Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Weekly Happenings Post #310 (March 2-8)-- Making the Most of Time Indoors

This was Peyton's busier work week and it was still so cold, despite it being March, and we honestly didn't get out hardly at all. I feel like we really capitalized on the time, though. Annie finished up Logic of English Level B back in February. We're still practicing high frequency words and she reads some little readers to us each evening, but I've pressed pause on formal lessons for the time being. I had figured we'd start Level C for first grade, but we'll probably start it a little early. Anyway, I've been wanting to speed up our math a little in anticipation of taking a good bit of April and May off. It just happened that the lessons we're working through now seem to move super fast. So we knocked out TEN this week (our average is probably four-ish). I also did a good bit of reading myself. And I got completely caught up on laundry- like everything clean, folded, and put up- for the first time in MONTHS. Who knows how long that will last, but it was nice. And Peyton and I have enjoyed some good conversations since we weren't rushing off to museums and such.

I read this post  recently and I honestly had a very "WTH?" reaction because you know, Winter makes me an awful person basically and I know very few people who aren't at least cranky. But this week I felt it. It was nice to lean into Winter and just rest in it a bit before a busy season hits us full force.

I've also just tried to enjoy this time as much as possible. We got what could very well be our last real snow and both days I made myself just lay on our twin bed beside the window and watch the big fluffy flakes fall. It was good for me to do that.

Monday ended up being a great day at home with the kids. Peyton had to work and they both woke up when they heard him leaving. Graves was in an AWFUL mood but he snuggled with me some and then we watched their shows and ate breakfast. I gave them more TV than I usually do because it was early and like I said, Graves was a wreck. They played and I planned school and made a list and got on the computer. I ate breakfast and took a bath and did my morning chores. I did morning school stuff with them and then they had lunch. I read to them and then Graves rested and I got on the computer. I did critical thinking with AP and started math. We ended up doing two lessons and almost finishing before Graves joined us. We finished math and I had Annie practice some high frequency words. We cleaned up their room while their supper was cooking. They ate and then we read some more and they took a bath. I got them to bed and got on the computer and cooked mine and Peyton's dinner. We talked and watched a show and he went to bed. I stayed up way too late.

The realtor wanted to bring someone by on Tuesday. It worked out okay. Graves got up early and snuggled with me. I told him to go get Annie for breakfast once he woke up but they ended up playing for like half an hour. I got up and straightened and took a bath while they ate breakfast and watched their shows. I got on the computer and the realtor and prospective buyer got there. They looked around while the kids finished their last shows (I let them watch more than usual again, but this time it was because I really wanted to keep Graves out of their hair- it worked somewhat but he really wanted to talk their ears off, ha!). After they left, I did a few more morning chores and planned school and made a to-do list. We did our morning school stuff and the kids ate lunch. I read to them some and Graves had rest time. I did a few things on the computer and had some "rest time" myself. The snow was falling so beautifully and I laid down in the best in our guest room and just watched it fall and dozed off a little. I did a math lesson with Annie and it was short so we doubled up again. Graves got up towards the end. The kids played some and then cleaned up and I fixed them supper. We read and I got them settled for bed. I got on the computer and read blogs and then Peyton got home. We watched TV and I folded laundry. I put up the laundry and then I finished a post and went to bed.

The realtor had wanted to bring by one more person on Wednesday. Peyton was off that morning and he fixed French toast. We got up and had baths and then straightened while the kids watched their shows. He left and the realtor got here with the prospective buyer. I fed the kids lunch and did a few dishes, scooped liter, and hung up some of the kids' clothes I hadn't gotten to the night before. Graves rested and I got on the computer and ate my lunch and then started critical thinking and math with Annie. I had planned to blow through two more math lessons, but the first one took a lot longer than I predicted. It was an introduction to using a calculator and of course it was her first experience with one. Just pressing the buttons was a lot more tedious than I expected. I had already planned what I wanted to cover over the week and I just really wanted to push through, so we did. Thankfully, the second lesson was super quick. Graves got up at the start of  it and after we finished I let the kids take a long bubble bath. I had told Annie they could have a "spa treatment" and I'd put lotion on them and let them use lipgloss. While they were playing in the tub, I uploaded some pictures, cleaned up the school stuff, did the lunch dishes, and got their supper ready. They ate and I folded some laundry and put it up. I read to them and got them to bed. I read blogs until Peyton got home and we ate and watched a documentary about the presidents and I folded more laundry. He went to bed and I got back on the computer for a bit and read some and did my Bible study.

Peyton was off and we had a slow morning on Thursday. We slept late and then he took the kids out to play in the snow.

I got my bath and Peyton made us all hot chocolate. I started some laundry and straightened around the house and did math with Annie and then they left for the Bronx.
Peyton had had so much fun taking pictures with the big camera that morning that he took it with him and took some in the snow on the way there and back and some while they were there. I'm so, so glad he did. They are already special to me :)

I took Graves to get the laundry and he finished his lunch and then had rest time. I ate my lunch and got on the computer and laid down and watched the snow again. He got up and we played with kinetic sand. I read some and folded the laundry. He helped me make some tomato soup and then Annie and Peyton got home. We had dinner and had a very basic version of the "where babies come from" talk because Annie has been asking. We got the kids ready for bed and I read to them. Peyton fell asleep SO early. I cleaned up the kitchen and read some blogs. I wrote a post and sent an email and went to bed.

Girlfriend wanted to read so she brought a big pile of books in the hall near the light. Fell asleep with her beloved dino book, of course.

Small Sir fell asleep under his shield. The days are long and the battles are tough.

Friday was such a great day. Peyton had the day off and I slept really late and then he went and ran errands (the bank, Target, and the library). Instead of all of us getting dressed and dragging ourselves out in the cold, the kids and I stayed home. I took my bath and did laundry and then did two more math lessons with Annie while Graves just played. Peyton got home and we discussed our afternoon plans. We ended up staying home and baking cookies and reading and playing with the kids.

We try really hard to get out and make the most of our time here on Peyton's off days. But sometimes it's good for all four of us to have days at home together.

No one ate a good supper because of the cookies, but it was a nice afternoon/evening. I folded the last of the laundry and Peyton and I talked and the kids danced to music. We got them to bed and Peyton and I talked some more and then I got on the computer for a good bit and ate supper and went to bed.

Graves got up around eight thirty on Saturday. I talked and played with him and dozed some. He went and played with Annie and then I told them we could start their shows. They had breakfast and I got up and started straightening. They played and I did my morning chores, got on the computer, ate breakfast, and took a bath.

We played and they ate lunch and then Graves rested. I got on the computer and did math with Annie. Graves got up and we finished math and then cleaned up their room. I got out their gingerbread house for them and then they ate supper. They took a bath and I did dishes and cleaned around the apartment. Peyton got home and we put up groceries and got the kids to bed.

I started to make this same collage with the picture and the tweet and then realized I already did it last year. Annie loves her buddy every bit as much as she did the day we moved and not a day goes by that I don't think about Carrie. Thankful.

We talked and I got on the computer. I ended up staying up WAY to late talking to a friend and emailing another friend.

Well, Sunday morning came super early. It was Daylights Savings Time and I was so tired but I got up and was doing okay. I did really leave enough time for last minute cleaning and tidying and we ended up being pretty late to church.

It was in the forties today so naturally I wanted them to look Springy.

So dainty in those ridiculous clunkers.

This one captures their personalities so well. 

I enjoyed the part I made it for the The Forum was great, as usual. We came home and the kids had a snack and then had rest time. I got on the computer and starting feeling sort of bad. The kids got up and played and I just sort of chilled out. I read some and Peyton got home.
He got upset during the family picture (see family picture above) over not holding his pillow during it. This guy gets from zero to hundred getting upset in about three seconds and then comes down just as quickly! 

We put a chair on the table to take the picture and they climbed up and pretended to be on the throne. I mean, most monarchs wear super man pj shorts over long jammie pants, right?

 We talked and then I read some blogs and ate super. I uploaded a ton of pictures and went to bed.

We had such a good week and I know this one is going to be great with Peyton home a bunch and then with a visit from Cookie and Con!

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