Thursday, March 26, 2015

Letter to (Six Year and Eleven Month Old) Ann Peyton

Dear Ann Peyton, 

Last month was really great with you. We had a fun Valentine's Day and we enjoyed our last month of membership at the Brooklyn Children's Museum. We've been to The Met a couple of times, too. The other day we wound up in the modern art galleries and you saw this big painting that was a bunch of color blocks and said: "AP: "I don't recognize what this is". I thought it was hysterical. It snowed some more and you're getting better and better at reading. 

Speaking of reading. The other day we were working on English and I asked you to tell me a word that ryhmes with "call". Without missing a beat, you said "y'all"?. Bless your heart. You can take the girl outa the South but you can't take the South outa the girl!  

You just love school and are thinking about what you're learning a lot even when we're not doing school. You recently made an uppercase "A" with a banana peel and used more of the peel to make a "breve" on top. You told that it was a short a. It was hysterical to me that you thought to code letters with you nanar peels

During read aloud time the other day we had started Sarah, Plain and Tall and I got a bit teary. You told me that "it doesn't really bother you" when characters' mommas die in the books we read. Gravesy and I are both going to need a Xanax when we get to Bridge to Terabithia. Hope you can put up with us. 

I got this pretty advanced (and really graphic) dino book a long time ago and gave it to you and Graves back in October. It's totally fueled y'alls obsession. We finally finished it- you wanted to read the whole book and I read three pages a day (so much detail!) for months. Then for awhile you insisted that you and Bud pick out their favorites each day to reread. We're slowly stepping back in favor of other things, which is good because I might have made it y'alls Lenten sacrifice. Ha! Anyway, the other day you said that you wanted to be a "cold weather dinosaur". I said okay not realizing you were referring to a specific one. When you asked us what it was Papa and I were like "wooly mammoth??" And you looked at us like "no, fools" and said "um, it's not a creature after the dinosaurs". Well, we found him in the book finally. There was snow in the picture, his name was "cryro" something, and he lived in Anartica. This is so intense.

Also, a recent favorite conversation with you: "Now that my nose has stopped bleeding, the meat eaters are drinking the blood off my tissue....Pretty scary, right?"

You are my little Captain Obvious. Back before Valentine's Day you said to me "do you know what I realized? I think that whole box of stuff from Minnie was to celebrate Valentine's Day because it had a bunch of heart stuff and mostly it was pink or red." 

Sometimes during naptime, Graves likes to pretend to be asleep and then yell "surprise" when you go in to get him. I guess you thought it sounded like fun because she awhile back you walked up behind me and whispered "I'm going to surprise momma" and then yelled surprise. Hello again, Captain Obvious. It's hysterical how much better Graves is at playing jokes even though he's three and you're five.

You are so rule-oriented. You called me back to your room because Monk Monk requested a banana. "But the answer 'you've already ate-en' or 'you can have a snack'?" I think you were genuinely conflicted about what to do and needed me to help you parent MonkMonk.

Momma and Papa

P.S. You got dressed in this dress the other day and I noticed that the arms were getting too short (it still seemed to fit everywhere else). I thought "hmm, we have had it quite awhile" and peeked at the tag. It's a 3T. Hahaha! 

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