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Weekly Happenings Post #311 (March 9-15)-- Cookie and Con Visit!!!

We had a great time with Cookie and Conrad this weekend. It was a short trip and we were so exhausted- we stayed up late and I think I just got "peopled out". Graves actually wore me slap out. Peyton and I both looked at each other after they left and we were like "We are so tired- from Graves". I'm not even kidding. He did not stop talking, except for sleeping, the entire time. Even when we were having our own conversations, he basically kept talking or singing to himself. I mean he's sort of like that in general, but he was in OVERDRIVE. Annie was almost the exact opposite. She was the most reserved I've seen her in awhile. She was very happy and pleasant the whole time, but sort of distant at points. She'd just look off into the distance some and I knew she was thinking so hard or else just caught up in her own imagination. I think it was sort of overwhelming for her- all the talking and going from one thing to the next. It was interesting to watch how their little temperaments seemed incredibly magnified in this situation. 

It was also really fun to have Cookie and Conrad to ourselves (i.e. not in Jackson, where we have to share them) so we got a lot of visiting in. I actually felt like I learned things about my sister- that she still calls my mom three or four times a day and that she cries when she thinks about how much she loves King Louie, their dog- that I didn't know. It was a really special time. 

But back to the beginning of the week...

Peyton didn't have to work until Monday afternoon and we all slept SO late and then watched Bambi in bed. Ha! I got up and did some things and we had "brunch" before Peyton left. The kids played and I got on the computer, took my bath, and did some major straightening and organizing. It was beautiful and warmer than usual and we headed to the park with snacks. We had an okay time, but there was still a good bit of ice I hadn't expected. The kids and I had on light jackets (it was in the fifties) and everyone else still had on their Winter gear. We came home and Graves rested. I got on the computer and enjoyed watching day turn to dusk out our window. I did math with Annie and Graves got up. We finished math and played and I fixed chili and they ate and I got them to bed. I got on the computer and Peyton got home. We stayed up too late, of course.

We all slept pretty late again on Tuesday and Peyton was off. We had a low key morning and then got ready and headed to Prospect Park. It was overcast and windy and we made it longer than the previous day, but I was cold. 
Graves wanted to wear his sandals and some weird ensemble of coats. And I don't think Annie's hair was combed that day.  We look a mess. 

We headed home and had snacks and bathed the kids and then Peyton and I worked on starting to pack up the kids' room while they watched a couple of shows. I did laundry and Graves and Peyton ran to get groceries in the neighborhood around nine thirty, in the drizzling rain. I was doing math with Annie. Ha! Our schedule is insane. They got home and we finished up and the kids fell asleep really quickly. Peyton and I ate super, watched some shows and folded laundry, and chatted. Annie had not wanted her hair washed, so around two, right before he went to bed, Peyton got her up and washed her hair. She seriously didn't mind one bit. 

We had a really relaxing day on Wednesday. Peyton was off and we all slept really late and watched Little House on the Prairie. We had breakfast and I got busy. I took my bath and straightened around the apartment. I did everything but the kids' room and the dishes. Peyton worked on packing up some of his clothes and then I got Annie's work together and they left for the Bronx. Graves actually took a nice nap and so the time flew. I wrote a blog post, put pictures on Facebook, and relaxed. When he got up, we packed up some more toys and I started cleaning up the kitchen. Peyton and Annie got home and the kids ate supper and I finished the dishes. I scooped the liter box and Peyton got the kids ready for bed. I read them their Bible story and got on the computer for a bit. I read a few blogs and responded to some emails. I had a hard time falling asleep. 

Peyton was working all day Thursday and I had several things to do to get ready for Cookie and Conrad's visit. Graves had gotten in our bed super early, but he slept until about nine and then we played until Annie got up around ten. They watched their shows and had breakfast and I did a bunch of cleaning. I swept behind the couch and it was AWFUL. I also searched for a remote and realized one of the kitties had teeteed in the laundry again. I got on the computer, ate my breakfast, and took my bath. And then started the all day process of doing two loads of laundry. We got the first load on, came back and did an abbreviated version of morning school, went back down and put it in the dryer, had lunch (I folded a previous load while they ate), went and got the laundry, and read our pre rest time book. Graves rested and I ate my lunch, read a few blogs, and did school with Annie. Graves got up and we started another load of laundry. We came up and I emailed a friend and we cleaned up their room. We switched it to the dryer and they ate supper. We went down to check it and it still wasn't dry. I bathed them and we got it out at the last minute before nine (when the basement laundry room closes). I got them to bed and Peyton got home. I got on the computer and went to bed after we ate and watched several episodes of Parks and Rec.

Friday was the day Cookie and Conrad were arriving and Peyton had taken it off, but they weren't getting here until later. We got up and had breakfast and got ready and caught a bus to Ikea.

We were looking for a slipcover for our couch and I wanted to buy some bedding for a daybed I wanted to put in the sunroom at home. I wanted to get the trip checked off my list! We ate lunch there and found out that the slipcover (and couch!) were being discontinued. Ugggh. Ours is in BAD shape from the cats and now I'm not sure what to do. Troubleshoot with Minnie, I guess. Anyway, we got the bedding and headed home. We had snacks and rest time and finished straightening up the house for our guests. Cookie and Conrad arrived before nine and we headed to get pizza. We had a wonderful time and when we got home, we did the nighttime routine all together. We talked to Cookie and Conrad and planned our day for Saturday. I got on the computer briefly and went to bed.

Saturday was a great day. It was raining and we took it easy that morning. Cookie and Con went to a local restaurant in Fort Greene for brunch and we got ready and got the kids ready to go. They got back and took showers and we headed into the city. We went to the Natural History Museum, walked through Central Park from the Upper West Side to the Upper East Side, had lunch at a deli in the city, and then did The Met.

These monkeys LOVED having their aunt and uncle here. 

He is in heaven. Before Cookie and Con got here he was so nervous and talking ninety miles a minute. He told me that Cookie MIGHT have a tail like a mermaid and he asked me if she'd be wearing her wedding dress.

Surprisingly, one of their current favorite things at the Museum of Natural History is a temporary exhibit on natural disasters. I'm super fascinated by it, too!

Watching Superstorm Sandy hit the city on this digitalized table map. SO interesting!

He's gonna be a weather freak like Mick. 

Annie requested a picture in front of the Native American homes, unsurprisingly.

The Met is typically not my favorite museum. Peyton always talks to the kids about the artistic techniques, which is just not my thing. Anyway, we were back in Contemporary and Modern again and Annie and I started talking about the *meaning* of the pieces. We talked about this hand and how Surrealists liked to portray irrational things (like a hand with no body attached to it) sometimes. I explained what that meant and asked her to come up with an example she could draw or make with Play Dough. She said "a zebra making pancakes". I showed her the beautiful pastoral paintings and told her about modern artists who were influenced by a desire to escape their chaotic, urban surroundings and I asked her to think of a place where a city girl can run free ("Prospect Park, Momma!") and what a great feeling that is. A wonderful day on so many levels!

We came home pretty wiped out. We fed the kids dinner and I started laundry and then Cookie, Conrad, and I had a nice quiet dinner at Lola- a place I love in our neighborhood.. We got home and put the laundry in the dryer and watched some Civil War documentaries on Netflix and visited. I got my laundry and Peyton and Conrad talked some (Cookie had already gone to bed). I emailed a friend and went to bed myself.

Sunday was another great day. We got up- again leisurely- and went to eat breakfast at another one of our favorite's, Cousin John's.

We were going to trek down to the piers but it was SO cold. We ended up visiting Prospect Park and showing them the library.
A little #anniesart. One thing that drives me NUTS is when adults talk to kids and they ask a million questions and don't give them time to answer. I know their intention is so sweet and I appreciate them acknowledging my children. And I get that waiting for an answer can feel awkward. Anyway, this woman asked her on Sunday what kind of dinosaur her toy was. Annie said "she's a stegasauras". Then she asked if she had a name "Is it Jane? Mary? Ellis? Linda?...oh, does he not have a name?" When she FINALLY stopped talking Annie looked her directly in the eye (something she's not always great about) and said "Yes ma'am, she does have a name. Her name is Stegy". It was so good to see a combination of polite and assertive from her.

We came home and Cookie and Conrad got their stuff together and played dinosaurs for a bit. They left mid afternoon. I knew Peyton and the kids were staying home from church, but I had planned to go. I ended up deciding I was just too peopled out. I got a headache awhile later and I was really glad I had decided to stick around home. Peyton took a part the kids toy shelf, dollhouse, and work bench and I packed up some stuff. The kids watched a show and had supper and a bath and we got them to bed. I sent a few emails and read some blogs and did a few things and then I talked to Minnie. Peyton and I chatted and went to bed.

This week has been great so far and I can't believe how quickly we are inching right along towards April.

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