Monday, February 9, 2015

Weekly Happenings Post #306 (February 2-8)-- Out and About in the Cold

OMG. Graves and Peyton's mouths- identical

Last week was fun, but pretty low key. I know I'm a broken record, but it's SO cold. So cold.

We had a relaxing day at home on Monday. The repair guy was supposed to come paint a few areas in the apartment so I got up at eight forty and took a quick bath and dried my hair. Graves and Annie both woke up at nine and since he hadn't gotten there yet, I just did my regular routine of breakfast and shows. Then they played and I had breakfast, planned school and made a list, got on the computer, and scooped liter and folded up the couch. I also swept the den and halls. I played with the kids and we read and did their memory work and devotion. I fixed them lunch and emailed a friend and then did a ton of dishes from the night before. I read to them some more and got Graves settled. I ate my lunch and got on the computer. The repair guy never came because it was snowing really bad and shoveling the courtyard takes priority!

The kids had rest time and then I did school with Annie. Peyton got home and we ate and bathed the kids and got them to bed. I got on the computer and did a few things.

Peyton was off all day Tuesday. We slept late and then I got a bath. Peyton ran an errand to get some orthotics for his shoes. I got on the computer and straightened and swept and mopped. I also read several library books to the kids. Peyton got back and we had lunch and got ready and headed to the Children's Museum.
Sister's too small leggings were all dirty so now we're resorting to pajama pants as long johns.

Y'all, this little dino has some STORIES. First of all, she was actually a hand me down from an older friend to little girl SD. Who knows how old she is. Secondly, when I was a bit older than Annie she was one of those things I was obsessed with. One way my anxiety manifested itself at the time was this intense fear of losing things that were special to me and Dino was a big one for a time. Thirdly, around the same time I went through a phase of being obsessed with my dad's old army sleeping bag (I had it under my bed and would take a flashlight and read in it) and his army jacket. I decided that when I grew up I wanted to actually be in the army. Well, Mickey had a disdain for the army like few other things I've heard him speak of (although, he escaped without a trip to Vietnam and he was clear that was worth a lot). [As an interesting aside this was the total antithesis of his father who charmed me with Nazi stories and recounted his glory days in the Pacific which included a horrifying account of him watching a Japanese soldier being burned alive that will haunt me forever.] So instead of being like "um, whatevs, kiddo" he told me that the US Army would absolutely not let me take Dino. Instead of deterring me, I struggled for days (weeks?) to reconcile my desires. I'm sure Minnie bore a lot of that anxiety on herself (as did Mick- he just didn't predict how is react). Annnyway, Dino lived to see another day (or another twenty five years) and these days I lean more pacifist than the vast majority of my friends.

We had a great time but the trip home was ROUGH. We got a bus part of the way, but our second bus was running way behind so we just walked probably about a mile. It was so cold. The kids were fussing and I wanted to cry myself. We got home and threw together supper. Peyton and I talked and I did a bunch of dishes while he got the kids to bed. I straightened some and got on the computer. Peyton fell asleep super early. I wrote a post and emailed a friend.
a friend sent me this quote from one of our favorites and it is PERFECT for right now

Our land lady had a photographer coming (she's trying to sell the apartment) on Wednesday and I thought it was at eleven. We got up and I took my bath and then hustled to clean up around the place. Um, they were supposed to come at ten. Fortunately, they were running about twenty minutes behind and I asked them if we could have ten more. We made it work. I was cleaning up the kids' room the whole time they were photographing the other rooms. Thank the Lord Peyton was here to help me and deal with the kids. They left and Peyton did math with Annie while I started laundry. He ate his lunch and left for work and I fixed the kids' lunch and thawed some chicken and cooked some dry beans. We read and then Graves rested and I got on the computer. Annie and I did another math lesson and started her English. Graves got up and the kids played and I cooked supper. They ate and I ate with them and then got them ready for bed. We read some more and I cleaned up and got on the computer. Peyton got home and we talked and then I looked up library books that I wanted to get the next day and wrote down their location. I also looked into ordering some Bob books, messaged a seller on eBay, and planned some things for Annie to do the next day at A House on Beekman. Finally, I went to bed.

We got up around nine on Thursday. Peyton was off and I went and took my bath and then did a few things on the computer. I ate breakfast and got the kids dressed and we headed to the library. We returned books and got some new ones!
Look how proud she is! This is the first real book she's read by herself!

When we got home, we all ate lunch and then Annie and Peyton left of the Bronx. Graves helped me do dishes for a good while and then I read to him and got him settled for rest time. It was a hard day and I wasted a bunch of time on the computer. When he got up, he hung out with me while I uploaded pictures (I rarely ever let him come in the guest room, but he did really well, and it worked since Annie wasn't around to focus on, too). I finished that and then we started cooking supper. Peyton and Annie got home and we ate and got the kids ready for bed. Annie was SO emotional. I think she was exhausted. Peyton and I talked and I worked on a blog post and did some other things on the computer.

Friday was a horrible day. I don't even know why. I was just so edgy and impatient. I had a headache all day and everything seemed to frustrate me. Anyway, I got up when Peyton did and we chatted before he left for work. I went back to sleep and when the kids got up, I fixed their breakfast and they watched their shows. I did chores around the apartment and they played and I also planned school. I emailed a friend and then got in the bath tub. Everything took longer than I meant for it to and I decided to just skip our memory work and stuff and play with the kids. That was a good call. I think we all felt better. I fixed them lunch and they ate and then Graves rested. I got on the computer a bit and did critical thinking and English with Annie.
Any guesses what the first word Annie thought of that rhymes with "call" was? You can take the girl outa the south but...

Graves got up and we did Annie's math and then I fixed their supper. I did dishes while they ate. I read to them and they took a bath and I finished the dishes and swept in the den and kitchen, put up some groceries from the day before, and got all our school stuff put away. I got them to bed and got on the computer for awhile.
I've been letting the kids play with these felt scraps in their room because they're having so much fun being creative with junk and because Graves is almost four and at some point you just have to trust them. He's done really well for weeks but that night he yelled to me "I was just trying to die". Good Lord. I came to the gate and he said "I wrapped it around my kneck, but don't worry. I'm okay". I took it away and told him that was not funny and we NEVER "try to die". And I did tell him thank you for being honest with me. He also blatantly splashed water all over the bathroom while I told him no more splashing very calmly several times. The consequence for that was having to be soaped up while he stood outside the tub shivering and then being rushed through the rinsing way more than he'd like. I sure hope he can gain a little impulse control in the next ten to fifteen years before the consequences are like actual death and herpes, not shivering tub side or having your trash toy taken away.

Peyton got home and we put up the produce he had gotten and talked and ate supper. We realized the kids had locked the bathroom door with nobody in there and Peyton fixed that. I finished up a post and read some and did my Bible study and went to bed.

The kids slept SO late on Saturday. This happened a few weeks ago and I love it. We do some school on Saturdays, but I tend to give myself a break and I had bathed them the night before so I knew we could give ourselves a slow day and I wouldn't be up super late trying to get it all in. Anyway, Graves slept until almost eleven. I was slightly worried he was sick, but he woke up SO cheerful (not terribly frequent these days). Annie had joined us a little after ten (he came in the den after Peyton left and got in bed with me) but she was happy to just snuggle and lay in bed for half an hour. I did the same. I woke up, but I just stayed there and it was so nice. I've been trying to have more still and silent moments, and it was wonderful. Graves finally woke up and I got them breakfast. I was freezing, so I got back under the covers for a bit. I turned on their shows and then made my list for the day and looked over math. I got on the computer and had breakfast myself.

We played a good bit and skipped cleaning up. I fixed the kids lunch and then Graves rested. I got on the computer and took a little nap myself because my head was hurting. He got up and we all did Annie's math. I got the kids supper ready and Peyton got home.
Annie explained to me that this is a short a. What, you mean you don't do code letters with you nanar peels?

We talked and then he helped me get them to bed. I blogged some and then read and did my Bible study.

Sunday was a fun, but crazy day. Peyton dropped a glass jelly jar on the floor as he was leaving and I needed to get up and clean it up. I did that and checked the weather and made sure there weren't any service changes for the train. I only checked the L because I remembered there had been some work going on on it. Anyway, I got back in bed for ten minutes and started running my bath. I ate breakfast and fixed the kids and got in the tub. I got Annie up and fixed her hair and got her dressed and then did the same with Graves. They ate while I finished getting ready. We BARELY missed the G train. Like were a few yards from getting on. Ugh. We waited and then had to wait because we barely missed an L. And then we got to the 6 and realized we had to ride it uptown past our stop and then get on another train at Grand Central and ride it back. We ran into some church friends, though, so it worked out better. We finally made it and I dropped the kids off, but church was over half way over. They bring the kids back for communion and Graves was so upset. I ended up taking him and Annie both back to the nursery since they were staying there for The Forum anyway. I went back and took communion and enjoyed the rest of the service. The Forum was really interesting but afterwards Graves was so sad when I went to pick him up. He kept saying his head hurt. He almost fell asleep in the nursery at church and then DID fall asleep in the carrier. He told the nursery workers his head was hurting and I said "Oh Bud are you just tired?" He said "Hurt and tired" and then he told me it all the stairs in the subway station hurt his head more when he bounced. I said "Are you okay?" when we got on the L train and he said "I'm not okay" and then fell right to sleep.

I kept him up on the first train, but I knew it was a losing battle. We BARELY missed the L again. This time was the worst. I could have stuck my hand in the doors, but that makes me so nervous. I was so frustrated. I let Graves fall asleep and we made it to the G and then home. Whew. He woke up and talked about a squirel on the walk home, but I convinced him to try laying down. He howled about a Richard Scarry book and then went right back to sleep for two hours.
He woke up screaming in pain and shaking. It was awful.

I had a Coke and got on the computer and then took a short nap. When Graves got up, I snuggled with him for probably half an hour and then he and AP played. He seemed much better.
She was doting on him like crazy- getting whatever he asks for, showing him books, and saying "Are you feeling a little better, Superman?" 

I fixed them supper and got them ready for bed. When Peyton got home we read to them and put them to bed.

Peyton watched a movie and I wrote a post. I read some, did my Bible study, and worked on getting Annie's memory work for the month written out.

I think this week is going to be a fun one!

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