Thursday, March 26, 2015

Weekly Happenings Post #312 (March 16-22): Beginning the Boxing

Right after Cookie and Conrad left last week, Peyton decided it wa time to get started packing boxes. We're packing the moving cubes mid April and he's working like thirteen of the first fourteen days in April (and then he'll be off until we leave- woot woot!). Anyway, he's really wanted to help where he can so I won't be stuck doing all the packing those two weeks.

Peyton didn't have to work until Monday afternoon and that was nice after a busy weekend. We all slept late and then got up and got busy. Peyton packed up things and I straightened and did some laundry. We ate lunch and I took a bath. I realized as he was about to leave that I needed to not only get a load, but do one more (the mattress cover from the guest room didn't make it in and I had already stripped the bed). Anyway, I discussed with Peyton and I decided the kids were finally big enough to leave in the apartment while I ran to the basement, especially if I knew it would be a quick trip (i.e.. no sorting or anything). I fixed them lunch and got my laundry. I folded a bunch while they ate and put up some dishes Peyton had washed. I read to them and Graves rested. I got on the computer and then did school with AP. I started my last load of laundry while they played and folded and read some until it was time to change it over. I changed over the laundry and fixed the kids super. They ate and I got the clean laundry and made up the bed. I read to them and got them to bed and got on the computer for a bit. Peyton was late getting home because he ran to Target. I read some more and did my Bible study. When he got home, we ate and talked for a long time.

Tuesday was a good day. Peyton had to work but the kids slept late. Graves and I visited a bit before AP got up. They watched their shows and then I fixed them breakfast. I went ahead and got moving and checked my email. I talked to Peyton and folded up the couch and the kids played in the den a little. They moved to their room and I had my breakfast, did a few more chores, and got my bath. We played and did morning school and then I took some things off the wall to pack and fixed them lunch. I ate lunch and made Suddenly Salad and washed dishes and then read to them. Graves rested and I got on the computer and did school with Annie. When he got up, they played and I folded laundry, packed some boxes of shoes, and got their supper ready while they did Play Dough. They ate and I uploaded pictures and cleaned up the kitchen. I read to them and got them to bed. I got on the computer and cooked mine and Peyton's supper. He got home and we ate and watched TV. I finished a post and sent an email and went to bed.

Peyton was off on Wednesday morning. We got up late and he fixed breakfast and I took a long bath and read some in the tub. Graves ended up coming to visit with me and got a bath, too. I got dressed and started chores- straightening, folding up the couch, and scooping liter. Peyton got ready for work and left and I dried and put away the dishes he had washed. The kids played with kinetic sand and I boxed some homeschool stuff we aren't currently using. I fixed them lunch and made some lemonade. I did more dishes from lunch and then folded some laundry. I read to the kids and Graves had rest time. I ate my lunch and put pictures on Facebook, started a post, and listened to Serial. I read some blogs and did school with Annie. Graves got up and I finished putting up some laundry I had folded while I was doing math with AP. I played with them some and cooked tomato soup. They ate and then had a bath and I got them to bed. I read some blogs until Peyton got home and we ate and watched TV and talked.

Peyton was off on Thursday and it was a nice laid back day. It was pretty and we thought about going to the park but it was SO cold. Peyton cooked breakfast, I took my bath and emailed a friend, and we did some around the house. The kids had lunch and Peyton got ready to go to A House on Beekman but AP decided to stay home. I did a puzzle with the kids, played pretend and fed them a snack. Graves had rest time and Peyton called to say that he realized on the train that tutoring was cancelled. He went to Target and then came home. We ended up letting Graves finish up rest time in a separate area of the den than Annie and he did great. I did two math lessons with Annie while Peyton and Graves did a game on the iPad and then we all played some and ate supper and talked and then got the kids to bed. I did dishes and straightened and finished a blog post. Peyton and I ate and watched TV. We chatted and went to bed.

Peyton was off again on Friday and we had planned to have a relaxing morning and then go to a museum. We got up, got ready, ate breakfast, and I did THREE math lessons with AP (they were about telling time and they all went really fast). We had lunch and were getting dressed to go and Annie said she'd rather just stay home and play here. I was surprised. She has gotten to be more of a homebody but also it was snowing and I think she's just SO done with that, like we are. We all agreed and Peyton and I were somewhat relieved, too. I read a BUNCH to them (like a hundred pages of poetry) and he did a little science experiment.
volcano eruption! 

I started laundry and then Peyton ran to the grocery store and they hung out with me while I typed an email. I finished my wash and Peyton worked on feeding the kids and getting them to bed. After they went to bed, we listened to Serial and I folded. We did a lot of boxing and labeling boxes and then I ate supper and went to bed.

Peyton worked on Saturday and it was a strange day. We got up late and watched their shows and I started straightening. A repair guy came to fix our toilet right before I got in the tub- I was glad we didn't miss him. The kids ate breakfast and I got frustrated with the Internet. I couldn't get my GoodReads account to connect to Facebook and it wouldn't let me log in. I ended up totally reseting the browser and powering off the computer. The computer takes long enough to come back on and then I had to reset my bookmarklet things and with Delicious I had to sign back in and it took me awhile to get that password figured out. The guy finally left and the kids finally finished eating. They played and I took a bath and ate my breakfast and we finally got on with our day. We did the kids' devotion and then they had lunch and we played and read and then Graves rested. I ate lunch and got on the comptuer and when he got up we did two math lessons. The kids had supper and we cleaned up their room and then Peyton got home. He played with them and then helped me get them to bed. We ate and watched a show and then I got on the computer. I got ready for church and went to bed.
Graves woke up. Peyton had fallen asleep reading in the guest room, so I stuck Graves in bed with him! I ended up putting him back in bed because I didn't want him to wake up when Peyton got up for work (Sundays go so much smoother if I beat the kids getting up). Anyway, he starting crying again and I was listening to the news and this family in Brooklyn lost SEVEN children in a house fire. Needless to say, he slept in MY arms all night. 

I got up and got my bath on Sunday and got ready and Graves woke up. He and AP ate breakfast and I got them dressed and finished getting ready myself.
I was stressed out the night before and Peyton made me some cookies from scratch. And he left these for the kids. He's a good fella

I ate something and we left for church. Church was great and the Forum was really interesting (it was the last class on heresies). We stopped by Peyton's store on the way home and by the time we got home it was 3:45.

I woke up this congested and with a headache and sinus nausea. I knew wearing Graves would pull on my reserves and just make me feel worse and more exhausted. Plus I had just told someone that it's less about my fears now and more about how it's just frustrating because he wants to smell every rose (or pick up every rock and stick) in Brooklyn. Anyway, we gave it a shot. Three trains into and out of Gramercy and he did GREAT. I don't give him enough credit. Someone on the train let him play with a toy and he even gave it back right away, the first time I asked him to. Oh and the reason AP has on pants for church: she got hot and they let her take off her dress. The reason Bud has a ducktail: I didn't have time to fix it this morning. Also: SPRING.

 Graves rested and I ate something and got on the computer. I took a nap myself. I got up and we played and I fixed the kids supper. I cleaned up the kitchen and Graves had an accident so he had a bath. Peyton got home and helped me get the kids to bed and we had take out and watched a movie. I called Minnie and read some blogs and went to bed.

Whew. This has been a good week so far. We're boxing some more and it's gotten a little warmer, thankfully!

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