REAL Conrad, Momma". He's been pretty fascinated with the Reynauds lately (maybe since he found out they are coming to visit?). He and Annie love to say when they grow up they'll be me and Peyton and we'll be Mickey and Minnie. The other day he told me "I have another idea. Annie will grow up to be Cookie- but a momma- and I'll grow up to be that big boy Conrad". Then after class Annie was telling her ballet teacher about all her family she was excited about living close to again (Mickey and Minnie, DeeDee and Grandpa Randy) and Graves said "and Cookie and Coney!". She said "Nooooow Bud, you KNOW they live in Nashville".

We talked to Annie's teacher afterwards and I realized how much I'll miss it even though I hate the waiting area and the transit to get there. Ms. Patty is SO sweet and encouraging and precious. I told her Annie wouldn't be there next semester and how we were moving home. She's from Georgia and her parents are still there and she has a young baby-- she got it.

We came home and I fixed the kids supper and talked to Peyton. I FINALLY found a babysitter for Saturday. [It was a friend of my mom's daughter who lives in the city. She's usually really busy so I don't even try her. I knew it was a longshot, but I tried and she told me she'd love to but there was a little- maybe big- catch. She had just gotten a positive strep test. But I she said ask Peyton and he said forty eight hours would be enough for her not to be contagious.] I did math with Annie and then stuck them in the tub and cleaned up the kitchen and swept the den.
Part of AP's math lesson today included tallying members of friends' families. (I love that Claire- her babysitter from home- consistently makes her friends list). Anyway, afterwards she did some self initiated reflection and told me that Mary Milton and Miss Claire both have two siblings and she and Trinity both have one. I asked her how many she'd like and she said "lets have two more babies". Trying to keep up with Aubrey, I think. 

Peyton got home and helped me bath them and get them to bed. I got on the computer and he watched a movie after we talked a bit.

The kids got up around nine on Friday and we did our normal routine. After I got them settled playing, I scrolled IG and then did my chores and read my devotion and planned school. I actually had a good bit of energy and felt great. I played with the kids and read to them and then we did their morning school and cleaned up toys. I fixed them lunch and folded some clothes and swept their room and then got Graves settled. I ate some soup and started feeling so bad- I had a headache and my back (like the top part) was hurting like crazy. I took some medicine and laid down. The kids were really needy and I got so stressed. I laid down for a good while and then did English with Annie and got Graves up. I did math and her critical thinking and fixed them supper.I got them ready for bed and we told a story instead of reading. Peyton got home and we talked and then I worked on a post.
It was a trying season, but I learned so much.

Two years later, same sweet girl 

Peyton was off for the weekend and Saturday was a fun day. He ran to Mr. Coco's when we got up and I laid around and watched a show with the kids. When he got back, I took a bath and then started straightening/cleaning the apartment. I ate something quickly and finished getting ready and Marianna got here to keep the kids. We introduced her to the kids and left. We made it into the city and grabbed a huge cookie on the way to the show. It was fun. I'll do a better review in my What I'm Into post.

 Anyway, after the show we headed back home. We fed the kids supper and I started laundry. Peyton went to the grocery story and I had to take the kids downstairs to get the laundry. I got them to bed and ate something and I fell asleep for a bit. When Peyton got home we chatted and I got on the computer for awhile and then went back to bed.

We had to be at church super early on Sunday to help set up. It was really cold and pouring rain, but I couldn't find a bus route I felt comfortable with because it was so early, so I agreed to walk with Peyton. Well, we discovered there was ice on the ground and we were slipping everywhere. It was actually slightly terrifying. We kept sliding and skidding and at one point we pushed the stroller up one of those cut outs every sidewalk here has and it started slipping back into the road. Peyton was on his knee pulling it and I was holding on/trying to push it while grabbing someone's wrought iron fence. He finally said "I guess we should just try to get to the train instead of walking the entire two miles" (freezing rain is no deterrent thankfully the thought of compromising his children's safety is).

We decided we would, in fact, just try to make it to the train. We rode the train several stops and then got off and walked a little more. Peyton and I both helped with kid's ministry and we both had good days. We rode the train home and all had lunch and cleaned up the house again because some friends were coming over. I fell asleep for a few minutes on the sofa and Katie and her husband Andrew got here. Katie is actually the friend who Peyton visited here years and years ago on the trips that inspired his love for the city.

We talked for a couple of hours and then they left and I started cooking chili. We ate supper and got the kids to bed. Peyton and I talked and I got on the computer.

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