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Weekly Happenings Post #305 (January 26-February 1)-- Blizzard-ish

There was supposed to be a "historic blizzard" here last week. We only got about six inches and then by the weekend there were warnings for more bad snow storms. It totally messes with my sinuses and that's annoying, but it's also just COLD. I don't know, I'm not handling it as well this year. Winter is chipping away at my soul, let's be honest. We did end up doing a lot of fun stuff, though- playing in the snow, visiting a new museum, having dinner with friends, and just being together!

Peyton was home Monday morning. We all slept late and then I did some laundry and Peyton gave the kids a bath.
We also showed this to the kids for the first time! 

 He got ready to leave and I took the kids to the basement to get the laundry.
Had to take these ridiculous folks to the basement laundry room. So thankful it's the farthest place I had to go in the "historical blizzard".

The last time we had a day like this one where Peyton worked the afternoon/evening, they missed having time together in their room in the morning (they usually play in there while I take my bath, plan school, get in the computer and eat breakfast). Annie wanted to know if she could stay with him for rest time "just for a special treat".

 I fixed them lunch and Graves rested.
Update: they didn't end up spending naptime together, but practically.

I got on the computer and ate something and then did math with Annie after Graves got up. He did some cutting activities and then we read before supper while I baked some chicken. They ate and I got them to bed.

I got on the computer for a bit until Peyton got home. We talked and ate supper and then he went to bed and I read some.

Peyton was off Tuesday and Wednesday and we had some great days. The "historic blizzard" that was supposed to come through Monday night ended up only being six-ish inches of snow. We had a slow morning and I did some laundry and then we got ready to meet some friends at the park in Crown Heights. We realized that not all the sidewalks had been cleared and it was going to be slow going and ended up just playing at a park in our neighborhood.
We came home and ate lunch and rested a bit and then Peyton and and the kids went back out in the snow. I tidied up a bit and talked to Ellis. They came in and we had supper and got the kids to bed. Peyton and I worked on planning activities for the next couple of months and then went to bed.

Wednesday was another good day. We all slept late, but not as late as we have been. I got up and did dishes while Peyton cooked breakfast and then I got my bath and straightened some. The kids played and then I did math with Annie. They ate lunch and Peyton and Annie headed to the South Bronx for tutoring. Graves actually took a great nap and I got on the computer and read some. He got up and we had a legit conversation for thirty minutes! He sat by me and just visited the whole time. That never happens when Papa and Sister are home. Ha! We did some Slow and Steady activities (he learned to work a zipper!) and some tracing. I folded a bit of laundry and then we cleaned up some in his room and Minnie called so I talked to her for a little while.

Peyton and Annie got home and the kids had supper and we got them to bed. Peyton and I talked and planned meals for the week and then I did a few things on the computer. We chatted and I finished up a post.

Peyton worked all day Thursday. The kids got up and I fixed them breakfast and we watched their shows and then they played while I did my morning chores. I scooped liter, folded up the couch, and swept in the den. I straightened a bit, planned school and made a to-do list, got on the computer and ate breakfast, and got my bath. We did the kids' morning school stuff and played and then had lunch. While they ate, I did dishes and swept and mopped in the kitchen. Graves rested, but the property manager at the co-op came by and he was having a hard time and I was a little worried he was going to fall asleep (and it was late). Anyway, I managed to eat lunch and relax a bit and then I did some critical thinking with Annie. Graves joined us for math AND English, which was...draining. But we made it! I fixed the kids supper and bathed them and got them to bed. I got on the computer and then Peyton got home and we ate and visited. I finished a post and went to bed.
90% of the time if someone wakes up crying it's because they need to teetee. He said "I need...I need...I NEED...a lovey!".

taken care of

Peyton worked all day again on Friday. The kids were watching a show and I was still in my pjs when a repair guy came by. Our land lady had not told me he was coming and I was SO unprepared. I told him we'd have to reschedule and texted our land lady. She seemed a little outdone and was like "I'll take the blame". And I was thinking "Um...yes. Yes, I think you should." I mean, really? She didn't warn me he was coming at all?? Anyway, the kids finished their shows and I went ahead and started my chores. I took a bath and planned school and got on the computer and then played with the kids a bit. We did their memory work and devotion and read some and then had lunch. I read to them some more and Graves rested. I ate my lunch and got on the computer for a bit. I did English and critical thinking with Annie and then Graves got up and we did math. I did some critical thinking with him and he worked on cutting. I fixed them supper and read to them some more and got them to bed. I got on the computer and Peyton got home. We talked and ate supper and then he listened to Serial and I read some.

Peyton was off on Saturday and we had a fun day. We slept a little late and then got up and got ready and then did some things around the house. We ate lunch and our friends from Long Island got here around two. We all went to the Transit Museum and then had dinner at Madiba.
Transit museum- in a subway car from the 50s!

my train lovin' girl

totally in her element

so cool! 

Who wouldn't love to ride in this powder blue beauty? Vintage stuff is my jam.

We got home around eight and Graves had fallen asleep in the carrier. We transferred him to his bed, said goodbye to our friends, and got Annie settled. Peyton ran to the store and Graves woke up. We got him back to sleep and talked and I got on the computer for a bit.
I'm so glad I checked Timehop the other night. This day, one year ago, was possibly the bravest one I've lived.

Another Timehop from last year- one of my proudest moments. I had never had to make a connection by myself, let alone with two small children!

We went to the morning service at Calvary because they were only having one service.
This guy in his dress coat and toddler carrier. He said he thought it showed off his figure.

When your mom compliments your husband's bod on Insta. That Minnie is a riot!

We came home and all had lunch and rested. I emailed a friend and sent another friend a FB message.
I took the kids' monthly pictures with PigPig and Graves wanted some shots in his "nest"- that's his closet when he's drug ever blanket and pillow and stuffed animal he owns into it. 

We were planning to go to a Super Bowl party with our TGC friends, but it was SO cold and there was bad weather in the forecast and I had a headache. The kids were all dressed and wanted to go so bad and Graves started throwing Cheerios. Peyton asked them if they wanted to go or have a Cheerio fight. They chose the Cheerio fight, haha! I ended up cooking dinner and doing laundry and we got the kids bathed. Peyton and the kids watched the game and he ran to the store and then they baked cupcakes. Peyton and I talked and I got on the computer and sent another email and then went to bed with a bad headache.
These things are correlated :-/

This week hasn't been too bad. It's seems like the harder week for me as far as Peyton's schedule, but we're doing okay. I think it's going to snow again on Monday! 

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