Wednesday, February 4, 2015

February Goals and Happenings

I wanted it to feel a little Valentine's-ish around here, and I really love the header and background. I realized last month that I reused a quote from a previous month and I was a little bummed. But it was from a LONG time ago and before I started writing them down and sticking them in my kitchen.'s on the quote board now, which is fun. I LOVE theC.S. Lewis quote this month. And I just love the general feel. Warm and cheery during the cold of Winter !

January was cold (of course!) and it really sort of wore me down. We did experience a lot of fun things- a trip to the Botantical Gardens in the Bronx, Annie's last ballet class, an epic snow storm, and Peyton and I went to a Broadway show AND heard David Zahl speak.

We have some fun things on the agenda for February:

- Our Children's Museum membership expires at the end of this month so we're going to try to take a couple more trips there and also hit up the Natural History Museum while we can.

- We also have some Chinese New Year events on the calendar. Part of living here is the relatively easy exposure to other cultures, so we're excited about sharing that with the kiddos. There are programs at the Met, the Children's Museum, and then actual events to go to.

- We're going to try to make a trip to the Fire Museum!

- And of course, Valentine's Day. This year, no big date. Who am I kidding? Peyton and I are so not the people who go out on Valentine's. Since we didn't really do presents at Christmas, I've actually planned a few low key things for the kids that day.

Even though it's only a few days shorter, February always seems to FLY. I'm hoping to get all we can out of it!

Here were January's goals:

1. Develop a master goals list for 2015 and review 2014 goals. I did these here and here.

2. Think more on, and share more about, my word for 2015. I did this here.

3. Plan meals weekly and cook more frequently. We've done okay with this, but not as well as I'd like. Partly, there was a big snow storm that made grocery shopping even more difficult and then we decided to try to just eat through some things. There was also a few days where I was really struggling and this was the last thing on my mind. I will say, for the most part, we've been a lot more intentional and the planning has helped. On the weeks we actually planned, we probably only skipped on meal, which is big for us (shamefully, I know).

4. Take the first four of these weekly food challenges. Okay so the first four were:
- Two fruits or veggies added to each meal- We did this and it felt GOOD. I know that's it's a small change that I can keep up if I just think about it.
- Only "real" beverages (coffee, tea, water, and milk sweetened only with honey or maple syrup, plus a glass of wine at night and a cup of juice once). This was, of course, SO hard. I let myself have one cheat and got a Coke when we were eating out. Ugh, not something I think I'll incorporate long term.
- Only locally raised meat. Honestly, it would probably be easier to find up here, but grocery shopping is really a pain and we just didn't want to exert the effort. We don't eat tons of meat anyway and if I had to do this challenge, we might even only have meat like twice that week. I think we may come back to it.
- No fast feed or deep fried food. We did that basically the whole month. We just don't eat a lot of it here (or really THAT much in Mississippi).
Overall, I was really pleased with how we did.

5. Read a book with Peyton and finish it. Um, nope. This was ambitious. We did start it and we were both able to make good headway. But it's sort of tedious. I'm thinking by the end of February!

6. Take pictures with my real camera. I did this pretty well! I took pictures at the Botanical Gardens, at Annie's observation day at ballet, and the day after we got a really heavy snow!

7. Pray and spend time with the Lord more intentionally. I would like to get into more of a ROUTINE with this, but I would say I'm developing a HABIT. If that makes any sense. I guess I'd just like to have spontaneous times of prayer, but also more predictable ones. Either way, this was more of a priority than usual and that felt good.

I decided that I wanted to do my goals lists a little differently this year. Since my list of goals for the year is pretty thorough, I decided part of my list will be incorporating one thing from each category. I'll probably elaborate, extend, or sometimes alter the goal but I want most of my monthly goals to be based on my yearly ones. I think I'm going to try to make ten manageable goals each month- one from each of my focus areas and then add two additional ones. Or at least we'll see how that goes!

So, February's goals:

1. Start my day with a devotion. I actually have three different devotional type things I read. I'm going to talk more about that in a later post. Anyway, there's one I love to start out the day with and if I do it consistently, it helps me a lot. (Faith)

2. Finish the book I'm reading with Peyton and one I'm reading by myself. Also, start a new book with my friend Mallory. (Family and Education/Edification)

3. Have someone over for dinner at least once. I have a very strong feeling this month will fly by, but I'd love to make it happen. (Relationships)

4. Search for, and surround myself with, inspiration. I scribbled a little quote out last night and wrote some about what this practice means to me. It's really important to me, especially when I'm struggling to fill our home with words and music and thinks that bring health and wholeness. (Health)

5. Teach the children a hymn in addition to other memory work. I've done this a little before and I think about it often. I LOVE hymns and it would be wonderful if they learned to, too. So I'm making this a priority (Education/Edification)

6. Figure out exactly what I'd like to purchase (within an allotted amount of money) before we really dive into mega savings mode when we get home. (Finances)

7. Examine ways to better manage my time and make a to-do list EVERY day. The list is an extension of the goal that is trying to figure out better time management practices. The days I have a list I do a lot better. (Simplicity)

8. Think about "What is Saving My Life Right Now", write post and link up, and read those of other's posts. I've actually already done two out of three parts of this. (Joy/Gratitude)

9. Call Minnie more regularly. The last couple of months I've gotten really bad at this for whatever reason. Probably a mixture of a lot of stuff. If I think too much about it, it makes me super sad. Which is dumb. I just need to change it. (Additional Goal)

10. Begin to box things around the apartment that we won't need (e.g. books, off season clothes, ect.). We're headed back to Mississippi on May first, but we're actually moving most of our stuff out mid April. I know that first part of April will be crazy, so that leaves this month and next to get ahead of the game! (Additional Goal) 

It's a good many goals, but they're mostly manageable and I really liked structuring them around my yearly goals and more than that my theme of FOCUS. Hopefully this new set up will work well!

Here's to February, a month devoted to love. May our love not be mere affection, but a wish for good, and ultimate good at that! And may it be a month where we all focus on the obtaining of it. 

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Mallory Pickering said...

I LOVE the idea of having your monthly goals concretely reflect your yearly ones. Such a good idea.

Love the benediction at the end! Love you!