Friday, February 27, 2015

What I Learned in February

The end/beginning of the month is always kind of time consuming for blogging with putting up a new design, doing a What I'm Into post, and then a monthly happenings/goals post. And, for probably the past six months, I've been super behind on the kids' letters and I just force myself to do it at the very end of the month or the very beginning of the next one (I still love writing them, I just struggle to find the time). Anyway, WHAT am I doing adding another thing?

I'm not sure. But I decided this would be fun to give a shot. And interestingly, it took less time than probably seventy five percent of the posts I've written lately. So, it's probably going to become a fixture, if I had to guess.

Emily at Chatting at the Sky does a link up each month where we shared what we've learned. Here's what I learned in February.

1. Seasonal Effective Disorder is real and I've totally questioned if I have it.I cry all the time and I feel like the life is being drained right out of me. If we were staying here long term I'm confident I'd need to figure out some coping mechanisms, take vitamin D supplements, and maybe get one of those funky lamps that pretend to be the sun.  Really I think most humans who move from one sort of extreme climate to another (relatively, I mean Mississippi isn't the equator or and Brooklyn isn't the Arctic Tundra) probably experience these intense feelings.

2. Coldness is relative (and I'm the most cold natured person ever). The other day it was 27 degrees and it felt SO GOOD. This is a temperature I'd moan and groan about having to walk across a parking lot in Mississippi in. I'm not trying to shame anyone. I'm sure I'll be back to complaining about anything below sixty degrees by next Winter.

3. The combined wealth of the 80 richest billionaires is the same as that of the bottom 50% of the Earth's population - 3.5 billion people.

4. Figuring out the things that carry me and the things that bring live and that heal the pain is so important. This month I sat and thought about those things more and I've felt more equipped to deal with circumstances around me and anxieties within me.

5. Peyton's red beans and rice are incomparable to my dad's beans and rice. This is fair because my dad has been weekly working to perfect his recipe for the last thirty years.

6. Giant pandas need to feed up to fifteen hours a day to survive. They consume about forty four pounds of bamboo during this period, which is more than what my eldest child weighs. There are also only about sixteen hundred left in the world.

7. Homeschooling is making me smarter and simultaneously making me feel dumber because of all the stuff I don't know (see above). And is dumber really a word? More dumb. It's an ugly word; I just shouldn't use it.

8. Routines bring peace.

9. When we try to distance ourselves from the material world completely, we are practicing a modern form of Gnosticism. This relates to number three because I am learning more and more than God is perfectly fine with me enjoying the good gifts of a Coke over ice or a Bruce Springsteen album or a funny SNL skit. For the longest time I spent so much time worrying that I wasn't spiritual enough for God. Um, I'm not. I'm never going to be. No one else is, either. Of course we want to focus on Him and draw nearer to Him but it's okay if we enjoy life here, too.

10. Olive oil can be used for anointing people. The olive has to be crushed to make the oil and of course Christ was crushed for our sins. I love a word picture better than almost anything. I love these folks here more.

I'd love to know what you guys learned this month. Share if you're willing!


Kristen said...

So nice to find another New Yorker in the link up :) And truly, I'm considering a sun lamp. This is getting slightly out of hand!

Jerralea said...

I definitely believe Seasonal Affect Disorder is real. I'm so much more happier and productive when the sun is shining!

I also agree that routines bring peace. Order in my home is so important to me, I feel all out of sorts when chaos is reigning.