Monday, February 16, 2015

Weekly Happenings #307 (February 9-15)-- Temps in the Single Digits, Windchills in the Negatives (#hardishardyo)

[Annie fell asleep in a chair waiting for Graves to finish his supper.]

It's was a nice week but good grief it's been cold. We've mostly been using transit, but just walking a few blocks home from the train station last night was ROUGH. My hands felt like they had needles poking all over them (I was wearing gloves) so much I wanted to cry. When we got inside I took my gloves off and my hands were shaking HARD and and burning like fire and I literally could not move my fingers without using another finger to make them bend. I ran them under warm water and of course it was fine. But painful and a little scary, right? This morning I sobbed to Peyton "I wasn't made for this climate". And then I started my period this afternoon. #Hardishardyo

Peyton didn't have to work until Monday afternoon. We woke up early and chatted and then fell back asleep and slept late. We got up and I emailed a friend and took a bath. Peyton got ready to leave for work and I straightened some and sent a message to a seller on eBay and then got the kids lunch. I did dishes and then read to them. I read some blogs and then did English with Annie. Graves got up and we did math and then cleaned up their room. They did great and we got it done faster than I had thought we would. They ate super and I uploaded pictures and then read to them and got them in the tub. I did dishes and cleaned up and got them to bed. I got on the computer until Peyton got home. We ate and watched the news and then I read some and did my Bible study. I got back on the computer a bit and went to bed. 

Peyton was off on Tuesday and we got a slow start. Graves joined us in bed and was so snuggly. I got up and got a bath while Peyton and the kids cooked breakfast. We ate and got ready and did a few things around the apartment. We headed to the Natural History Museum around lunch. We spent several hours there and then headed home. We had a snack and Peyton played with the kids. He fixed them supper and I worked on laundry. Peyton did math with Annie and got the kids to bed. We got take out and I folded laundry while we watched a show. I got on the computer and went to bed too late. 

Peyton was off again on Wednesday. We got up and and had an enjoyable low key morning at home. Peyton and the kids cooked breakfast (and cookies!) and I took my bath and scooped liter, folded up the couch, and did a few things around the apartment. We all played some and Peyton and I talked and then the kids ate lunch. Annie and Peyton left for the Bronx and Graves rested. I ate my lunch and got on the computer. When Graves got up, we worked on the kitchen chalkboard and I put up laundry in the kids' room. 
I kind of dread the days when Papa and Sister go to the South Bronx to help with homework because it's SO hard for this guy. He told me "I hope I get to play with Annie tomorrow" and he asked me to play hide and seek but then told me "we need Papa here-- he's the best hider". The Moose Caboose jams and mirror distracted him from the pain for just a minute.

After chalking together (we used a Springsteen quote), it seemed only fitting to introduce Graves to some Bruce videos (he's been listening to him since infancy). He told me that Bruce and Stevie were pirates and then rocked out with his mouseophone. The one child thing is always so awesome if we can get past the lonesome blues.

This pout when I told him Live in Barcelona was over and we needed to go put up laundry in his room. Proud moment for his momma. 

Graves explaining why he wears his crocs on the wrong feet (spoiler: they give him energy).

Peyton and Annie got home and the kids ate supper. Peyton got them ready for bed and I read to them. Annie had another hard night. I got on the computer and Peyton and I talked some more. 

Thursday was a weird day. The kids slept pretty late and then I let them watch an extra show after breakfast. We all got up and I had breakfast and made my to-do list and planned school. I got on the computer and took my bath. I also folded up the couch and scooped liter and straightened up a bit. I did morning school with the kids and read to and played with them, but we skipped cleaning up their room. I fixed the kids lunch and I responded to a FB message from a friend who is planning a trip to the city. I was about to read to them and we got a package from Minnie. I decided to just let them enjoy that. We called Minnie and told her thank you after playing a bunch. 
We are thankful we don't have too many more holidays to spend apart!

I put Graves down and it wasn't the best rest time. I ended up looking for something for math for a long time and I decided to just do math with Annie anyway. We did that and I fixed them supper and then got them in the bath. I did dishes during supper and cleaned up around the apartment while they took their bath. I got them to bed and got on the computer until Peyton got home. He read some and then we chatted and ate supper. I went to bed earlier than usual.

The kids got up SO early (for them) on Friday. Annie was up when Peyton left and Graves got up shortly after that. We watched their shows and had breakfast and then I got on the computer. I didn't really need to plan school because I didn't get to most of it the day before. Our apartment was super cold and it was making me nuts. I got on the computer and took my bath and had breakfast. I did my morning chores and then we switched it up and had lunch. We played and did our morning school routine. Graves rested (and actually took a nap) and I got on the computer and ate my lunch. I managed to do critical thinking, English, and math with AP before Graves got up. Math was really short so that helped. Graves got up and we read, did a little Slow and Steady activity, and made Valentines. 

Annie is my little Captain Obvious. She goes "do you know what I realized? I think that whole box of stuff from Minnie was to celebrate Valentine's Day because it had a bunch of heart stuff and mostly it was pink or red." And Bud is just hysterical because it's eleven degrees and every picture I take has to be cropped or strategically positioned (or I have to dress him for it) because all he ever wants to wear is superhero underwear.

I fixed them supper and did dishes and then we read some more and I brushed their teeth and got them to bed. I ate my supper and got on the computer. Peyton got home and we talked and got stuff together for the next day. 
Annie and Graves's Valentine's happies- a knight costume for Graves, a magnetic toy for AP, and dinos to share!

Saturday was a really fun day. We got up a bit early and had breakfast and got ready and then headed to the Children's Museum to play and enjoy some Chinese New Year festivities. There was a shadow puppet show and then a parade inside the museum. Well all the kids got up from the show to go upstairs for the parade in a big group. We lost track of Annie for a few minutes and it was sort of scary. Peyton went to look for her/have someone page her and I found her right after that. 
Annie got to lead the Chinese New Year parade at the Children's Museum! [She's so not assertive, I wasn't even sure she'd get to be anywhere near the dragon, so I was really happy for her.]

We spent most of the afternoon there and enjoyed some Popeye's on the way home. 
You know you're a redneck when you live in New York City and you're eating this on Valentine's Day.#CrownHeightstasteslikeDixie #myValentinedoesntpaymuseumfoodprices

Happy Valentine's Day! 

We gave the kids their Valentine's happies and fixed them supper and got them to bed. 
Since we don't do Santy or the Easter Bunny it's fun being...Cupid?

Sir Graves 

He's as busy as a bee (or a beehijer- his favorite animal from inside his own imagination) but this boy is so good natured and appreciative. He told Peyton "you did a great job, Papa!" (at helping him with a craft). He told us thank you for his little presents and when we took them out to eat he said "Y'all! Y'all! I'm really enjoying this!". Annie is mostly polite but it doesn't occur to her to validate and affirm people the way he does.

I got on the computer and Peyton and I talked and we went to bed.

Our land lady texted us on Sunday morning and said that there was going to be an open house that afternoon. She thought we had known about it and it was a big misunderstanding. The apartment was a MESS. I stayed home from church and got it ready while Peyton took the kids to TGC. I spent about two hours straightening, picking up the kids' room, sweeping, and doing dishes. And then I took a nap! The realtor got her and I went to a coffee shop. I read and had a snack. It was a nice morning, it turned out! Peyton and the kids got home about the time I did after the open house. We relaxed and then got ready to go usher at Calvary. 
When the windchill is negative ten, you lay down the bishop and pick up the sweater dress.

Oh and you pair snow boots with a jon jon. (Wish the lighting was better....#historicchurchproblems)

Annie on greeter duty!

We got back super late. We stayed and visited a long time and then went to Trader Joe's. And THEN we got on a train and it was waiting because of construction and Graves said he needed to teetee. Fortunately we were right by Peyton's store. Annie and I waited in the train station and ran into our friend Adam! We finally got home and fed the kids and got them to bed. I uploaded pictures and did a few things on the computer. 

It was a good week and this one looks fun, too, but man I wish it would warm up! 

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